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  1. gusandsienna

    Hello everyone! Need advice on my 2 year old female duck

    Hello everyone, finally decided to join this community! Turns out my 2 y.o. female duck can't walk after my heavy drake overbred her. This happened about a week ago, we found her inside their swimming pool, barely moving. Took her out and both have been separated since then. She had some...
  2. Lilybljm

    Young ducks in the winter

    One of my calls got broody really, really late in the season, in early September, so the two that survived didn’t hatch until October and had to be raised indoors due to the climate. I live fairly far north and it’s starting to get very cold out, but they’ve outgrown their brooder (5 weeks old)...
  3. Stefankeyes

    Incubation of other poultry

    Hi, While I know the title of website is Back yard Chickens. I was wondering if anyone has incubated duck eggs? Unfort I bought a batch of eggs labeled as fertile for Aylesbury breed, However after 10 days no development was seen and the temps where kept at 37.5 Celcius and round 55-60%...
  4. E

    New Member Helping Abandoned Ducks!

    Hello everyone! My name is Shannon and I've accidentally started rescuing ducks that people leave at the pond on my road or literally in a ditch by our farm. We are building a duck house this weekend with some help from our community and I'm so excited about it! We started out with 5 Khaki...
  5. Muraco

    Am I over reacting or??

    I am new here- for starters, but I have read allot of these forms that did help me with my two drakes! (Both are runners) Hello everyone! Maybe someone can help me? I have 2 male drakes and I believe they're breathing weird? They're about 7 weeks old now and they are kinda breathing heavy...
  6. A


    Hi everyone! My name is Adrian Carrazana, I currently only have a pet duck that I found. I live in an apartment complex so it’s a bit difficult to have pet chickens 😂. My pet ducks name is Peggy. I’m not quite sure yet if it’s a male or female. But I call her Peggy because she was born with one...
  7. C

    Egg bound wobbly duck

    You My 6 month old pekin was seeming wobbly while standing, drinking from her pool. I walked over to her and she started walking away and then all the sudden she flipped on her back and was almost seizing? I held on to her gently so she wouldn’t hurt herself and then all the sudden she popped...
  8. T

    Trouble with new ducks

    I’ve been hitting this forum researching for a while but now I have questions that I can’t find answers to. About 6 1/2 months ago we were given a white layer hybrid to watch “for a few days”. She’s now a member of the family but we got 4 9 week old cayugas to keep her company. Things have been...
  9. H

    Help Please! *Call Duckling Premature Hatch*

    I have a duckling that started to hatch yesterday and I unfortunately interviened, which I am regretting now. It's completely seperated from its shell except for one tiny stand that is still attached to the shell. It's been out of the shell since early this morning and is not yet dried off or...
  10. F

    bumps on my duck’s feet!?

    i have 3 ducks all around the age of 3 months to 5 (theres a bit of an age gap) and yesterday i noticed a couple bumps on all their feet. i’ll attatch images to show you. is this gonna go away on it’s own or can i do something to fix it? please help!
  11. Greystone farm

    EMERGENCY leeches in ducks nares HELP!!

    Hello! Four of my ducks have leeches up their nares from swimming in the pond. I tried tweezers and salt and neither are working. I’m very concerned. I don’t want the leeches to crawl up into their heads. It’s been half an hour and ngl I’m panicking. Please help me and my babies. UPDATE: After...
  12. H

    Duckling hatched with curled legs

    We have tons of wild ducks in our neighborhood and one laid a nest next to our house. We noticed they hatched and this lil guy was struggling and couldn't walk. The mom left him and took off with her other chicks. He hatched like this and can't walk at all. We have been giving him electrolyte...
  13. A

    Would this be a suitable coop for ducks?

    I have 9 ducklings. As you know, ducklings grow up pretty fast and they need a place for shelter outside when they get old enough. I’ve been looking online for cheap coops for my ducklings to live in when they get old enough. Would this coop be suitable for them...
  14. M

    Duckling advice

    Hi, I came home and found that my mother bought 5 ducks from the local tractor supply. She brought feed (Purina Flock Raiser Crumbles Premium Poultry Feed) that the store gave her along with a Kiddie pool and pine chips for bedding. I have since done some research on how to better care for them...
  15. Z

    My duck is breathing heavily and I don’t know if I should be concerned

    Hi, one of my five 6 week olds Pekin ducks have been breathing very heavily and it sounds like their nose is blocked, it sounds like only one nostril is blocked but i’m not sure if this normal or what could be affecting the duck for this to happen. Also none of my other ducks seem to have this...
  16. Sophia_1

    My pet duck got injured by raccoon

    I had three pet ducks. One got killed and one is injured pretty bad underneath the left wing any suggestions what I should do to help him I have put some wound spray on his missing skin any other suggestion?
  17. M

    Ducklings and incubator

    Hello!! I have duck eggs in my incubator from April 6th and April 10th. I was starting to get worried about my April 6th eggs as it is past the 28th day mark. However one of them just hatched today at noon!! YAY!! I just have a few questions! 1.) Is it too late for my other April 6th eggs to...
  18. R

    Help! Fox attack! WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES

    Please help! My ducks got attacked by a fox and one of them is in rough shape. He is still eating and drinking and walking around but, he has a huge chunk of flesh missing. I've cleaned him off and have him separated from the flock. I know he must be in a lot of pain. Is there anything i can do...
  19. Z

    Are my ducks okay?

    Hi, I noticed today while cleaning out their pen that my ducks have a red rash looking thing on their wings and under their necks. Any clue as to whether they hurt themselves or it’s a natural feathering process? Should I take them to the vet immediately? Thanks.
  20. R

    I’m worried about my new duckling

    Good morning, so I received a new duckling not sure how old it is or the breed. Last night it was running around and seemed fine then all of a sudden it just stopped and looked like it frozen. It wouldn’t move or eat or drink. It also looked like it was leaning to one side and back. It also had...
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