1. Greystone farm

    Natural deworming

    Hey! I want to deworm my ducks before winter. I don't see any symptoms, but just want to be safe :) Does anyone have any suggestions for doing it at home, naturally? I do cayenne pepper and shredded carrots for my chickens, which I have heard works. Not sure if that works for ducks, too? Thanks...
  2. Q

    Muscovy duck eggs-will they hatch?

    Hi there, so a family member of mine has a small holding and gifted me two Muscovy duck eggs (we THINK they are fertile) and a brooder. They were at ambient/warm temperature for 2 1/2 days after collection, and are now in my diy incubator. It is a rubber mat with an old fish tank turned upside...
  3. Simple DIY Pigeon Loft

    Simple DIY Pigeon Loft

    This is the first pigeon loft I have built. I have a small store-built loft for my pair of Birmingham Rollers, Cher Ami and Commando, but as I am expecting eggs and want to get some Homers I decided I needed to expand. We found an old open-top wooden box at a desirable trash station and took it...
  4. C

    Body Temp Thermometer in DIY incubator??

    Hi. I am building a cheap incubator but I don't have a room thermometer. I was wondering if I could check the temperature of the incubator by placing a body thermometer in the water glass used for humidity, and check the water in the glass. Would that work? Of course I would have to do it a few...
  5. DontChickenOut14

    Has anyone ever drained any of their hen's first eggs and saved it?

    I decided to drain my first egg from my current flock, spray a clear coat of spray-paint on it, and keep it. Has anyone else done anything like this? (Also I'm attaching a pic of said egg.)
  6. jewelg

    Coop math + potential shed conversion

    Hello, Chicken People! :) So, I'm either doing this wrong, or every single pre-made coop you can buy wants you to pen your chickens in like large sardines in a tiny can. Help! And thank you, all, for contributing and building such an incredible resource. FYI, we live in Los Angeles, California...
  7. Thenino

    Building vs Buying A Cabinet Incubator?

    I can tend to underestimate the difficulty of things but after watching a few videos of people building cabinet incubators it really looks pretty reasonable. Specifically I watched someone build one from foam board. (YOUTUBE LINK) that looked quite easy to work with. Am I way off base? I am...
  8. Softsilkie's Idaho Coops

    Softsilkie's Idaho Coops

    One thing you have probably noticed is that my coops don't look too nice. My coops are not fancy, just practical. That's probably why they're at the very back of the yard! 😂 But, they were cheap. The most expensive thing we used was probably the chicken wire! I currently have three medium-sized...
  9. BantyChooks

    BantyChooks' Incubator Builds

    Detailed descriptions and photographic documentation of the various incubators I have built over the years.
  10. kristeninprogress

    Coop Design in Southeast Georgia

    So FINALLY, we have completed my ideal coop! Kinda. I do have a few details to finish (paint nesting boxes, add more roosts, sew curtains for bottom nesting boxes, etc), but it's functional and usable! Total cost: roughly $1000 Dimensions: 12' x 16' x 7' Time to build: 5 weeks with two...
  11. locoyosh

    Easy waterer! (dirt & poop free)

    Hi, Some of our family members are joining the world of backyard chickening, so my son made some instructional videos for them. We've had chickens for 5 years, and our setup is pretty much just as we like it... minimal maintenance!! We add a birdbath heater to the waterer in the winter to...
  12. strattao


  13. Folkvanger Farm

    My first coop project

    Well this journey started a little over a year ago when a guy at work needed to rehome a rooster. Growing up on a farm and visiting my grandparents as a child left fond memories of going out to the coop and grabbing some eggs for breakfast. It also left lasting memories of animal husbandry and...
  14. SailingAgape

    DIY incubator upgrades (Sanity check)

    I wanna sanity check my incubator design off some folks on here that have been at this a lot longer than I. I built my box out of 1 1/2" purple insulation board. Inside dimensions are about 20"x20" and about 9" tall to fit about any automatic egg turner. Right now I have 2ea. 12v computer fans...
  15. TehLizardKing

    Homemade Hatcher

    Hey y’all, I’ve got a few different sets of eggs in my inky atm and will be removing them clutch by clutch to let them hatch in a separate one so as to avoid drowning younger eggs and covering them in hatch goo. I don’t usually do this but has postal services meant my shipped eggs arrived days...
  16. The Inspired Mom

    Our NEW Coop Build Coming along;) (thanks to Carolina coop ideas)

    My husband is awesome! Just sayin’😉 I’ve wanted chickens for many years. Have magazines from 10 years ago when I first started dreaming of having our own chicks but with remodeling old home then buying this home & remodeling more over last 7 years we just haven’t had time and honestly space in...
  17. Tre3hugger

    Pallet/Scrap Wood/2x4 coop build:8x4 coop for about $250(Pic heavy)

    I built this using 2x4s and pallets/scrap wood. I also bought roofing materials. It's 8x4xabout 9 ft high and cost around $250. I'm a novice builder, and this project presented a lot of...problem solving opportunities. Not much was square etc due to the recycled material but I made it work...
  18. A

    HELP Humidity and airflow help needed before quail hatch

    Hi all I need to raise my humidity I’ve read all the posts and have baby jars with paper towel wicks in and hand towels and as many bowls as I can fit however still not reaching (only hitting 30% max) I have an in vent and exhaust vent with fans on both to increase air flow. I am concerned the...
  19. Wait, that's not a small guest house?

    Wait, that's not a small guest house?

    I should probably give some background before jumping into our coop build. We purchased a fixer upper with 2 acres of woods, backing into a river, exactly 3 years ago this week. We spent the first 4-5 months remodeling the first floor - my husband is pretty handy and my father owns a...
  20. Meat bird tractor

    Meat bird tractor

    Mobile meat bird tractor. Auto watering, and wheels on bottom for easy moving.
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