1. KDOGG331

    Guess the Mix!!

    Post pictures of your mixed breed dogs and I (and/or others) can try to guess them. :D I’m pretty good with dog breeds so I think I’m usually pretty good at these things and I like guessing haha If you have a tricky purebred I could try to guess too.
  2. KDOGG331

    Border Collie Appreciation Thread!!!!

    Let’s see those Border Collies!!! I know there have been other similar threads featuring all herding breeds, etc. and I do love all the herding breeds myself but wanted to create a Border Collie specific one this time as they’re such cool dogs. :love I didn’t see one specifically for Border...
  3. B

    (Long Post) "Neighbor" dog killed 2 pullets **TRICKY SITUATION**

    Sorry, this is long. It requires some background. BACKGROUND: I live in Washington State, in an unincorporated rural area 10 miles outside of Vancouver. I live with my boyfriend on a 9 acre property with 2 homes on it. The property is owned by my boyfriend's grandparents. They live in...
  4. ChickChic00

    Raw chicken carcass?

    I'm sorry if this isn't the right place to ask this, but I wanted to know if you could butcher a chicken, cut head,wings,thighs, legs and breasts. Then remove feathers or skin it and feed the rest of it (the whole carcass without taking guts and stuff out) to a dog raw? I now you can feed the...
  5. BestDiscoMan13

    My sweetest hen turned into a savage

    My sweetest hens name is autumn she’s an Easter egger she has never pecked any of her siblings ever one day a dog chased them around they were fine but two days later a red tailled hawk attacked and attumn was pinned but we scared off the hawk by hitting it with sticks and rocks. She didn’t lay...
  6. DiYMama540

    Coyote takes small dog from yard

    Just saw this story on Inside Edition. Pretty amazing!
  7. BestDiscoMan13

    looking for a rooster

    I currently have four Easter egger hens, they were attacked my an Akita dog before Valentine’s Day. Today they got attacked by a hawk and this time one got hurt and was bleeding but not hurt too much but was missing feathers but because we started hitting the hawk she wasn’t dead. I live in New...
  8. KDOGG331

    Dog dreaming

    Surely we all must dream about various dog breeds and all the dogs we would have if we could, right? That might just be me. :lau :hide But I know that for me personally, I am always researching and dreaming about dog breeds and if I could have every breed of dog, I probably would. :lau :hide I...
  9. FathertoFeathers

    Help removing tartar of dogs teeth

    I made a trip out to my grandmas house this week and while I was petting her dogs I noticed that one of them has terrible tartar build up on his teeth. My grandma would take him to the vet if she could but she just had surgery and a vet just isn’t a option right now. He is getting old so he...
  10. BudandBranch

    My Dog is eating chicken poop, is this harmful?

    Hi there. My eight year old German Shepherd loves to eat chicken poop. I let my chickens out to forage for a bit about once a day (the rest of the time they are in their run) - and my dog seeks out any droppings that they have left behind. It is NASTY and I have had a hard time getting her to...
  11. Chickadooo

    Chicken got attacked by dog - video

    Let me know if video isn't working **Asking for tips/advice--- only from people who have experienced something similar, please** 1) What type of bird , age and weight (does the chicken seem or feel lighter or thinner than the others.) -- 1 year and 2 months old. Not sure on weight. 2) What is...
  12. IceHax

    Goose attacked by dog

    one of my 5 toulose geese was attacked by one of my two dogs tonight. It was entirely my fault, i usually close them up right before sunset, but today i was studying for an important exam and i figured i would do it before dinner instead, my dogs tolerate all the birds in the day, but for some...
  13. alexthefarmlady

    Chicken won’t walk

    So about almost a month ago two pits were able to get into my coop kill some of my chickens and injure a lot of them they are all doing well except for this little girl now she’s eating pooping drinking and all but she stays only on her side she can kick. When she walks she just pushes with her...
  14. cluckmecoop7

    "Your neighbors dog..." What is it?

    Hey Everyone! :frow This is a thread to post pictures of your neighbors dog. :) Dog, means any age in this thread. Also, please make sure you ask permission to post pics of their dog first. So, I'll start: This is a 15 week old Golden Retriever puppy. Name? Zadie. It is just like Sadie, but...
  15. S

    New To BYC

    Hello, i've had chickens my whole life. Havent had any for a while, now my parents have 4 I am helping raise. I live on 6 acres in the middle of a forest, along with the 4 chickens, are 6 cats , 1 boxer mix , and plenty of wild animals. We have chickens to maintain the yard and to lay some tasty...
  16. KDOGG331

    Shih Tzu Thread!!

    I was asked to start this thread and plus I just LOVE Shih Tzu’s so I gladly agreed so here goes.... This thread is for all things Shih Tzu!! If you love this breed and/or own one then this thread is for you! Feel free to post pictures, share stories, ask questions, share breed information...
  17. ChocolateMouse

    Spooky puppy problems

    Hello everyone! I finally, after a stupid amount of time, have a new puppy in my house. An 18 week aussie shepherd we've dubbed Hermes. His adoption situation reeked of first dog - we adopted him from a couple off of craigslist who bought him from a breeder at 10 weeks and seemed overwhelmed...
  18. TheBlueShepard


    What is your preferred method of predator disposition and why? This excludes barrier enhancement and applies to predators who must be dealt with directly either by deterrents or hands-on methods. Do refrain from trying to proselytize others to your method or championing one view or the other...
  19. centrarchid

    Dogs Can Indicate a Broody Hen's Eggs are Hatching

    I have broody hens incubating clutches of eggs in several locations. Dogs know where all the nest are located. Normally the dogs pay little mind other than to walk over and sniff general area before moving on. A different reaction occurs when the chicks are hatching as the dogs cock their...
  20. O

    a dog attacked our chickens

    We are finally raising chickens this year. We got ten little Orpington chick girls. They are about 14 weeks old now. We let our next door neighbors know we had chickens and would be free ranging them. One of these neighbors has two dogs which escape from their fenced yard every week or two...
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