1. cluckadoodledoo13

    Eggs not hatching at day 23! Should i be worried?!

    This is my first hatch and nothing has happened yet. I’m on day 23 but apart from a bit of rocking, nothing is happening. Do you think they’re ok? Should i help them. At what point do i give up? It’s so stressful and i don’t know what to expect! Please help!
  2. cluckadoodledoo13

    How long until hatch after eggs rock?

    Hi, so i’ve got 4 eggs in an incubator. After my hen gave up sitting on them and attacked 8 that were previously fertile (i candled and there was development) i didn’t think any would hatch but last night 2 started rocking. They’ve been rocking gently this morning, how long do people think...
  3. cluckadoodledoo13

    Can fumes kill unborn chick?

    So i’ve been wondering something today: I know that rotten eggs can kill others in the same incubator but can fumes on the outside of the incubator kill the unborn chicks?
  4. cluckadoodledoo13

    Eggs not moving

    I’ve got 4 fertile eggs in my incubator, they’ve reached day 17 today and i haven’t seen any movement. Does this mean that somethings happened? Do eggs always have to move? The humidity has caused a few issues but i’ve read that it should be fine as some people dry incubate their eggs. Do you...
  5. cluckadoodledoo13

    Will a Rooster effect egg laying?

    Hi, recently we have been discussing wether or not to get a rooster to house with our 7 hens. Having pekins and other fancy breeds they tend to go broody this time of year anyway so that’s not a problem, quite a few people around us have cockerels too therefore Noise isn’t really an issue (we...
  6. cluckadoodledoo13

    What’s a brooding unit?

    Hi guys, it’s my first time hatching chicks and i was relying on my broody hen. I’ve posted a previous thread explaining but she gave up on the eggs, attacking a few. We are left with 5, they are currently in an incubator and i’ve heard to leave them there after hatching until dry and fluffy...
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