1. chickenchicklady

    All of my chickens got killed

    I’m so disappointed and sad and angry. My neighbors dogs climbed our 6 foot fencing that’s around our whole yard, got past our electric fencing somehow and into our chicken run and killed every single one of our chickens except for one. I don’t even know how they got into my chicken run. I’m...
  2. CanadaEh

    What is an absolute minimum processing for raw dog feeding?

    I will have about 60 birds to process in near future. They will be 3-week old cockerels and 2.5 year old hens - all leghorns and their crosses . Last time I have processed 20 for human food it took too many hours for the meat collected, and even when skinning not plucking. We buy chicken...
  3. rachelcasper7

    Hello from the Casper household!

    Hello all! This is Rachel from the Casper household! We are in the planning process preparing to become a chicken family next summer! My husband and I have two boys, ages 14 months and three years. The older one was able to catch a chicken properly at a year and a half all by himself! So I had...
  4. K

    Gecko pics

    Greetings many people wandering in the universe! :wee I have been looking for pictures of bioactive gecko setups, particularly flying gecko setups, but since they're not that common, I don't expect much help. Anyway, if you can, upload pics of geckos and their setups here! :ya:clap No...
  5. Lemon-Drop

    Calling all dog experts! Hoping to get a Labradoodle, any information to be aware of, and do you recommend them?

    I may not be able to get one, but I am hoping to get a Labradoodle. I want a dog that is around 40-60 lbs, and I'm slightly allergic to dogs so I want one that is at least mostly hypoallergenic. I also have some mental health issues, so I'm hoping I could get it trained to be an ESA. So now for...
  6. A

    Permethrin - Yard treated Safe to eat grass?

    Hi all! I am staying at my MIL house, with my 4 dogs and 3 chickens. She has a ton of cats and fleas are all over the backyard. We did so much research, decided permethrin was our best bet to battle them. Safe via ratio chart at .50 it’s been sunny and dried out over 24 hrs. (Yes cats were kept...
  7. S

    What dogs are Good with Chickens

    So I’m in the market for a dog that won’t eat my chickens, I’ve been looking at livestock protectors but they are pretty pricey when you get into the larger purebreds. I’ve been looking at mixes like Shollies and purebreds like Akbash but I don’t know what’s the right fit. The chickens have a...
  8. pondfriend


  9. BlueHorse17

    Dog Ordinance - Lacey, WA?

    Please relocate if in the wrong area. I know that it isn’t for chickens, but I was wondering if someone could please help me find the dog ordinances for Lacey, WA? Wondering how many we are allowed to have.
  10. A

    Chicken-Safe Dogs for Rats? Your experience?

    This is very much a noobie question, and I'm just looking for general thoughts and opinions. We've got a rat infestation on the property and poison is not an option (yes, we know about the other options). We've been discussing getting a dog, but I've read so many horror stories of dogs going...
  11. R

    Dog gnawing on pet duck

    I’m so upset. We have three hen ducks. Two are very docile, tame bantams. One was taken by a hawk so I was keeping the dogs w the ducks free roaming during the day so hawks wouldn’t be a threat. Everything has been going fine but my dog started chasing our friendliest duck. He would sort of hold...
  12. HorsesRMe123

    My Dog Is Infested With Ticks!

    We live in a suburban environment and somehow my Schnauzer always gets tick every year. We went on a walk four day ago and he loves walking straight through the thickest branchiest bush and the longest grass he can find. I found a tick in my bed. My sister found a tick crawling up her arm. We...
  13. amynw


    Hello everyone. This evening in my dogs poo, this was on it. I did not touch them, I got it on to a leaf with a stick. Are these tapeworms? Are my chickens and geese at risk as well? Do I need to worm everyone?
  14. Saegusa Kouichi, head of the Saegusa clan!

    Saegusa Kouichi, head of the Saegusa clan!

    Sketched up this dapper Dobie, who goes by Kouichi!
  15. HorsesRMe123

    Boston Terriers - What I Should Know About Ethical Breeding

    Hello! We love our Boston Terrier and are interested in breeding Bostons. We of course want to be caring, ethical breeders. So question: what amount of litters can a Boston Terrier have each year that is humane? We were thinking two one year, one the next and that pattern would continue per...
  16. T

    The ultimate question....

    The ultimate question.... An ages long debate..... Extremely controversial..... (not really) CATS or DOGS!!!! ???? :lau Please vote and if you want you can explain why.
  17. buffy-the-eggpile-layer

    Neighbors' Pesky Dogs and Invisible Fence

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this, but I'm hoping to reach people who have some insights on aggressive neighborhood dogs. First of all, I live in the sticks. It's all country out here--winding, rural roads, tons of livestock and dogs (usually fenced in, thankfully). The...
  18. Malkaris

    It's raining cats and dogs...

    This should probably have been posted in the rambling thread but... it does involve predators. The stuff that's happened in the last couple of months is just 😤 and I shattered my screen so getting back on here for advice took a while... Anyway! Just this afternoon: 2 separate incidents...
  19. 776E43BA-573A-46D2-A847-7200DFBC0E0D.jpeg


    This is my 12 year old springer spaniel with my 4 month old bull terrier cross (shar-pei X Staffordshire bull terrier X English bull terrier)
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