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  1. I

    My ducklings are sneezing? Help!

    Hello, I recently got seven ducklings that are now a week old. I have then in a brooder with a 100 watt heating lamp, pine shavings that I change daily, plenty of water and food. I have noticed that two of my ducks are starting to sneeze, a lot. The one doesn’t look to be clogged and I can’t...
  2. J

    HELP Ducks Dying of leucocytozoon infections

    So I purchased 16 3/4 week old Muscovy ducklings on June 15, 2019 by June 27, 2019 I lost 7. on June 19th I sent them one deceased duckling off for a Necropsy. I don't have all of the official results back yet, the lab and the vet have just been awesome. We lost our first duckling on June 16...
  3. Absolutely Quackers

    Help Please - Khaki Campbell Drake Losing Balance!

    Hi Everyone - I am new to Backyard Chickens. Please can I ask for some help! My 9 month old Khaki Campbell drake was off colour 2 days ago and I took him to the vet yesterday morning. He is not eating or drinking on his own and he had a VERY high temperature. He is okay if sitting down but loses...
  4. Maddiejayne

    6 week old mallard with drooping wing

    My six week old Mallard appears to have one wing that droops down, so much she sometimes trips when walking. It’s only the one wing. My worry is that this if this is a deficiency problem or normal and something the baby duck will grow out of Or encumbrance that Will affect her longevity? I’ll...
  5. yumachick2015

    Duck issue please help

    Hello, I have a 3 year old female duck that has been developing scans on her face. I’m thinking it’s a mite but not sure. Need help.
  6. Lizzy456

    Undereye Ticks on Duck - W/ PICS

    When I let the ducks out this morning I noticed something weird about one of their eyes. Turns out she has clusters of ticks around her eyes. I have had this happen before, but there were only a few that I was able to pick off with my fingers. From most of the posts I see on ducks and ticks...
  7. otterhousehold

    Bumblefoot taking over our flock... we need help!

    Hello! We have 4 backyard ducks that are all about 8 months old and within the past 2 months they have ALL developed small to very large cases of bumblefoot either on one or both feet. We are not sure how they are getting cut -- possibly the concrete blocks they were using to get into their...
  8. G

    duckling leg problem??

    so i’ve got a baby duck and I’ve bought another for company to the first. The smaller is 2 weeks old, the other 3 weeks old. They’re normal domestic ducks. So the smaller one stopped using it’s legs 2 days ago. The vet said we can do nothing, everything’s fine, buy them vitamins. Okay I bought...
  9. morganurban

    Flowers safe for ducks?

    Hello, I have a lot of plants around my ducks’ pen and they absolutely love laying in them and nibbling on them. They love eating the geranium flowers I have planted. They also love to lay in the fern and merigolds planted their. Are these plants safe for them?
  10. house.of.ducks

    Treats for ducks?

    I have 6 ducks. 2 female welshies, 1 male and 1 female khaki campbells, a female Cayuga duckling, and a female jumbo pekin duckling. So far their diets consist of whole corn, bok choy, kale, meal worms, occasionally bell peppers, oats (cooked for the babies), and I feed the girls that are laying...
  11. Autumn B

    Duckling to duck feed change

    So the place we got our ducks from suggested we start our ducklings off with chick feed. Well they are getting so big, I was wondering if there is a time im suppose to get them to start eating more mature duck feed, like pellets, or if they are fine eating the chick feed.
  12. Autumn B

    Duck concerns

    :hmm we recently started our first journey raising baby ducks. My sister and I have noticed some things we don't quite know what's going on and if it is normal or should be a concern. We got 3 ducklings and 2 of them are acting, what we think, is weird but aren't sure. The first one, Greg...
  13. Riley Adams

    Layer Feed- Do's And Don'ts?

    Hi... A few questions. My four ducks turned twenty weeks old today. I hear that they will be laying soon and that this is the right time to switch them over to layer feed. Is this true, or should I wait for them to start laying? Is it okay for my drake to eat layer feed or is the excess calcium...
  14. Cailyn Riley

    Duck eating his feathers.

    We have a mandarin duck, that we got as a wild duck to pair with our tame wood duck. The mandarin duck is now eating his chest feathers. We aren’t sure why? He is able to eat... please help!
  15. newbabyducks322

    Is something wrong with my duck??

    I have three ducks. John (black Swedish), Micheal (Blue Swedish), and George (khaki campbell). George has an enlarged chest. I am not sure what is going on. I've attached some photos so you can see what I am talking about. Is this normal? What is going on? Does this look like she isn't eating...
  16. Brenda22778

    Peking with soft spot on bill

    Today I noticed my male Peking duck (about 4 months old) has a soft spot in the center of his bill ... it almost looks like it's rotting. His brother's (a male roen also four months old) bill seems perfectly ok. Both boys receive Niacin mixed in their feed and free range during the day. They...
  17. H

    Young Muscovy duck with diarrhea

    I was given two young Muscovy ducks (male and female) by a neighbor whom I'm farm sitting for. The male was being severely picked on by an older male duck and possibly a rooster that they were housed with. All his tail feathers had been pulled out and his bottom was picked at till it bled. I...
  18. H

    Early Hatching Egg & Weak Chick

    I'm going to preface this with my eggs were never suppose to hatch. My incubator isn't the best. It was an experiment since I live on a farm with someone who has too many eggs and wanted to see if I could hatch some. I never expected to have anything hatch. I don't even know anything about...
  19. DuckMamaNH

    Duck toe growths

    Hi everyone, My 4 year old Pekin, Natalie, has growths on the ends of each middle toe. I'm letting her soak in Epsom salts and keeping her separated from the others for now. Does this look like bumblefoot, or something else?
  20. M


    I used to have 4 mallard ducks and three of them died now I just have one male and his name is Aiden. He used to love playing in water and eating all the time but recently he has stopped playing in water and I feel like he hardly ever eats. Should I be worried or is this a normal stage for...
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