Feeder ideas for lots of birds

    So I have a good amount of birds (not as many as I used to) but I don’t like their food on the ground. I want to make a feeder but I’m not sure what kind to make since I want to make sure everyone gets some food. I also don’t want to just pour a 50 lbs bag in there and let ‘em have at it. They...
  2. Dog House to Duck House Conversion

    Dog House to Duck House Conversion

    I've wanted ducks for years and this year I finally found the type of duck that fits my needs and wants. Problem is I didn't have a duck I set out to build one! In this article I will show you how I converted a large dog house into a small duck house. This house would also make a...
  3. H

    What is your favorite dIY chicken/ duck hack?

    I practically live on Pinterest scrolling all the duck and chicken stuff. 😍 I see really neat unconventional items being repurposed into nesting boxes, coops, dust baths, landscaping, etc. We all as raptor owners need to be able to think outside the coop every whip stitch because let's face it...
  4. Project French Cajun Bayou Shack

    Project French Cajun Bayou Shack

    I acquire free wood. Be it pallets, fence, furniture elements; in the alleys, on the Craigslist, friends, roadside, neighbors. I'm not exactly sure what I'll do with it at the time, but man hands gotta handle, and creators gotta create. I originally let my backyard chickens build and...
  5. Holler Hens

    Our DIY roost bar

    This took about 6 hours and we were able to use wood leftover from another project. Love those $0 improvements! Can't wait to finish outfitting the rest of the shed and move the girls in!
  6. Squeeing_Onion

    DIY Incubator - did i do this right?

    This is a very small incubator i intend to use for quail eggs. It has two thermometers for redundancy insurance in case one goes goofy, one glass and one digital (needs batteries but it works!). The bottom has a plastic tray for holding water. A hose extends down into the tray so water can be...
  7. Captnrex

    My coop start to "finish"

    And why having an actual (blueprint) plan is a good idea, cause I didn't lol My original idea was I knew I wanted it 8 foot long (bottom 4x4s) but finally figured 6 foot wide.... + the 2x4s running on the outside of the vertical 4x4s buddy works at a hospital equipment delivery place so he had...
  8. Cornflower

    Experimental Dehydrator Hatching - I'm doing it!

    May 18th, 2023 I plunked 15 eggs into a dehydrator to see if they'll hatch. I had commented on another post about this and I don't want to put my updates there. But there are updates to tell! Today is day 8, as of midnight May 26. Early this morning I candled some of them and saw... Oh man! I...
  9. indiechixor

    Requesting Big Coop Design Review!

    Here's more pictures: Dimensions are 10x12'. I currently have 8 hens, but incubating 12 eggs when they arrive in a few months. My idea is that I can keep the 2 separate flocks in the same coop. By separating the two sides with screening, and adding a gate, I can keep younger birds away from the...
  10. ihatedarkroast

    Making Yeast Supplements from Scratch

    Does anyone have any recipes for making your own yeast supplements (to add to duck feed) instead of purchasing them from the store? I did buy some from the store. But we also make our own sourdough starter. We also make our own wine. So I have these 5 gallon carboys with yeast sludge at the...
  11. No Cost Chicken Tractor

    No Cost Chicken Tractor

    Hi everyone! After years of saying “no”, my husband finally relented and on our 15 year anniversary told me I could have chickens. Well, I wasn’t about to let that opportunity pass me by, so I went out to a local farm store and purchased five chicks the following weekend. Had I thought about...
  12. Beckys Birds

    DIY Chicken/Duck/Geese Tripod Toy

    So, I decided my birds are a bit bored and needed some interactive toys. I like coming up with ideas that use items we already have on hand. I got this idea, to hang a head of cabbage like a tether ball, from looking at a picture of a pot hanging from a tripod over a fire. I think it turned out...
  13. Jaeden Mckinley

    Waterers and what works best in the winter

    Hey Everyone, this is a question I have been wanting to ask since I got chickens. What is the best way to get nice clean water to my flock every day without having to clean the water because the chickens kick dirt and dust into it? The Plan The plan was to buy some 10-15 gallon rubber tubs...
  14. Bigbluefrog

    How do you cull chickens?

    So I have to put one of my hens down. I been prolonging it. I have an empty milk jug. Gonna hang her upside down so she goes to sleep and cull. Here is the thing- I have never done it before. I was curious if there is a video on it? We did a neck pull on an injured chicken. My husband said...
  15. Dilapidated Dresser to Nifty Nesting Boxes!

    Dilapidated Dresser to Nifty Nesting Boxes!

    Even though my old nesting boxes that my parents built were still in acceptable shape, I needed new ones. I had recently bought several Brahmas (the second largest chicken breed in the world!) and I needed something quite a bit larger and lower to the ground. Silver-laced Wyandottes in the...
  16. Life of Eric

    I made a UK Style Spring Feeder tonight (Video)

    This was a pretty easy project. We'll see if the chickens use it in the morning and I'll post a follow up video.
  17. madsnbot

    Coop from kids play house

    I was thinking about making a coop out of a kids playhouse. They’re pretty cheap, large and have a lot of windows(i’m from florida so my coop needs lots of air). I’m thinking all I would have to do is put in some nesting boxes, wire screens, and some perches. Is this a common thing to do and...
  18. Chrifister

    DIY Incubator Advice

    Hey everyone, We were on the lookout for a cabinet incubator this year (because you can't have enough incubators!) and couldn't find a professional one for a reasonable price so we decided to make one. Got the wine cooler second hand for cheap, most other parts came from Amazon. -Danby...
  19. CroneWild

    Coop from scratch, a weekend vs almost 2 months

    Originally this was going to take me a little over a weekend, yeah let’s factor a very agitated January and here we are weeks from chickens showing up. Coop is finally functional as of today (painting, some of the trim and landscaping have yet to happen)
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