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  1. B

    Soft egg and chickens eating them

    Hello fellow chicken people! I have 3 19 week old Rhode island reds that I have been waiting to lay. I just switched them to dumor organic layer feed last week. They have been really noisy, squatting when I go to pet them, and their combs popped and got super bright so for the past 2 weeks I've...
  2. I

    Chickens eating eggs

    I am new at raising chickens, 15 weeks ago I bought 4 hens and a few days ago I found my first egg. It was lying on the ground outside the coop and broken. Today I was watching the chickens and one was walking and laid an egg. All the other chickens ran over and ate the eggs within seconds. They...
  3. ForestAlice

    Eating Eggs? (Egg Safety Questions!)

    I've had my three city girls for about 4 years now. We started raising them solely because I'm a huge bird person- and I was in a really dark place at the time, and they were the perfect therapy. My babies have been adults for quite awhile now- and they've been laying steadily their whole lives...
  4. Quacking ducks

    Why is my duck eating it’s eggs?

    I went out to my ducks house this morning and their were two eggs, it’s wasn’t time to get them out yet so I left the eggs until later. When I went out an hour later and their was only one egg and my pekin had a little egg yolk on her head and chest. Does anyone know why she is eating the eggs...
  5. T

    Chicken who lays very infrequently

    I have a white leghorn chicken in my flock of 5 (barred rock, Rhode island red, Easter Egger, Americana). They were all born on March 2 & 3 of last year so are not quite a year old. My white leghorn was the first to lay at about 14 or 15 weeks. She laid an egg a day and pretty much never took a...
  6. Hannahruepepsie

    Eating my ducks eggs?!

    one of my ducks has recently just started laying eggs. However for a while they were indoors and are now outside and so have not wormed them yet! I was just wondering if it is still safe to eat the eggs if my duck has not been wormed yet or should I wait until after they have been wormed? I have...
  7. H

    Can I keep my Rooster?

    Hi all, we acquired 5 chicks back on May 31 (1 Rhode Island Red, 2 Easter Eggers, and 2 Silkies). Turns out 1 of the silkies is a rooster. And naturally he's been one of my favorites so I'd love to keep him. It's fine from a legal standpoint but want to understand what it means for our flock...
  8. chimi

    They ate the mustard!

    There's been an egg eating mystery the last couple of weeks. Once every 2-3 days, there will be signs of an egg being eaten. We've tried golf balls, but we have a Buff Orphington who is prone to broodiness - once the balls are inside, she won't leave the nest box. Quite the conundrum. So...
  9. Ducks and geese7

    Goose eating eggs

    I've had a goose sitting on eggs for 35 days. The eggs were due to hatch. My other female goose decided to lay on them too. So both of my geese were laying on the eggs. Last night I went to check on them and saw a baby had pecked a hole in its egg and was ready to hatch. I left it alone. The...
  10. Ginmary

    Egg massacre

    we were away for 2 days. When we got back we found broken eggs on the floor and the hens eating them. These were unfertile eggs from the buff and ameracauna. from wherever they laid them. Then we went to check the 2 Seramas that were sitting on 8 eggs. They were about a week and a half from...
  11. T

    Hens eating eggs, is mustard good enough?

    My hens have begun eating their eggs, it all started with one and they have all begun doing it. Its been about 3 days give or take since they started. I poured out the contents of eggs I have and fill it with mustard. I put these fake eggs in the chicken pen and they did peck it. Some of them...
  12. oli220

    Looking for Emu Eggs

    Hello All! I am in central PA and am looking for emu eggs (for cooking). Are there any farmers around PA, MD, OH, WV, or VA selling emu eggs?
  13. Bettyboop7499

    No more eggs...& a couple of duck questions?

    Hello BYCM, I have four Plymouth Barred Rock hens approximately 10 months old, the days are short now and they seem to have all stopped laying. I believe I have a egg eating problem as well, my numbers were all over the place, 4,3,2,1,3,0...then one every other nothing. If they did...
  14. C

    Broody hen sitting 3 days in is down to only 4 eggs, 2 broken shall I start fresh or add more?

    Hello! I’m new to this forum but hope this is the right place to post this question. My broody hen (frizzle Pekin bantam) went broody over a week ago. This is her first time going broody so I let her sit on unfertile eggs for a week just to be sure she’d commit. On Saturday afternoon I gave...
  15. P

    Lack of Eggs - Stopped Laying or Hen is Eating ?

    4 hens - all just turning 2 years old. For the past 6 to 8 weeks the laying has basically stopped. My RR was laying 3 eggs per week and now is down to maybe 1 egg per week. One hen is laying super thin shelled eggs, maybe 1 or 2 per week. End of egg concaves because the shell is so thin. Oyster...
  16. Sue E.

    Weird: I can't eat my chickens' eggs! :-O

    I didn't go out and get chickens. They sort of became mine accidentally. (Whole story here: ) They started laying and now I find that I can't eat the eggs! Nothing wrong with them. I just have this weird psychological thing about eating the...
  17. Vegan Mountain Mama

    super poopy/muddy to eat/sell?

    sometimes when I've been getting my duck eggs in the morning, they've succeeded in submerging the eggs in poopy mud...I never thought this was a problem since I thoroughly wash them before I give them away or sell them. But I recently learned that bacteria CAN penetrate the shell??? wtf *mind...
  18. orangezenda

    Any fellow duck lovers in Oregon?

    Hello, I'm in Clackamas County Oregon, have raised ducks for their eggs since 1986. All my girls decided to quit laying early this Fall so I'm out of eggs, and allergic to chicken eggs! Does anyone have any leads on finding some duck eggs to buy? I appreciate your help!
  19. KettermanHillCoop

    "But you are a potato!"

    Okay, I've read quite a bit of threads regarding feeding our feathered friends eggs. First thing that popped in my head was the potato chip commercial with Mr. Potato Head catching Mrs. Potato Head eating chips in the closet. lol My 1st question is...since my girls aren't laying just yet to...
  20. AnonPaperclip

    Chickens eating their own eggs?

    Oh boy, another post. I just got home from school and made myself something to eat. Outside I saw one of the Welsummers being chased by the other hens while holding something large in her beak. I went out, grabbed her and took the cracked, empty egg that she was holding. I knew it was from a...
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