1. Everose

    Nine banded armadillos, and my duck🥺

    Well two nine-banded armadillos, male first female second, were killed by my dog within this month. The female and my duck were suspiciously killed within the same timeframe though I don't know which was first because I found them on the same day. My dog has a bad history with ducks, five...
  2. HorsesRMe123

    My Dog Is Infested With Ticks!

    We live in a suburban environment and somehow my Schnauzer always gets tick every year. We went on a walk four day ago and he loves walking straight through the thickest branchiest bush and the longest grass he can find. I found a tick in my bed. My sister found a tick crawling up her arm. We...
  3. Phantom_k9

    Rooster and a Guard Dog?

    Hello! In a few weeks, we are planning to get a great pyrenees mix puppy to train into a guard dog. Aside from not *really* knowing how to train a guard dog, it hit me that we have a Rooster who could cause some trouble... Generally speaking, this Rooster is the best we have had. He will run up...
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  7. Cassandra Lana

    Your Dogs thoughts on chickens ~ a poll

    Hi ! I thought it would be fun to do a poll on dog reactions to birds! Please select one option per dog you have 👍 if your dogs Demeanor has changed than choose the current and past reaction . Post pictures of your puppies (with birds hopefully in the replys). Have tons of fun ~ Cassie :wee It...
  8. J

    Dog is eating the quail food?

    Sorry if I've put this in the wrong forum. So since we've been having problems with rats, we've only been letting the quails outside during the day, and only in the front yard (rats are out back) until we move to a bigger problem. We keep the front door open to keep an eye on them and put their...
  9. Catrena

    Neighbors dog Killing all local chickens

    After calling so many times to animal control, after my neighbors chickens and mine dieing....its racking up to 100 birds thus far and he hasint delt with his dogs geting out. 100 birds being in the last year and a half i think. Im sick of it because it takes 6 months to grow these girls and...
  10. Message_1584621387678.jpg


    Meet Lucy, laying down and behaving. She is my service dog, and best friend.
  11. 776E43BA-573A-46D2-A847-7200DFBC0E0D.jpeg


    This is my 12 year old springer spaniel with my 4 month old bull terrier cross (shar-pei X Staffordshire bull terrier X English bull terrier)
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    This is Archie.
  13. 069127CB-5E94-40E9-A186-17F46DB837F1.jpeg


    This is Albert.
  14. Koko yawning!!

    Koko yawning!!

    Our little pup's tired from her active day!
  15. Phantom_k9

    Dog attack, three birds dead, how to legally proceed?

    Hello all, While I was away at school, a neighbors dog got loose and killed three of our birds. We have just lost one to a hawk, now three? Our flock is down to 8... I do not know the full story (I'll make a reply with more info once I do), but from my understanding, the dog owner came to us...
  16. Phantom_k9

    Need Help Identifying Killer

    Good evening yall, I really hate that most of my recent post have been about grim topics. I went outside today to find one of our sweet juvenile chickens, killed. This is the risk of free ranging chickens, especially when you don't have a fence. We had planned to put in a fence either before...
  17. C


  18. Top 10 Chicken Predators

    Top 10 Chicken Predators

    From aerial to ground predators, chickens often fall prey to many of these. There are many different things that happen from the most obvious to the least. No matter what, it seems like they're always getting into trouble. But we can limit predator attacks if we know how to prevent them. From...
  19. BookThief

    Prey Drive - Natural Canine Instinct

    Imagine: a neighbor's cat gets into your yard, and kills one of your birds, what do you do? You may warn the neighbor to keep the cat contained. You may set out a trap, or have other means to keep the cat away. But, do you call the cat aggressive? More then likely not. If a fox, coyote, hawk...
  20. snsr33

    Dog attack

    My neighbor’s dog attacked my chickens. This time none were killed. My rooster, I think, jumped in to protect the hens and lost all of his tail feathers in the fight. There was a lot of painful squawking. Do I need to be treating the area? I don’t see any blood but the area seems to be pretty...
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