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  1. S

    Circus Duck Adventure

    During quarantine I decided it would be nice to have a friend, so I have decided to incubate a duck egg and document my experience. This is a new thing for me. I’ve never known a duck or really even seen one up close for that matter, but now I’ve got a white pekin and to be perfectly honest, I...
  2. April and Andy

    Wildfires and my Ducks

    Hi All, So- in my state there are a few pretty harsh wildfires going on. Not near enough to me that we are in imminent danger or needing to evacuate, but the smoke is terrible. The smoke is supposed to last today, through the night, and fade tomorrow. Usually, throughout the day my ducks would...
  3. Jasss998


    do Pekins get hot easier/more often? if so, why?
  4. D

    Sick Peking duckling!

    I don't know what is wrong with my poor baby. I've been feeding duck crumbles, b complex in the water as well as nutridrench. They get smashed peas once a day and mealworm/fly larva every day as well as romaine and or kale. She seems to have a lump on her neck and has trouble holding her head...
  5. U

    Lost Male duck, 2 females are now just hiding in coop

    I had 3 ducks all about 2.5 years old. 1 male pekin, 1 female pekin, and 1 runner. The male became ill last wednesday and expired thursday early morning while in isolated observation. The 2 females are now just hiding in their coop and when I coax them out they will shortly run back to the...
  6. sierraforest

    Why is my duck limping?

    Connie suddenly began limping and trying not to put any weight on her right foot. It looks a bit more swollen than her left foot (see photos for both) but it doesn't look like bumblefoot...I don't think. I've read about bumblefoot so I know that fixing it requires cutting out the infection but I...
  7. G

    Duck Losing Feathers, Can’t Walk, But Can Swim

    My female pekin duck has been acting weird lately. She’s able to swim just as she did before, but she’s unable to walk. When she tries to walk she constantly falls over and goes very slowly. She’s also missing a lot of feathers on her stomach. She has a male partner so at first we thought she...
  8. B

    Momma pecked duck egg on day 26!

    I have duck eggs that are scheduled to hatch in the next 2 days. Today I went out and there was a peck hole on the outside. The duckling is still moving, but doesn’t appear to have pipped the inner air sack. should I prepare my kids for a dead duck? Or do you think it will live? It’s hard to...
  9. sierraforest

    Egg laying issue?

    Last night, right before we tucked the ducks in for the night (they're protected in a locked shed with hay and water overnight), we noticed that our normally loud and active duck was very quiet and just wanted to lay down in the grass. She came running for a few treats (part of their normal...
  10. R


    Hello! My name is Taylor! My mother and I are in love with our chickens, ducks, geese goats, guineas, guinea pigs, dogs, cats, and pheasants! As you can see, we have quite a few different animals on our farm. I recently got mandarin duck eggs to hatch. . . as well as Mandarin Ducks on the way...
  11. C

    Help duck incubator

    I was looking at one of my eggs and noticed that it had what looked like a yolk. The duck is still pretty active within egg. I believe they are 22 days old but unsure. Can any one help me?
  12. BokBokBadger

    Duck eye problem

    Hi everyone 😊 I've just noticed this on our girl's eye, does this warrant a vet visit? It's the first issue we've had with our girls and with any of our other pets I wouldn't question ringing the vets. It's just with everything going on at the moment with coronavirus lockdown I'm not sure if it...
  13. T

    Day 29 for a duck signs of movement

    Hi everyone! Back story first. So this was an unexpected duck egg into my life. A mallard duck laid it next to my pool and then didn't come back for it. I got an incubator for it and it was growing. On day 25, I put more water in it for a higher humidity around 75%. On day 27, I opened the lid...
  14. W

    new duckling is looking sleepy after coming out early - possibly infected??

    so yesterday one of the last duck eggs was hatching, (nearly fully out) and i had a look at his yolk sac, which was not fully absorbed. (he was taking days to come out so we had to help him a bit) it wasnt fully absorbed, so i left him in his egg to wait for him to be ready. a few hours later he...
  15. Gerby26

    Muscovy duckling questions

    Hello I am trying to prepare for my ducklings(6) coming soon and I am having difficulty deciding what food to get them, I wanted to get mazuri waterfowl starter, and maintenance feed. I know its a tad expensive but I was concerned if 25 lbs would be enough for 6 ducklings and how long I should...
  16. S

    Help! My humidity is 89 and ducklings just hatched this morning!

    My ducklings just hatched this morning and my humidity is 89! How do I lower it?
  17. F

    Urgent Question about Hatching Ducklings

    Hi Everyone, My brother is trying to raise ducklings for the first time. He has no prior experience raising anything of a similar nature. He created his own incubator and two of the ducklings appear to be in their external piping phase. The two eggs have the star shaped hole in them (it was...
  18. sierraforest

    Eye problem: Alternative to NFZ Puffer?

    One of our girls has a mild eye issue that just happened in the last hour or so. Between some breezy days lately and high allergen content floating around in the air, it looks like an irritation rather than anything more. Of course, we don't have any NFZ Puffer on hand right now and since it's...
  19. MastermindRitsu

    2 month old Pekin duckling isn't growing and walking in general

    I'm sure this sounds like an open and shut case of Niacan deficiency, but I wanted to come here just in case for advice. I bought several Pekin ducks from Tractor Supply, and none of them showed signs of sickness or injury. I've taken care of ducks for about 3 years so I know exactly how to care...
  20. R

    My juvenile khaki campbell fell while running away from me and now she can't stand up correctly

    This happened a few minutes ago, after letting them swim for a while it seemed too cold so I tried taking them back to the crate where I keep them. She suddenly started running and tripped, thankfully the floor didn't touch the neck but she fell on one of her paws. There's no blood, twists or...
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