1. M

    My dog ate my chicken

    Hello, I have 11 chickens that are about 7/8 weeks weeks old and I also have a golden retriever dog. When we first got the chicks at first I only had one I hatched and I had her around them all the time since I was home all day and she was too. She would always be around the brooder and shower...
  2. ChickChic00

    Chicken feet?

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask. I had a 4 month old chick die from the cold weather and it had been outside for 2 days. The feet are still flexible. Can I remove them and clean them/wash them up and give to dogs to chew? Or should it be tossed? Thanks so very much for any help!!
  3. N

    Please help! My dog attacked my female duck

    Woke up this morning to find two of my Akitas inside my chicken pasture. One was into of one of my female ducks while the other was chasing around some chickens. Apparently my children left the gate open last night after putting up the animals. With that being said, I noticed that Erma (duck)...
  4. T

    Happy Black Dog Day!!!

    Brewster says happy black dog day!!! ❤️🥰 @Kiki @ColtHandorf (I think?) @ any one else with black puppies! ❤️
  5. Cloverr39

    What dog breed would you recommend?

    My family currently has 2 dogs - a 10 year old Jack Russell terrier and a 1 year old labrador/samoyed mix. The Jack Russell used to be interested in small chicks only, but nowadays has very little interest in chickens at all. The lab/samoyed mix (her name is Peach) is much more driven to chase...
  6. Missy020219

    My 1 year old St. Bernard is killing my chickens

    I just recently bought myself a male St. Bernard and he just turned 1. I have 3 other dogs, which did have a chicken killing spree a few years ago, but now have learnt that they are not food. I was hoping that my eldest well mannered dog would teach my new dog how he should be, but I guess she...
  7. T

    Puppy Pictures!

    I will probably regret this since I have MAJOR puppy fever right now and I’m sure this will only make it worse buuuuuuuttttttttt.... I would really love to see everyone’s puppies (or adults) please! :lau :hide any breed welcome since I love all dogs but bonus points for herding or sporting...
  8. T

    Dog or seal!?

    🤣🧐🤔 Def a seal in disguise 🤣🤔
  9. Northern U.S. Duck Coop for Ducks

    Northern U.S. Duck Coop for Ducks

    I took all of the stuff out and I'm putting in a circulating waterer. 5 gallon bucket with 1/2" PVC with nipples and some cup type waterers, but I don't trust those. I of course will still have plenty of clean fresh water in rubber bowls from TSC. I've also moved the fence back by 2' further...
  10. Uwish

    Hoppy late Easter everyone ❤️ 🐶🐣Plus into your our new Addition ❤️🐑

    Happy Easter and please welcome our newest addition Noah our baby lamb we got him when he was less then 12 hours old he is now 10 days
  11. Lemon-Drop

    Miniature and Toy Poodle Breeder Recommendations.

    Hi, a friend of mine is looking into getting a poodle. I want recommendations if at all possible. These are the details of what they want: Female Miniature or Toy Any color besides Apricot. Preferably less than 1,000. It doesn't need to be super close, they said they can do a road trip this...
  12. Lemon-Drop

    Dog birthday party!

    Hi! My dogs birthdays are on April 18th and April 20th. (A Monday and Wednesday) Their names are Finley and Oliver, and they’re turning 11. They are a toy(Finley) and mini(Oliver) poodles. I’m planning to throw their birthday party on the weekend (Saturday) after, so they don’t feel jealous...
  13. Anime2lover

    Apocalypse dogs (dog roleplay)

    Please Read First A) By participating in this game, I promise that all BYC Rules will be followed and that I have read and understood the Role Play Rules that are in a sticky at the top of the Games forum. B) I promise that all content is to be rated G and suitable for all ages. C) I promise...
  14. Clostridium Cure and Intestinal Repair

    Clostridium Cure and Intestinal Repair

    Clostridium is a nasty bug that mammals and birds alike can pick up, especially after treatment of antibiotics which depleat normal gut bacteria creating an environment where clostridium can thrive or it can take hold while suffering from a parisitic disease or from toxins that damage the lining...
  15. the_kitchen__drawer

    Cold Snap! You know what that means..

    Jammie weather :ya we got six inches of snow last night.
  16. Laddu

    About perianal adenoma

    Hello dearers... I wanted to know if any of you had happen to know about perianal adenoma in dogs. Not the Google knowledge, I want to know about your experiences Please share as my dog has diagnosed with one, he's not neutered and he's a senior dog (13 years) don't want to loose him.. please...
  17. Why and Dotte

    What would you spend?

    It seems that poultry safe livestock guardian dogs are in high demand yet I never see any trained dogs available. I'm wondering if that's because the cost of a trained LGD is typically more than most want to pay or have the funds to pay for one. Hypothetically these dogs would be health tested...
  18. Lovely Lettie

    Authentic scavenger hunt for dogs

    This is a dog Authentic scavenger hunt! Have fun yall;)
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