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    Beautiful easter eggs.
  2. Littlefrenchyinbigtexas

    Do you know if these are true Ameraucanas?

    Bought them at TS a few weeks ago. They said Ameraucanas, but are they really? I took a short video and include one pic. How can you tell if male or female? Thank you!
  3. F

    I think my chicken is dying and I do not know why - please help!

    We have (4) six month old hens and we live in Southwest Florida. Yesterday, towards the end of the day, Goldie (our sweet Easter Egger) started closing her eyes while she was out with the other girls running around the yard. She would be fine one minute and then look like she was dozing off...
  4. Easter egger

    Easter egger

    Rorschach the EE
  5. Infinitydreamer

    I Think We’re Doing It Wrong

    Backstory: My other half and I are new to hatching chickens. We have two incubators with a variety of eggs about 10 days in and we are nervous new parents, but SO excited. Also, we have a huge natural quail population in our five acre yard. Today one of us found a quail egg, and thought, “what...
  6. J

    Any pics of Olive Egger cross of Welsummer Easter Egger

    Hello I am considering some Olive Egger Chicks that are a cross of welsummer easter egger. I know the eggs can vary, but I am actually interested in if anyone has this cross and would like to share pictures of their hens?
  7. S

    Southeast Indiana

    New to BYC. Southeast Indiana, Switzerland County, on the Ohio River and border Southwest Ohio and Norrhern Kentucky. Flock for sale. Golden Comet Hens-21 Golden Comet Rooster-1 Golden Laced Wyandotte Hen-1 Easter Egger Hen-1 Golden Comet Gold Laced cross chick (hen)-1 Royal Palm Turkey Hen...
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