1. Shirley, gray d'uccle

    Shirley, gray d'uccle

  2. Shirley, gray d'uccle

    Shirley, gray d'uccle

  3. Shirley, gray d'uccle

    Shirley, gray d'uccle

  4. Shirley, gray d'uccle

    Shirley, gray d'uccle

  5. Shirley, gray d'uccle

    Shirley, gray d'uccle

  6. Shirley, gray d'uccle

    Shirley, gray d'uccle

  7. Shirley, gray d'uccle

    Shirley, gray d'uccle

  8. Shirley, gray d'uccle

    Shirley, gray d'uccle

  9. SBFChickenGirl

    Calling All Model Chickens!

    Pull out you press passes and your cameras! I want to see your divas hens, red carpets, and full of themselves (maybe too full) cockerels! All are welcome! Post those pics and cover stories! :) Here are a bunch of my birds (Bielefelders and a few d'uccles) that have recently shown their...
  10. Takeylla

    Looking for bantam d’Uccle chicks or pullets

    I’m looking for these, and they have been hard to find where I am in South Carolina
  11. kcan2

    Bachelor rooster

    Hello all, I have always wanted chickens but in August one came from across the street to find me! Thanks to all of the helpful posts on this board, I was able to identify him as a porcelain d'uccle (rooster, I think?). Since buying him, I have been patting myself on the back for his improved...
  12. ESofVA

    D'Uccles wanted..

    I would like to buy some d'Uccle's, prefer day old chicks but will consider eggs. Colors wanted are blue, white, and mottled. Must be able to ship to Virginia.
  13. Virginia and James

    Broody Silkie hen

    TL;DR: things are happening! This is Maizie. Maizie is a silkie. Maizie is broody. Not a surprise. I have chicks inside from Cackle that are in isolation after being mailed, as well as 3 incubators of eggs waiting to hatch. Due to my... egg-aquiring opportunities, this will be a staggered...
  14. K

    Beautiful roosters for sale or trade. Copper Maran, Cookoo Maran, silver d'uccle bantams, & silkie

    Several beautiful sweet roosters for sale: copper Maran, cookoo maran, 2 silver d'uccles bantams, 1 black silkie bantam, 1 pheasant olive egger bantam. Make an offer, not good for cock fighting these are gentle pets. Make me any offer, you pay shipping, we are in the Antelope Valley Area of...
  15. MROO

    Heat Stress/Heat stroke - How long do symptoms last?

    Hi All, I have a young D'Uccles cockerel - about 6 months old, fighting the effects of the horrid Maryland humidity. He was in a covered run with a decently ventilated (apparently not decently enough!) coop and five bantam companions, all the same age. Last night, when I checked them at...
  16. RoostersAreAwesome

    'Perfect Bantam' Breeding Project!

    For quite a while, I've tossed around this idea of crossing a sebright, d'uccle, OEGB, and serama together to create the "perfect bantam mutt". The results of this cross would be exactly 1/4 sebright, 1/4 d'uccle, 1/4 OEGB, and 1/4 serama. However, until today, I had only one of the chickens...
  17. meganjhett

    Advice on Adding Chickens to Flock:

    In a few weeks I am going to be getting three new d'Uccle hens and since I already have two (cochin bantam) hens and a (bantam) rooster, I thought I'd ask for some advice on how to get started adding them to the flock. I have read that I should keep them separate from the "originals" but keep...
  18. mymilliefleur

    Downsizing Sale: d'Uccles, Legbars, Cochins, and more

    I need to downsize my flock, so I'm selling off some extra birds. I'm located in East Tennessee, a few miles from Madisonville. Here's what I have: Trio of bantam hens - Two Mille Fleur d'Uccles, and a d'Uccle X OEGH hen. These sweet birds would make great pets. $25 for ALL Trio of Cream...
  19. C

    oh oh I heard a doodle do this am

    Hi everyone I am a a very proud owner of two D'Uccles, a Millie Fleur and a Porcelian. I also have a Polish Blue. My girls are three months old and thriving, so am I ! I live in the city and can legally have one rooster though that wasn't my plan until yesterday ! 1.What are the pros, cons of...
  20. B

    D'uccle Mille Feuille Bantam Rooster needing new home.

    Hi I have a 3 month old rooster in need of a new home due to city ordinances. Would hope to trade for a young Bantam hen but would be happy just to find him a good home. He is very sweet and easy to handle. Can email or message pictures, site not letting me post. We live in Sonoma county,CA
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