1. GoldenGryphon

    If absence makes the heart grow fonder, ...

    Howdy! It's been a bit since I've been back to this account. I've scanned relevant info from time to time in the past 6 (wow!) years, but haven't been very active. It's a shame, too. But, I'm back! Yay? Based on the above, you can figure that I'm not *new* to chickens. Our first flock was...
  2. Chickenheadmate

    What have you cross your CX with?

    Any pictures and stats, of the F1 cross, or first generation of the cross would be greatly appreciated. :wee Live and carscass :D
  3. C

    New chicken owner is this a dorking

    this bird very mellow her name is cheetah she looks a lot like some dorkings she just started laying can anyone tell me if this is a forking or a forking mix?
  4. Chickenheadmate

    Cochin, Brahma, or dorkings?

    Which, in your experience or opinion, yields more breast meat out of those? I have a red broiler i wanted to breed to my cornish cross but last night I was like maybe a heritage rooster would be better since they breed true. Plus, this red broiler doesn't have much breast meat. My cornish cross...
  5. L


    Ok so this is my 1st time ever having a chicken and a roosters, so I have no idea what I'm doing.Luna(my chicken) died two days ago and now it's just Mang (my rooster). We let him out all day and he comes back when it's time to sleep. His behavior didn't change much with Luna gone except he...
  6. RginaC

    Looking for Colored Dorkin eggs or chickens

    would love to know who has good quality Colored dorkins. I am looking for this color and breed but can not find any helpful information on how or where to acquire any of them. Thanks!
  7. Parront

    New in AZ

    Hi, I am a new member to BYC. I owned chickens in the 80's -- I ordered a box of 50 chickens from Murray McMurray, from their catalog. I have been enjoying reading this forum without joining for a few years now, because I was chicken-less. Now, I have retired and moved to Prescott, AZ and am...
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