1. A

    Omlet Eglu Cube w/Run - Number of Hens?

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the site and this will be my first year keeping chickens! Based on my research and what I want for my chickens, I have decided to go with the Omlet Eglu Cube with 9 foot run. I plan on letting the girls out in the yard outside of the run when they can be supervised...
  2. T

    Eglu run bedding options?

    We have 5 Orpingtons in an eglu coop with run. We got the option with wheels to make it a tractor style thinking that if we moved it that our grass could survive... with a 1x/week move our grass is really struggling not to mention I don’t want their living conditions to be poor. I could use some...
  3. antmit

    MA - Boston area Omlet original Eglu Cube + run + walk-in run

    Hi all, Unfortunately a few weeks ago the last of my flock of eight years passed away. With troublesome neighbors and the area around my home becoming more and more dense I've decided to not continue raising chickens, at least not until I move to a new home. I have for sale the following...
  4. T

    Eglu Go coop for the tropics.. ventilation issues?

    Hi, I live in the tropics with year round temperatures above 30C and humidity above 90%. I have 3 barneys and 2 LF Orps who are about 5 weeks old now. I got an Eglu Go coop but after assembling it, felt that it would be awfully stuffy inside. So, I removed the outer green panels in the hope...
  5. RebsChooks

    Eglu after bad red mite infestation... how easy is it to clean, really?

    After three weeks of fighting red mite in our wooden coop, I am done. We have done everything we can, every three days. Yesterday we went over every inch of it with a hot hair dryer, and sprayed it completely and thoroughly with Smite, and dusted down with DE, but still on a piece of tape I put...
  6. H

    Omlet Eglu for sale?

    We currently have two hens and want to expand our coop. The girls reside in an Omlet Cube. In order for us to expand to add possibly 10 more hens, we are in need of another Eglu. Does anyone have a used Eglu they are wanting to sell?
  7. Eglu Cube Feeder/Drinker

    Eglu Cube Feeder/Drinker

    These feeders and waterers work pretty well. It keeps feed dry from weather. It’s easy to fill and doesn’t take up any room in your coop. It hangs on easily to the side of your coop. The only con I can think of is that you need to refill pretty often. I have to refill the feeder every other day...
  8. Riley Adams

    One duck left... Now what should I do?

    Hi, I posted a thread last week about introducing new ducklings after I was left with only a drake and a hen due to a string of predator attacks. Well, I woke up this morning to find that a predator (allegedly the raccoon I caught in a live trap) had manged to get through my newly secured duck...
  9. S

    Eglu Chicken tractor wanted

    Hello! I check this forum all of the time for good info, but this is my first post. Looking for an Eglu chicken tractor to buy. We live in the Seattle area. Please let me know if you have one you would like to sell. Thanks! Shaliena
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