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  1. Megan_M

    Worried duck mommy part 3

    What a journey my babes and I have had the past 2 days! I have recently posted a few threads about how to deal with some drakes beating up on one of my girls... an update: I brought her inside today to splash in the tub and get some cuddles (with mealworms of course) and she was all fine but...
  2. Megan_M

    New Member and Proud Duck Mommy

    I’m so excited to be joining such an awesome community! My boyfriend and I have raised 8 beautiful Rouen duckies! I look forward to helping other duck mommy and daddy’s, as well as hearing about their experiences!
  3. Newxxxduck

    Duck not wanting to be a mother?

    So a little back story. My duck has been sitting on her nest for over a month now. Almost a week ago I found a duckling that hatched but it was under another egg in the nest and looked like the mother sat on the nest and the egg smushed the duckling that hatched. So ever since then I’ve been...
  4. PlanetClaire82

    Unplanned and unprepared Duck Mother of 2...

    First and foremost, I would like to say thank you to BYC and all its members for being so willing to share experiences and helpful information. Peepers is grateful! My name is Claire and I am a 35yr old hair stylist. I live in Mesa, Arizona with my 2 humans, (husband Jens and son Eric), and...
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