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  1. hannahbear

    Questions on designing no-spill PVC/bucket feeder

    Hello All, I'm in the process of building a no-spill feeder for my flock and have a couple questions. How many "ports" do you reccomend per chicken. I'm going to be adding to my flock soon so want to plan for the future. Say if I have 50 chickens how many feeding holes do I recommend? 10? 25...
  2. 5 Gallon Bucket Feeder DIY

    5 Gallon Bucket Feeder DIY

    I have made a few different Feeders from PVC. Thanks to ideas from BYC and the internet this is by far the best I have used. Keeps food in bucket and not on the floor, keeps food clean, holds a nice amount of feed, very easy to take apart to clean as needed. It checks all the boxes for me so...
  3. PeepMePosted

    ABS Pipe feeder ok?

    We are trying to find out information on the black ABS piping (4") from Home Depot. We'd like to make a feeder out of it but can't find consistent information on whether it contains BPAs or anything that might leach into the food and therefor would be harmful to our flock. Some sites say it does...
  4. Cklass90

    Feeder for fermented feed upright?

    So I searched on here about feeders to use for fermented feed and saw some that are kinda a half piece of pipe which makes sense if you want to go out every day to feed your chickens. Is there any way to have fermented feed in a self feeder? I made a couple of different ones and then I saw about...
  5. Keeping Chickens On A Budget: Tips From 'The Queen of Freecycle'

    Keeping Chickens On A Budget: Tips From 'The Queen of Freecycle'

    A few years ago I decided to make annual records of everything I got for free (ok, so I’m a bit OCD, but its been fun and informative to look back on them). I place online ads or answer them; finds things at the side of the road or in the free pile at a garage sale; get fruits and veggies from...
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