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  1. AmeraucanaHank

    AmeraucanaHank's Flock!

    Hi, I will try to keep a flock thread. I hope you enjoy this thread as I try to keep it updated! A brief history: I have had chickens for about 3 years and I love it! started with 2 and now I have around 30, I keep them mainly for pets but I also enjoy having fresh eggs, I love fancy and...
  2. POD


  3. Qui1980

    Help with Breed ID on my little nuggets please!!☺️

    I bought these cuties and was told one was a jersey giant, and the others maybe EE and BYM. I’m newer to chickens, actually wondering if you could help Id who is what and then potentially let me the the potential breeds of the x’s? One more thing lol… if anyone knows approx age that would be...
  4. S

    Any help identifying breed/ gender of 5-week old chicks

    Hey guys I have 8 mixed backyard straight run chicks that I need help identifying gender/ Breed. The possible breeds are (Barred Rock, Orphinton, Australops, Easter Eggers and less likely (Polish and Brahmas) Pretty much ruled out none or polish or Brahmas.... Chick number 1 Guess Orphinton...
  5. Chicken_Mammy

    Help! Not sure of breed or sex!

    Hi! This is my first post, as I’m new to the forum and to chickens in general! Here are some pics (1&2) of my 3-4week old pullet(?). She is supposed to be an EE, but I’m becoming unsure and her comb seems to have really grown suddenly. Is the color/size normal for a pullet? Also, the big-headed...
  6. E

    4 week old Easter Eggers

    I got a few Easter Eggers from a local farm and ranch store to add to my flock. They were supposed to be pullets but I’m wondering if you think otherwise with these two in question? I also understand it might be too early to 100% know
  7. G

    First time EE owner… pullet or cockerel??

    It is still kind of early, these chicks are only about 4-5 weeks old. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if a couple of these chicks are cockerels, as I have started noticing a difference in their combs already. The first pictures are the chicks who I think have noticeably bigger/pinker...
  8. MikyPiky

    Hen plucking breast feathers - Broody?

    I just have a few quick questions about my possibly broody hen. My hen is a year old EE and has been laying very consistently. Today I found quite a few plucked breast feathers in the nesting box and identified which hen was doing it. She is showing no other signs of broodiness as of yet. She...
  9. BlondieSoup

    Fairy Egg Question (just for fun, maybe)

    I've read that fairy eggs are often darker than the normal eggs produced from the same hen. That being the case, I was wondering if you more experienced folks could weigh-in on whether this fairy egg probably came from the same EE who laid the lighter green eggs in the background (a new layer...
  10. S

    Looking for new home for my Easter Egger hens

    I am looking to rehome my 11 Easter Egger hens. I am located in Volusia County, Florida. They are about 18 months old. Currently they are molting but typically really good egg layers. I would need whomever wants them to pick them up. Please contact me for any additional information. Thank you!
  11. ChickenLeg

    ChickenLeg's Cup of Joe Thread

    Hey mates 🖐 I have a few random threads I update time to time, but thought it'd be nice to have a catch-all thread with no specific focus. I find myself checking BYC at work each morning.. so Good Morning BYC and welcome to my cup of joe ☕☕☕
  12. Little Baby Bean

    Prettiest Easter Egger Contest! Ended

    Welcome to the prettiest Easter Egger contest!😄 You can do any Easter Egger of any age! There are no prizes involved because it is just for fun. I will be judging this contest once it ends!😊 Rules: 1. Up to three entries allowed per person. 2. Must contain a picture, name of bird(s), age, and...
  13. Harmoni

    Multiple shell less eggs

    My EEs are 22 weeks old. At least one started laying 2 weeks ago. She laid a few normal but small eggs. Then about a week and a half ago, she dropped a shell less egg right in front of us on the poop board at 9 pm! Since then, I have been getting a minimum of 2 shell less eggs a week. This week...
  14. A

    Easter eggers, roosters or hens?

    So today at Tractor Supply they had Easter Eggers but they were straight run. 😩 I already have a monster of a rooster so I don’t need any more. The lady working said she can “somewhat” determine the sex by the wings but couldn’t guarantee it. Some had very distinct wings and some it was hard to...
  15. MikyPiky

    Help sexing 6 week old EEs!

    My chicks are 6 weeks old today so I thought it would be perfect time to post this. I have 20 in all but I did not get pics of every single one since they are so hard to photograph, and some in particular will not get close to me. I did the best I could in getting pictures, but dang it are these...
  16. Caffus

    Male or female

    I hacthed these 8 chicks myself and they are 5 weeks. Some are Easter eggers, one is a pure breed Polish one is half Huden and half polish and two other are half unknown breeds half Easter eggers. Can you help me know if they are cockerls or pullets please? Picture one. Chick 1 half unknown...
  17. CindyK75

    Easter Eggers Gender Help

    These are 7 weeks old today, I bought 7 chicks of various breeds from a local feed store as "pullets", so far I have 1 EE Cockerel and 1 BO Cockerel out of the bunch. I've been searching on here for what to look for in females and male EE's but I want to confirm what I think (that they're both...
  18. C

    1 year old EE laying thin eggs

    I have 10 hens and a rooster ranging from 9 months to 1 year old. They are fed flock raiser, have plenty of water, get daily oyster shell and a treat mix that consists of scratch feed and mealworms. One of our EE girls(1 year old) has started laying thin shelled eggs pretty consistently...
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