easter eggers

  1. BokBokBeginner

    Please help me Make Easter Eggers for my flock

    Could any of you please help me? I have only successfully hatched 2 Lavender Araucanas a roo and a hen. I will pen them together as I hope to add more from their eggs when they mature. I thought I might also add some other breeds to make easter eggers so I am thinking of putting a couple of the...
  2. ChickenMasta1105

    What are the odds of getting an easter egger?

    Hi! What exactly is an easter egger, and what are the odds of a hen having the blue egg gene, while having the appearance of some other chicken. And also, is there any way to make hens lay natural 'easter egg' color eggs?
  3. TheOddOneOut

    The True Truth: How to tell an Easter Egger from an Ameraucana. Even if you think you have an Ameraucana, do check!

    Ok. I have seen too many posts with people saying "Here's my pure Americana (note the spelling) what color is it?" The pic is always of a beautiful EE. So here goes: THESE TRAITS are what determine whether yours is the rare pure Ameraucana...or the very common EE! (EEs are mixes that lay...
  4. Cayenne Cinnamon Sage

    Cayenne Cinnamon Sage

    Cayenne (p), Cinnamon (p), and Sage (c) at 2 days old.
  5. Saffron and Sage

    Saffron and Sage

    Saggron and Sage at 12 weeks
  6. Sage Basil and Rosemary

    Sage Basil and Rosemary

    Sage, Basil and Rosemary at 12 weeks.
  7. Rosemary and Sage

    Rosemary and Sage

    At 12 weeks, foraging.
  8. rosemarybasilsage12wks.jpg


    Rosemary, Basil and Sage at 12 weeks.
  9. M

    Chicken Mama from SW CT!

    Hi Everyone! I'm a Mama to my first flock of 6, 4 Easter Eggers, and 2 Bantams, a Porcelain D'uccle and a Mille Fleur. They are about 22 weeks, and so far, four are laying. I never thought chickens could be so much fun, with their unique personalities. They have become like my therapy animals...
  10. CHlCKEN

    The EE Thread!

    Hi everyone! I was letting my girls out a few minutes ago to play in the garden, when I realized how pretty my EEs have gotten now that they r older. Despite the fact that they are at that awkward teenage stage (you know the one, big feet, uneven feathers- stray feathers, weird voice cracks, and...
  11. AyamSiriusBlack

    What is he?

    I bought "amerucanas" 8 weeks ago and they are not, which I knew ahead of time. Anyways, one of the boys is rumpless and the bottom on his feet are yellow. Maybe an araucana??
  12. kbarrett513

    Easter Egger Sexing - w. Pictures (4-5 Wks Old)

    As my little Easter Eggers are growing, I'm starting to worry that a few of these little buggers may be cockerels. I've heard that looking at the ridges/combs are a good sign for determining sex but since this is my first flock, I figured I'd take it to the experts! These three are the only...
  13. K

    Easter eggers pullets or Roo's

    I have 5 Easter Eggs and I'm just not 100% on gender. Can anyone help?? They are 5 weeks old...
  14. ramzroost

    Gender Reveals .....who knows?

    I've watched videos, read forums, raised chickens... and I never seem to always determine every chick gender but I think I'm getting better. Who knows. So I would love input. I have 6 chicks that I have adopted. They are approximately 6-7 weeks old. 5 of them are very similar in that they were...
  15. Bringingupwildflowers

    8 week old Easter Egger genders?

    I have 6 Easter Eggers that are 8 weeks old. I think I have a good idea of their gender s but I want to be sure because next week I’m sending the Roos to their new (loving) homes. :) Here are my EE babies. Any input would be great because this is the first time raising this breed for our...
  16. Bwool24

    What gender? Easter Eggers

    Hey all, very new to this and as a rookie I got 10 unsexed Easter Eggers (doh!!!). I can only have females where I live, so just looking to figure it out so I can start making some plans. My little boys have been great, they agree that we aren’t fully naming them until we know who we get to...
  17. ashleyconnie

    What on earth did I just buy?

    Hey all! First timer here. I was sold "ameraucanas" but nobody ever said anything about them being "true" haha...and I'm honestly not overly concerned, but I'm wondering what on earth they might be? EEs? Some kind of surprise mutt? Could they possibly be mottled ameraucana? They're super...
  18. BestDiscoMan13

    What duck breed best fits me and my flock?

    I have 8 chickens 4 are Easter Eggers 3 are Easter egger maran mixes 1 is a maran bantam. What duck breeds will be good with my chickens that aren’t too high strung or too flighty or messy. Like a duck breed that does well with chickens but isn’t loud, messy, mean, high strung, scared, and able...
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