1. Dudleydingle

    Ducklings head feathers raising?

    Hey, I have a 6 week old Muscovy duckling, I’ve had him since he was around 3 weeks old, I’ve held him, he follows me around, eats an drinks very well, but one thing I’m not sure of is when I go to pick him up like I have been for the last 3 weeks, he’s all of a sudden walking/running away or...
  2. Dudleydingle


  3. TheCookyChickenLady

    Loud duck!

    Hi! I have 3 2 month old ducks and the Cayuga quacks/honks really, really loudly whenever I go outside and she sees me, why is this? She is quite friendly and I don’t think it’s out of fear, many times she does it whilst running up to me. I am not particularly annoyed by the behavior it’s just...
  4. Kharmon

    Broken egg in vent

    Hello! I noticed this evening that one of our hens has a broken egg in her vent. She has been acting off for a few days and tonight was the first night she let us get a good look. I will post a picture for reference. What can I do to help her feel better?
  5. Duckbreeder2020

    Keeping Up With Shaelyn’s Flock!

    Hi guys! This thread I made for to share what I do daily with my flock. I currently have 7 Pekins, 1 Khaki Camble, 5 Buff Orpington’s, and 3 White Crested ducks! Some are 1 year old and the others are 10 weeks old! I’ll post some pictures in a second! I made this thread so I could share with you...
  6. Duckbreeder2020

    Uneven Ratio Problem

    Hi! I have 7 males and 4 female ducks. Once the males are old enough I’m going to separate some of them for the females. I’m leaving about 2 drakes in there. Probably 2 Pekins. Can I have a flock of 5 boys?
  7. TheCookyChickenLady

    Raising ornamentals with domestic

    Hello! I am raising some Welsh Harlequin, Cayuga, and Blue Swedish ducks right now. I really like ornamental duck breeds but they are not very friendly normally. I was thinking I maybe eventually could have my friendly, domesticated ducks hatch out and raise the ornamentals in hopes they would...
  8. Duckbreeder2020

    Duck Laying

    Hi y’all! I have 5 Pekin ducks, 3 Buff Orpington’s, and 2 White Crested ducks. They are all 9.7 weeks old. When will they start laying eggs? I herd duck eggs taste great and I was wondering when my ducks were going to start laying.
  9. ShaliniW1985

    Giant duckling!!

    So maybe two weeks ago, I hatched out my first duckling. I usually purchase my ducklings from hatcheries, but my first duckling successfully hatched, after many failed attempts. See, my breeding drake has very strong genes, which In this case, isn’t a good thing. He’s had leg problems ever since...
  10. Y

    Duck missing neck feathers

    I left my ducks in their run for the day, and when I returned I found my female pekin (about 15 weeks old) was missing some feathers on the back of her neck (I have attached some photos below), I also have an Indian runner duck who I believe is a drake by his quack, who is only 11 weeks old. I...
  11. Jasss998

    Pekin Ducklings

    do my babies look overweight? they are about 2 or 3 weeks old. not sure how old they were at the place i got them from. don’t mind the diapers we were experimenting. they weren’t too happy as you can see.
  12. RanditheDuckMother

    Can I use tap water and hose water for my ducks?

    I have some ducks hatching soon and I would like to know if I can use tap and hose water for my ducks. While they’re small I would like to let them swim in the bath tub/sink. When they get older the plan is to get them a kiddie pool and fill it up with water. This is my first time hatching...
  13. Jasss998


    Hello! some of you may have seen my last thread i made yesterday but i’m sorry i’m such a worried mom! this is my first time raising ducklings and they became my WORLD! they are about 2 weeks olds and they are Pekins. Sunny and Milo! i’m very worried about Sunny the most. Milo seems to be...
  14. Jasss998


  15. K

    What kills ducks in the philippines at night?

    They were inside a pen together with turkeys and chickens. When i woke up this morning, 30 of my ducks had died. The skin of their necks were removed. There were tiny punctures (in some) near their butt area. The chickens and turkeys were unharmed. What predator couldve killed the ducks? See pics
  16. G


    Hi, I’m raising 4 female Pekin ducks that are just past 3 weeks old. I’m new to this so I’m sure that I’m going to have plenty of questions. Excited to join this community.
  17. K

    Should I help?

    So this egg has been like this for almost 36 hours now (duck eggs) and I've heard yes and no answers to helping. It looks like the membrane is dry (it's a yellowish color) and it has broken through, but it hasn't made any progress at this point. Should I assist even a little? If so how?
  18. E

    Help! I have one female and one male duckling!!!

    So recently I bought two ducklings hoping that they were both females so that I would get some eggs from them. Instead, I just found out that one of them is male! I’m not sure what to do!! I wanted eggs and I read online that the ration for male to female ducks should NOT be 1:1. Help!!!
  19. K

    Khaki Campbell and Indian runners

    Hey so we're incubating eggs that came from a khaki Campbell duck and an Indian Runner drake. Does anyone know what their behaviors and appearance will look like once they're older? I had a Khaki Runners duckling awhile ago but he didn't live past 5 days. so I have no idea what they look like
  20. NavaDucks

    Advice Needed for Pekin Duck

    Hi there, One of our Pekin ducks Alex hates the water. Alex will only drink water. He will not swim in water like his sibling. I'm not sure what to do, he eats and sleeps fine, and has a regular BM like his sibling does. He is mainly white now except his head is still yellow and his adult...
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