1. Joyfillednomads

    Duck eggs

    10 little duck eggs waiting to hatch. In lockdown. Someone recommended glass gems or stones to better regulate heat. I have a large glass mug and three shot glasses. They also are holding water for humidity. As always the incubator was full cleansed after last use. Trying to watch the temp &...
  2. O

    Our first DIY coop conversion

    My husband wanted chickens so guess who spends all their time worrying/obsessing about every little detail about keeping them healthy and happy. Hint: not my husband. Read up on turning playhouses into coops so we started looking for one. Wasn’t sure if I wanted wood or plastic so I just looked...
  3. Joyfillednomads

    It was all planned, but we are an incubator short. Ahhh

    So I had it all planned. Lol One incubator, one crappy Styrofoam back up and as lockdown hatcher. I had both set up to incubate eggs... then our eggs got the boot from the good incubator to make way for quail eggs. So... We debated about buying another Styrofoam incubator --> but in all...
  4. Joyfillednomads

    DREAM coop & run

    Show your diy projects, current coops, or wish list items. Need some ideas. Thanx
  5. Joyfillednomads

    Old fashioned Donuts pan fried with fesh eggs

    Trying always to make stuff with eggs, of course, that's not just the same old same old thing... so this morning I made delicious donuts. The orange Halloween sprinkles are pumpkin spice.
  6. Joyfillednomads

    What's your Favorite larger capacity Incubator?

    What's your Favorite larger capacity Incubator? Last Christmas I received my first incubator. Guess the heating pad in a bucket with my duck eggs was a hint I caught the incubating bug. Seeing older cabinet incubators for sale now and then, but they look in bad shape and are still very...
  7. QuailTail

    Jumbo Coturnix Aviary Build

    Hey everyone! Not sure if anyone wants to see, but I love watching step by steps of other people's set up, so I thought I'd post my aviary build for anyone that's interested :) It's a slow process as work and lockdown restrictions mean time and resources are limited, but hopefully we'll be able...
  8. BReeder!

    Preserving Your Harvest

    We have a garden that had produced very well this year. In fact, it's our best garden in 6 years and two homes. I have a real passion for growing food we can eat. It's always great to have a salad fresh picked form the garden or cook a meal with fruit and vegetables, and even meat, harvested...
  9. Joyfillednomads

    Starting Over with a Single Specialty Breed

    Our chickens weren't the breeds we were "Sold" And after we realized this... I wanted to cull and start over. But the time in & everything into our little Flock, my husband was attached. They were never supposed to be pets, just egg layers and dinner. We got a mixed little flock of several...
  10. Joyfillednomads

    From basic to chicken palace...??

    Chicken palace no. I just need automatic coop door, automatic waterer (maybe with a float), diy automatic feeder... Maybe a camera to make sure everything is OK. I had to have surgery a few months ago and doing chores meant me nagging older kids to help out, just to free up time and to make the...
  11. Joyfillednomads

    Predators & Small pre-built coops

    We've had predators come through, sadly & tragically lost our ducks, they didn't want to go into the 'shed' aka little barn aka coop at night. Do predators just knock over these small pre-built or flat-pack or assemble yourself coops?
  12. R

    4x8 Chicken Coop Help

    Hi Yall, My girlfriend and I are building the following Coop. We found the plans at We've pretty much finished all the framing and while we've been building we've come up with some questions and we were hoping you could help. - Being that...
  13. M

    Experienced owner getting at it again!

    Hello! I am a young college graduate living in South East Idaho. I had chickens when I was in high school but when I left for college my parents decided to follow, so we had to sell our house and our chickens with them. Now that I am getting my own house, I can get chickens again! I am very...
  14. S

    Free DIY barrel funnel for feed and water

    Maybe this is old news but you can upcycle trashed water jugs into quality barrel funnels. My local bottled water company has to pay the landfill to get rid of worn out bubbler jugs. They gave me a bunch for free. These things are polycarbonate and in my area are not recyclable. Cutting...
  15. floral_chickadee

    Building a chicken coop— waterproofing? +coop plans

    Ok so, I’m back once again with a new idea. Previously I was thinking about converting a playhouse into a chicken coop, but after talking with several users about how much “editing” would have needed to be done, I’ve decided against that since it would probably be cheaper and more satisfactory...
  16. CmmwlthAbbey

    ? About PT wood, converting playhouse to coop

    I found a children play house that I was thinking of converting to a coop but am concerned about a pressure treated wood. Here is the link. Any advice? TY!
  17. Low hoop coop chicken tractor PVC

    Low hoop coop chicken tractor PVC

    I built a low hoop coop that’s lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to move. Lots of photos below! 📸 It’s 8’wide x 10’ long x 3’ high at center. The arch uses seven 10’ 3/4” pvc arches and three 10’ 1/2” PVC for horizontal stabilization. The ends are wood built from free 2x2s and 1x3 i got...
  18. PioneerChicks

    DIY Flock Blocks - Share Your Recipes!

    Show me what you've got! I'd love to see everybody's recipes, and have a few questions besides. What do you use to make it stick together? Would molasses and peanut butter work? And what is a good grain-to-sticky stuff ratio?
  19. WallyBirdie

    Parrot stand/perch DIY

    The prices of bird training perches and playstands can be outrageous. $40, $90, $394, etc... Made this for $20, plus toys I already had. (I apologize for the lighting.) Round wooden base, $8 the dowels were cheap and I added sisal cord (bird friendly) Drilled a few holes and used some...
  20. Homemade Egg Incubator - No Gas! No Electricity!

    Homemade Egg Incubator - No Gas! No Electricity!

    Contents: • Abstract (Premise) • Blueprint (Conceptual) • Step by Step Methodology (Video Included) • Purpose (Significance of the project) ABSTRACT My Homemade incubator does not make use of gas and electricity; mimics natural incubation process(a hen sitting on eggs), this is dry...
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