1. C

    Urgent duckling sick!!!!!!!!

    My week old duckling has been breathing with its mouth opened struggling to breathe, and sometimes im hearing a clicking sound. Also drinking much less than normal and eating less. It hasnt been running around like usual just sitting there instead. And sneezing with stuff coming out of nose. I...
  2. TheCookyChickenLady

    Flock Raiser for ducklings

    Hello! I have 3 2week old ducklings and I just ran out of their duckling starter. I was thinking of getting flock raiser crumble as I have heard good things from friends that raise ducks. Is this a good feed? Would I need to add nutritional yeast for niacin? How much? They are Cayuga, Swedish...
  3. TheCookyChickenLady

    Ducklings eating shavings?

    Here I am again, with another duck question.My ducklings are 12 days old and have been on towels since I got them when they were 3 days old as one seemed to injest something most likely as shaving and was having issues swallowing, she’s good now but that worried me so they got put on towels...
  4. TheCookyChickenLady

    Duckling grit

    Hello! I have 3 almost 2 week old ducklings. I have been letting them swim for 6 minutes at a time in a bathtub with about an inch of water. I started adding some bits of herbs from our garden into the water to interest them yesterday (Oregano, thyme, mint, basil) not much at all, just a pitch...
  5. TheCookyChickenLady

    Missing fluff

    Hello! One of my ducklings is looking a little odd. They are all 8 days old. Her fluff looks a little strange, the fluff is a little more seperated. I think this could be so to some bigger feathers coming in. She also has a spot missing fluff on one side of her neck. It’s doesn’t look overly...
  6. Y

    Duck missing neck feathers

    I left my ducks in their run for the day, and when I returned I found my female pekin (about 15 weeks old) was missing some feathers on the back of her neck (I have attached some photos below), I also have an Indian runner duck who I believe is a drake by his quack, who is only 11 weeks old. I...
  7. RanditheDuckMother

    day 30 and ducks still didn’t hatch!

    Hi, i’m a first time hatcher. I’ve recently started incubating duck eggs and only one hatched in day 28. I have 5 eggs in all. Another one looks like the hard shell chipped off already but the thin part wasn’t broken through. Should I help it?
  8. RanditheDuckMother

    Can I use tap water and hose water for my ducks?

    I have some ducks hatching soon and I would like to know if I can use tap and hose water for my ducks. While they’re small I would like to let them swim in the bath tub/sink. When they get older the plan is to get them a kiddie pool and fill it up with water. This is my first time hatching...
  9. Jasss998


    sunny and milo recently started molting! they are 2 or 3 weeks. i was wondering if there are any tips to make them feel better because it’s probably stressful for them. cuddles and love or let them be? they seem A LOT more tired especially milo which is surprising because he’s a VERY hyper duck...
  10. ShaliniW1985

    Dark campbell ducklings?

    So I got this pair of suppose khaki campbell ducklings from a listing on craigslist a few weeks ago. Now these ducklings are starting to grow feathers and they look much more like dark Campbell feathers than khaki. Is it possible that this person accidentally gave me this rare breed?
  11. ducklings5405

    Internal pip?

    Does this count as an internal pip? Should I start lockdown now? I wanted to post a video of the duck that can be seen wriggling inside the egg but I can only show pictures. You can see the little bump is the beak. I think maybe it hasn’t broken through yet.
  12. J

    Mallard duckling wing issue

    I’ve noticed one of my ducklings having issues with her wings. She just seems like she’s having to constantly pull them up. None of my others are having this problem that I’ve noticed. Anyone know what it is and what I can do?
  13. B

    Wry Neck Duckling.

    Hello, Im new getting into raising baby ducklings and chickens. I just bought some chicks and ducklings from my work. Well one of the ducklings i bought has a Wry neck. I received them Wednesday. My baby is roughly 5 days old. He is a peaking duckling. Wednesday his neck wasnt as bad as it is...
  14. 5

    Help! My Ducking is breathing heavily with its beak opened

    Hi guys, I need your help! I’m new to ducks but have experience with parrots, so I know signs that show if a bird is sick.. I got 5 ducklings yesterday for my brother from the street and it’s common here in Egypt during our Easter holiday.. I don’t know how old are they but I guess I a week...
  15. J

    2 wk old duckling

    New duckling mom who’s nervous! I got ducklings from tractor supply, 3 are 2 weeks old and 3 are one week. My one yellow duck has been my problem child from the start. It’s never really liked us but the past few days it’s been sneezing then we noticed last night she was panting. She seems like...
  16. D

    Call Duck Search

    I’m on the hunt to find someone who sells white calls or Ancona calls near Missouri. Many places I’ve found sell the minimum of 6 eggs or don’t sell ducklings under 4 weeks old. If you guys know anyone who will ship like 3 eggs or are close to Missouri please help
  17. R

    Ducklings and a kitten

    So I currently have 2 ducklings that I got at tractor supply about 3 weeks ago. One sadly formed bowed legs niacin deficiency. He's ok right now he's can still walk but it on his elbows I know it can really bad and cause pain So I'm probably going to put him down. Well I was going to get more...
  18. Haydog03

    When Do I Introduce My Ducklings To My Flock

    My two new Pekin ducklings (Bluebell and Cora) are 11 days old! We have three older ducks, Destiny, Hercules, and Pato! Destiny and Hercules are boys, while Pato is a single female! We knew this wouldn't work so we searched for female ducks, but couldn't find any! We got two ducklings, and we...
  19. Haydog03

    A Broken Duck Leg

    Hi! I'm new! I posted this in "injuries" but someone suggested I post it here! Anywho, I got two new ducklings to add to my flock! One duckling (we have yet to name) fell and hurt it's foot. Some nice person sent a photo of the anatomy of a duck, and it looks like the duckling's ankle is...
  20. Haydog03

    A Broken Duck Leg?

    Hi! This is my first post, and I wish it was a happier one! We got two new ducklings to add into our flock of three (one female and two drakes). We're hoping our new ducklings will be females! One of the ducklings (we have yet to name), fell and hurt his/her leg. We're wondering if it's...
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