1. K

    What time shall i let them out of coop if encouraging them to lay in nest boxes in there?

    I am trying to encourage my chickens to lay in their nest boxes, and we had our first egg the other day when it snowed and we kept chickens in the coop until midday. I block the nest boxes at night (they are attached to the coop) but when i unblocked them this morning at 7am, whilst...
  2. mollymhoon

    Egg Color Changes

    I have five chickens. One is an Araucana/Ameraucana. She has been laying light brown eggs since she started 5 months ago. Suddenly, they are greenish-blue. Is this normal? None of my chicken friends have had this happen. I am at a loss. Thanks!
  3. Backyard Dacks

    How Long to Recuperate from Winter Move?

    Hello, we just received 10 chickens from @Jmiller89 and they do not seem to have handled the move very well, in regard to egglaying, with a current grand total of 1 egg, so far, in 2 weeks. How long should it take them to get over the move? I know that chickens generally lay less in the...
  4. M

    When will my silkie hen lay?

    I got a silkie that was a few weeks old in May so she’s around 8 months old. I’ve heard they can start laying around this age. But I’m not sure what signs to look for that she’s about to lay. My EE started squatting is it the same with silkies? Her comb is a lot darker in color now which is new.
  5. DontChickenOut14

    My ISA Brown pullets are 16 weeks old. When can I expect them to start laying?

    My small flock of 4 ISA Brown pullets just turned 16 weeks old today! Does anyone know when I can expect them to start laying eggs? One of them squats when I pick her up, if that means anything. Thanks for any help!
  6. ForestAlice

    My hen laid a cracked egg, and seems to be struggling. What should I do?

    Cloaca/poop pictures ahead!! I went to let my girls out this morning, and noticed that one of my girls, Duchess, was in her nest box, and thought nothing of it. I just went back outside to see them, (its about 4PM,) and I couldn't find her. outside with her sisters. I remembered that she was...
  7. blameames

    How to encourage consistent whole-flock laying times?

    My question: is there anything we can do to get the girls to lay timed more closely together? DETAILS: We purchased five adult hens (three bantams and two cochin x) and nine white sapphire chicks a month ago from a bad overcrowded environment. They were tightly individually caged and the lights...
  8. exoticedes


  9. cvlcite

    Weird egg??

    Hey y’all, one of my hens laid a weird looking egg, wanted to know if there’s something I should be concerned about like calcium excess or deficiency or an illness but or something?
  10. IamRainey

    I've had 10 eggs in 4 days from 9 hens

    They laid fine all winter long. Now days are getting longer and they'll slacking off. Never had such low production. What gives? 3 of them are not a year old yet 4 of them are about 2 years old 2 of them are close to 3 years old They all live inside their coop/run 24/7. I was probably...
  11. NH-Song

    Thin Shells

    I have a mixed-breed flock of hens (brahmas, isabrowns, barred rocks, wyandottes, jersey giants, an easter egger, and a rhode island red), in a good-sized coop with large windows. I'm in coastal New Hampshire. We moved them out of our basement a couple of months ago (they'd been spending nights...
  12. Z

    Chicken Salpingectomy:help!

    Hi all! My sweet hen has been having recurring problems with laying eggs and our vet recommended that she get a Salpingectomy(chicken hysterectomy). Unfortunately I don’t have the money($3500) to get this surgery for her right now:( I am posting on here because I wonder if maybe someone has had...
  13. Busht7

    Chicken laying under slide.

    Hello everyone I have a chicken laying outside under the slide and not in the nesting box. She has laid about three times in the nesting box but I just discovered 10 eggs under the play slide. All my hens came to me April 29th as day old chicks. She is the only one laying and she's a Jersey...
  14. Quailberries

    Is my pullet POL?

    This is Rasputin (yes, that really is her name), my 16-week-old EE pullet. Over the past week or so her comb has really sprouted and taken a reddish coloring that none of the other pullers have. I don’t think she is a rooster as she has never once tried to crow and her feathers are all rounded...
  15. Watermeat

    Long bloody strand in egg

    I understand that its normal for there to be a blood spot in an egg, but I was a little concerned to find this much blood in an egg. I have no males in my flock, so it couldn't be a baby. I just want to know if this is okay and there's nothing wrong with my girl.
  16. earth_toes

    GUYS! It happened! It finally happened!

    Our first EVER egg from our 'Tina' (Dominique)!! We thought it was our RIR, but we caught Tina in the act on Sunday giving us our second egg and singing. We are beside ourselves! 19 weeks and 6 days seems like eternity, but i tell you, this is by far the best feeling! My husband was working...
  17. Awiegand21

    My 1 1/2 dozen blue/grgreen treasure

    So lately my hens have only put out about 2 eggs a day which is weird because I have 7 laying right now. Part of the issue I think is that we are merging our new pullets with our olders gals and its causing some stress. Anyways this morning I was looking under the coop which has about 9 inches...
  18. chkva

    Egg with a hole and mystery layer

    I'm sure this is just because my chickens are new to laying just this week, but why is there a hole in this egg? They eat layer feed and get crushed up egg shells daily along with fresh fruits or veggies at night after they've eaten layer feed all day. What chicken could've laid this? It was...
  19. AmaranthineAcres

    Observations on Egg Blooms

    In my budding obsession with egg colors and all the factors influencing them, I have scoured the forums for information about blooms, but beyond knowing the purpose (sealing the egg to prevent bacterial contamination or moisture loss), I've found very little info. I know that bloom thickness...
  20. Tanya22

    How to help sick pullet get ready for egg laying stage?

    Hello everyone! I have a pullet named Tooki who just turned 4 months old. I am told that she will start laying by the 5th or 6th month. Tooki has been very sick for more than 2 months. I have started giving her water through dropper to keep her properly hydrated in the past week as she flaps...
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