1. ThatChickenLady708


    Earlier one if my hens was acting sort of sleepy. She is usually a little jerk & tries to attack me (to the extent of spurring me) or "shuffles" around me. I thought it was odd that she wasn't being rude, instead she came & sat on the arm of my chair. A bit later she moved to a tree they all...
  2. NikksChicks

    Soft-shell/rubber eggs

    Hello fellow chicken tenders! I’m at a bit of a loss and hoping to gain new information after researching online and reading similar posts here, but still unsure. I started with 31 various-breed chickens September 14, 2021 for the first time ever (a dream come true!). A few died in transit, a...
  3. C

    SUPER speckled egg, whats up?

    Hey! So some of my spring chicks finally started laying, two days in a row I have gotten a brown egg that is so speckled it is almost white! The speckles fade when I hold the egg and come back once it is left alone. The brown is quite dark under the speckles but its hard to tell. What is going...
  4. maryn7

    Pullet at POL, will hen show her the ropes?

    I've got two birds - a BR hen that will be two in April and a Light Brahma pullet. The Light Brahma's face has been reddening and she just started squatting in the last week. She's about 6-7 months, so right on schedule. When our original two girls got to POL in 2020, we did *way* too much...
  5. Adil_Ali

    Will a 3-4 year old hen lay eggs?

    I have been offered a trio of white Cochins. They are from an amazing bloodline. However their age concerns me. They have 2019 rings on them. That means they were hatched in 2019. It’s been a few years since that time and just wanted to know if the hens will lay well. I’ll be attaching some...
  6. The Backyard Bantams

    Silkie laid an eggy at only 22 weeks?

    So my five little silkie girls have started squatting as of a week or two. I was quite suprised, as they are only 5 1/2 months or so. I can't be sure of who pooped the beautiful nugget, but i know it was one of them. Lulu (my duccle) lays rounder, creamier eggs. Although it wasn't completely...
  7. Adil_Ali

    Not laying eggs

    Hey there, I just bought a new breeding set of bearded buff polish chickens. A cock and 3 hens. Each one of the hens have a different age. Anywhere from 5 months all the way to 2 years. How long till they start laying again ?
  8. jjunge08

    What is happening here?

    This morning I went out to check on the coop and looked inside and just below the roosting bar I found this egg in the shavings below. Like it dropped out overnight. It appears to be just the membrane and no shell along with another much smaller start to an egg. Is this cause for concern? They...
  9. Adil_Ali

    Chicken isn’t laying after deworming

    Hey, I had a buff laced polish hen. Almost two years old, she was laying everyday or every other day, until I dewormed her. It’s been four days since deworming and still no eggs. What can I do cheers Adil
  10. bacibeau

    How close is my Buff Orp pullet to laying?

    Hi everyone! My Buff Orps are 15 weeks old today and one of them looks a little more mature than the other so I'm hoping she'll lay eggs soon. She kind of does the squat thing but I read online that she doesn't necessarily have to squat to be laying eggs. Does anyone have any idea how long until...
  11. BlueHorse17

    Weirdest Egg Contest! - no prizes - ends August 15th, 2021

    Weirdest Egg Contest! Hello everyone! I want to see all of the weird eggs that your flock has laid! Doesn't matter if they are misshapen, fairy, jumbo, etc :)! Rules! 1. One egg per post. 2. Can be any type of poultry egg. 3. Multiple entries allowed - cannot be same egg though! 4. Contest...
  12. PioneerChicks

    Does bleaching only happen to yellow-skinned hens?

    Just preparing for fair here and I want to understand this subject. Whenever I look it up, it always talks about yellow-skinned chickens. Does bleaching happen to chickens with other skin colors too? Could anybody explain this process to me a bit more? There isn't much out there about it that...
  13. K

    Reproductive disorder

    Hello everyone, I have posted this issue multiple times, hoping that maybe the right person will see it. I have a hen with chronic laying issues. It goes on a while but I’d appreciate all the help I can get. -she is an isa brown, 2 years old. Access to laying pellets and poutry mix, grit, egg...
  14. K

    What time shall i let them out of coop if encouraging them to lay in nest boxes in there?

    I am trying to encourage my chickens to lay in their nest boxes, and we had our first egg the other day when it snowed and we kept chickens in the coop until midday. I block the nest boxes at night (they are attached to the coop) but when i unblocked them this morning at 7am, whilst...
  15. mollymhoon

    Egg Color Changes

    I have five chickens. One is an Araucana/Ameraucana. She has been laying light brown eggs since she started 5 months ago. Suddenly, they are greenish-blue. Is this normal? None of my chicken friends have had this happen. I am at a loss. Thanks!
  16. Backyard Dacks

    How Long to Recuperate from Winter Move?

    Hello, we just received 10 chickens from @Jmiller89 and they do not seem to have handled the move very well, in regard to egglaying, with a current grand total of 1 egg, so far, in 2 weeks. How long should it take them to get over the move? I know that chickens generally lay less in the...
  17. M

    When will my silkie hen lay?

    I got a silkie that was a few weeks old in May so she’s around 8 months old. I’ve heard they can start laying around this age. But I’m not sure what signs to look for that she’s about to lay. My EE started squatting is it the same with silkies? Her comb is a lot darker in color now which is new.
  18. BudgieKing15

    My ISA Brown pullets are 16 weeks old. When can I expect them to start laying?

    My small flock of 4 ISA Brown pullets just turned 16 weeks old today! Does anyone know when I can expect them to start laying eggs? One of them squats when I pick her up, if that means anything. Thanks for any help!
  19. ForestAlice

    My hen laid a cracked egg, and seems to be struggling. What should I do?

    Cloaca/poop pictures ahead!! I went to let my girls out this morning, and noticed that one of my girls, Duchess, was in her nest box, and thought nothing of it. I just went back outside to see them, (its about 4PM,) and I couldn't find her. outside with her sisters. I remembered that she was...
  20. blameames

    How to encourage consistent whole-flock laying times?

    My question: is there anything we can do to get the girls to lay timed more closely together? DETAILS: We purchased five adult hens (three bantams and two cochin x) and nine white sapphire chicks a month ago from a bad overcrowded environment. They were tightly individually caged and the lights...
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