duck depression

  1. AMaggio

    Ducks depression?

    Hey everyone, I have chickens and ducks but just yesterday one of my drakes, a Runner, who is coming into adulthood, has challenged the head drake, a Pekin. The Pekin doesn't want to fight and ran away and all day yesterday the Runner would not let him back into the flock. We were able to get...
  2. J

    Emergency; Duck Can't Walk

    I am looking for help with my Khaki Campbell duck. She is one of two females who are going to be 5 years old at the end of this April. Dilly, along with the other duck, had shown no signs of distress or sickness up until this point. Last Sunday evening, now nearly a week ago, I found her...
  3. Pela Phillips

    Depressed Duck

    Due to two separate predator attacks I’m down to one very sad duck. She is sitting in her coop and not eating. I got her at about 6 weeks old so she didn’t imprint on me, just her duck family. We won’t be able to get more ducks for quite some time. Any tips on how to help her meanwhile? :(
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