eggs for sale

  1. WannaBeHillBilly

    Another attempt to sell duck-eggs

    Hi Friends, i did not thought it would be so hard to sell duck eggs around Charleston, WV! In our first attempt on a farmer's market we barely broke even, just earned the money we'd paid for the table. I don't want to become stinky rich with duck-eggs, but it would be great if they'd pay the...
  2. JulieTrades

    Google brings me here nearly every day

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? This is my third time owning chickens. I first had them as a kid. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? I now have 48! Eight laying hens, 8 juveniles, 5 roosters (I'm trying to rehome some of them). I just got an order of...
  3. 4-H chicken shower

    Eggs for sale

    Do you sell eggs if so what do you sell a dozen for.
  4. Silkie_Mom

    Egg Honest Box... Yes or No?

    I'm finally approved through the state to sell eggs (Yay!!) and I was thinking of building a little honest box. Maybe similar to the one in the pic. Just to help get rid of all the extras we don't eat ourselves (and to help fund coop expansions and treats and toys lol). But I'm still debating if...
  5. TheMaineHomestead

    How to Package and Ship Hatching Eggs in the Mail

    Recently, a few people asked me how I packaged hatching eggs, which materials are best for cushioning, how I kept it cost effective, and what carrier I used. So I made my first how-to video!
  6. M

    Would you like an app to handle egg sales?

    I am putting my feelers out to see what others thoughts are on this topic. I currently use a spreadsheet to keep track of customers, how many eggs are sold, delivery schedule, etc. It gets pretty tedious to keep this updated. After reading more it sure seems like alot of people are in the same...
  7. Ryan Wiemken

    Pomeranian Geese, Rouen Ducks, and Aylesbury Ducks.

    I'm looking into buying some Pomeranian geese and maybe some rouen ducks and aylesbury ducks. I have a lot of experience raising waterfowl, especially ducks. I want to know if this is a good idea or not. I want to buy them as goslings and ducklings and raise them out to breed and sell hatching...
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