1. DTFPappy

    Howdy from NEMississippi

    Duck Trails Farm is our homestead in northeastern Mississippi, USA. We've been out of the country for quite a while and are new to the area, just building up the farm preparing it for livestock in the spring. Our goals are to enjoy the quiet country life and help preserve the integrity and...
  2. Littleanimalcollector


  3. M

    Fine versus Coarse Meat

    I’ve heard that, for example, Dorkings and Bresse have fine meat, while Cornish and Jersey Giants have coarse meat. I have only eaten store bought chicken and self-slaughtered Buff Orpingtons. Can someone explain the texture (and if applicable the taste) differences between Coarse and fine meat...
  4. P


    I have searched and searched but fir the life of me I cannot find anyone who is currently breeding Dorkings other then grays. I’m really wanting to find some reds or colored. Anything from eggs to full grown. I’d drive across the country for the right birds. I’m really interested in this breed...
  5. E

    Are these breeds personable?

    Hi everybody! Merry Christmas if you celebrate it and happy holidays to all. I currently have bantams because my boyfriend loves the minis, but my dream is having big, fat chickens lol! These would be purely pets and I would like to hear anyone’s experiences with their temperaments. Ideally...
  6. Wisewillow

    New Chicken Enthusiasts

    Hi! My name is Suzanne and I live in the PNW. My kids, age 12 & 14 are super excited to FINALLY be getting chickens! The entire family has worked to build the coop and yard: dug deep, hardware cloth, build up, fence it in... They even built a special solid door with jigsawed eggs, a chicken and...
  7. Trimurtisan

    The Quack Shack

    Good morning folks of BYC! My name is Trimurtisan, but to keep it easy, just call me Trim. I did an introduction, but here's some more general information about myself and what's got me going quackers. I am a 36 year old father of eight, although only two of those happen to be human. We...
  8. D

    White Dorkings

    I'm wanting to add White Dorkings to my flock. I would be open to hatching eggs, but prefer day olds chicks. I am in Eastern Colorado.
  9. hunterlj

    ISO red dorkings in New Hampshire or close by

    I’ve currently got 7 red dorkings. Looking to get some new blood as mine are all related. Interested in hatching eggs, chicks or adult birds.
  10. hunterlj

    Dorking meat birds

    Anyone raise dorkings for meat? I currently have 11 red dorkings. I plan on keeping a flock and raising birds every year to eat. My 10 week old cockerel is just under 3lbs and I have 3 more cockerels that are about 8 weeks old. One is just over 2lbs and the other two are closer to 2.5lbs. I...
  11. L

    What kind of chickens can live with a Dorking?

    I was thinking of getting more chickens but I'm not exactly sure which ones to get. I have a Dorking rooster who's still pretty tiny (he fits in my palms) , but I don't know if I have to get Dorking chickens or if I can get different types? Please help I'm new to this.
  12. L


    Ok so this is my 1st time ever having a chicken and a roosters, so I have no idea what I'm doing.Luna(my chicken) died two days ago and now it's just Mang (my rooster). We let him out all day and he comes back when it's time to sleep. His behavior didn't change much with Luna gone except he...
  13. nordahlbunch

    What breed are they?

    I have 2 pullets my husband picked up at the feed store, Sold as dorkings. They are mottled so I'm thinking speckled sussex? I wouldn't think jubilee orpington would be sold at a feed store. What breed are they?
  14. M

    Joining the cool chicken club

    Hey everyone, I'm a PA transplant to Oklahoma... Got our first chickens last year, out of 6 we have 2 hens. This year I'm adding quite a few more with hopes of selling eggs & chicks. Currently I have 1 RIR rooster & 2 buff orpington hens. I have silver Laced Barnvelders hatching this coming week...
  15. T

    Looking for dorking eggs, chicks or chickens... please! :)

    I'm in SC and have been looking everywhere for dorkings. Doesn't matter if it's eggs, chicks or grown. I'm willing to have shipped or travel... please and thank you
  16. kacokaco

    10 wk Roos (WNC)

    Batch of roos I am listing before they go to the freezer in a month, all from Sand Hill Preservation. I included their catalog description for each breed but the forums contain a lot more information. I can provide more photos for each bird. (1) Black Penedescenca- Black Minorca-like chicken...
  17. The Angry Hen

    Need Help Sexing Cross Breed

    Hello friends! I am actually not in this forum of backyard chickens often, due to my flocks being older. But back in May of this year- I hatched two chicks by the names of Maggie and Ferocious. I always try the best I can helping other backyard chickens' members identify their chicks... But I...
  18. RginaC

    Looking for Colored Dorkin eggs or chickens

    would love to know who has good quality Colored dorkins. I am looking for this color and breed but can not find any helpful information on how or where to acquire any of them. Thanks!
  19. pipnchirp


    I'm a NPIP breeder of Dorkings and Golden Campines. I thought I show off some of my babies and hear from you guys
  20. unaspenser

    Dorking Silver Gray

    Dorking Silver Gray Created by unaspenser Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed: The Dorking is a mellow, docile, friendly breed. Dorkings are one of the oldest breeds of chicken, and were known as early as the Roman Empire. The breed was brought to Britain by the Romans, and is...
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