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  1. Puddingtheamericana

    duck food recommendations & advice needed

    i’ve got two almost 9 week old ducks meaning i’ll be moving them outside and switching them over to a 13-14% protein feed since their adolescent now. I can’t find any good duck feed online so if anyone have any recommendations that’d be nice, preferably something i can order online. another...
  2. C

    Waterfowl feed suggestions

    Hi all, ducks are currently 7 wees old and are eating Nature's Best Organic Duck Crumbles. My plan is to switch them to a feed specifically for ducks (not a layer feed) but a feed with around 1% calcium and 17ish% protein. It is important to me that the feed be soy free and at least non-gmo if...
  3. A

    Grower feed recommendations for ducklings

    I need some help finding some grower feed (preferably crumbles) for my ducklings that will soon be 3 weeks old. I need some non medicated crumbles that has 15-16% protein and has some niacin(not too much or too little) in it. I’m hoping to get it before next week. I can’t seem to find any on...
  4. C

    Duck Grower Feed (will pheasant feed work?)

    I’m moving from starter to grower feed with my 3 backyard ducks (first time flock). I’m looking at Hudson feeds, and their Pheasant/Quail feed seems to line up better than the Multi Flock Grower. Is it okay to give them the pheasant/quail stuff? I attached the nutrition info I could find. Thanks!
  5. Purina Flock Raiser

    Purina Flock Raiser

    Feed your backyard flock. Purina Flock Raiser Crumbles provide complete and balanced nutrition for healthy flocks and baby birds. Sustain an entire mixed flock of poultry, including starting and growing hens, roosters, ducks, and geese Purina Flock Raiser Crumbles is also for turkeys, pheasants...
  6. ChickensForEggs2500

    Nutrena vs DuMOR All Flock Feed

    Hello! As always, I am overthinking everything... But I still want to know what's best. I can get both the Nutrena and the DuMOR All Flock feeds from my TSC. I will be feeding this to my (future) ducks and (current) chickens. I have old hens and new layers at any given time. I will probably...
  7. L

    Anise for ducks?

    Hi all. I read on the duck treat/food list that ducks can have Calf Manna which is flavored with anise b/c ducks, etc find that very tasty. I have a mallard that was rehabbed and released back in the area where he was injured. He was released 5 1/2 wks ago and we take him a snack once or twice a...
  8. Maddog_photog

    9-week Duck feed - too much Protein?

    At the behest of a BYC user, I got Purina Duck pellets. They are 19% crude protein. Is this too much for my 9 week old Pekins? Will they begin to develop Angel Wing, or has that time passed? If it is too much, I can cut it with uncooked oatmeal. I also add an additional 2 TBSP of Brewer’s Yeast...
  9. Mimi13

    Kalmbach Feed - Any Reviews?

    I have had chickens for 4 years now and I have always fed them Purina. To begin with I fed Layena when I only had layers and then switched to Flock Raiser once I had a mixed flock (age & gender). I have ducklings and have been feeding them Purina Duck Feed (pellets that I grind up a bit for...
  10. DuckMama9

    Where to get Organic Duck Food???

    Can anyone tell me where to get Organic Duck Pellets? Local feed store carries only chicken feed, not ducks and the only pellets they carry is chicken layer pellets. Is there an organic maintainer pellet somewhere I can order? Is it bad to give them chicken layer pellets even when they aren’t...
  11. G

    Plants along lakeshore for waterfowl

    Our private 55 acre lake in Carrollton, GA 30117 is heavily forested, but doesn’t provide much in the way of food for wildlife. Any suggestions on plants, trees, or seed mixes for encourage waterfowl habitat would be much appreciated.
  12. Fairywoodducks

    Dehydrating wet feed

    Hey all! With the freezing cold this past week the duck crumble will freeze up as they eat and drink. This has caused a lot of wet food and I'm going through a ton if it! I had a thought about putting the wet feed in the oven at its lowest temp (170° I think) and drying it out. Will this harm...
  13. Lynxfire

    Question on Favorite Commercial Feed

    Our eleven Pekin Ducks just turned eleven weeks old! We have read all on the real food treats but we were wondering what brands of commercial feed people like once they reach 18 weeks or older. One has a drake feather already so we don't know the ratio on male / female but it seams like feed...
  14. F

    New Member From Queensland, Australia

    G'day all I have been raising poultry of one type or another for over a decade. Mainly just backyard stuff as I've mostly lived on smallish town blocks. I particularly like raising egg laying ducks like Khaki Campbells but currently have a few bantam chickens. I am particularly interested and...
  15. muscovy573

    Duckling Feed Question??

    Hey all, First off the ducklings are all doing great! The ones in the pen are LOVING the grass and area to run around in. The other little ones are eating like crazy and growing so fast! Now to my question: When do I need to convert the big guys to a different feed? They are still on chick...
  16. carlyducks

    Can ducks eat scratch grain?

    Can ducks eat this? If so, what is the purpose? There are sunflower seeds in it, is that safe for ducks? I'm looking for something new to expand my duck's diet to give them something different along with their usual crumble feed! :) thanks...
  17. muscovy573

    Duck Feed Questions

    HEY ALL, So as of yesterday I am officially a proud step-dad to some ducklings! Momma did a fantastic job sitting and now mothering! Super excited for this new journey. Anyways, as I was picking up some starter feed, I realized the store I was in had some organic feed. After seeing the price...
  18. goreybabe

    Drakes only flock question

    Hi everyone. We have group of 3 Indian Runner drakes (6 months old) that free range in our backyard during the day. They forage a lot, but I also put out feed for them. The chickens eat their food as well. I was reading that it is okay for ducks to eat chicken feed if you supplement with Niacin...
  19. gingerviolinist

    Duck Feed Dilemma

    I am looking for alternative feed suggestions. I have ducks aged 10 weeks, 18 weeks, and 20 weeks old. Finishing our current bag of Mazuri Waterfowl maintenance pellets, but it is so expensive to buy directly from the producer. ($42+$20ship+$6tax=$68/50lb. bag). Is it too early for the little...
  20. Ryanagon

    Duck Newbie Feed Questions

    I have a few questions I was hoping for help with. Just purchased my first ducks (1 Cayuga drake 2 Cayuga hens). They are already a couple years old. I purchased Poultry Layer Feed since I am getting 1 to 2 eggs a night. 1. Will this be all the Calcium I need or should I still be supplementing...
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