1. Tylerblockbuster

    Baby chick with eye problem

    My baby chick is 2 weeks old and developed this eye problem last week. I have been trying to heal it since it happened and has sense worsened I dont know what it is or how to fix it so any advice would help. It is very crusty and he keeps scratching it
  2. Nelson-Collier

    🚨 Potential Dying Hen? Help??!

    (Pictures provided below.) One of my 7 laying hens has been extremely lethargic and listless for the past couple of days. I first noticed it when I let them out the other day to roam while supervised (I have a large caged in run I keep them in, adequate feed and water). After they all ran out...
  3. V

    My chick has a numb tongue? HELP!

    My 3-4 month old chick was beaten up badly yesterday after her siblings attacked her and pecked him badly around the head and neck. Her wounds are VERY bad and she has been pretty weak so we’ve been feeding her some food mixed with water. While feeding her, we noticed that her tongue kept...
  4. O

    injection injury

    Injected antibiotics into young birds (chicks 4-5 weeks) with a larger needle than I usually use. I lost 2 almost instantly and one is now gasping and wheezing and running backwards.... the sound it is making is almost a gasping/squeaking wheeze? No crackling or rails and lungs sound clear.. no...
  5. L

    approx 7wk old duck w/ diarrhea

    Hello! I have an unknown mallard cross that is approx 7wks old. She/he has had diarrhea for approx 28hrs now - I added a pic. She is also more quiet, less active (this baby has never been extremely active to begin with and prefers to be a lap duck -_-). She has little to no appetite. They...
  6. ediebaggett

    Please help!! Six year old lavender Orpington has sore by vent and green pasty butt

    please help! We were out of town for two weeks (with a pet sitter in place) and returned to find my six year old orphington to have pasty butt and a sore on her vent after I gently bathed her and washed all her poop away. She’s pretty lethargic, still will eat and drink from a syringe but lays...
  7. ansmith1999

    Chick Can’t Bend Leg

    Hello, My sisters silkie chick (under a week old, not sure of the exact age) suddenly had splayed legs this morning, one in front one in back. Earlier we did the hair tie trick to get her legs to stay together and try to keep them under her, but she cannot stand or move, and is unable to bend...
  8. 0ddaudd

    Baby chick fell in pool, no clue how long HELPPP

    hey so i went out this morning to my run and one of my 6 week old chicks was in the duck pool. i quickly scooped her. up and shes on a heating pad and im blow drying her on a low setting. she seems EXTREMELY tired. shes keeping her eyes shut, but still peeping. she seems very off balance as...
  9. egreynolds

    Help Me 😩😩

    I came home from work to find a few chicks peaking out from under one of my hens. I look down and i see two chicks had been dropped out of the nesting box hatched & struggling. i picked them up got all of the ants off of them and immediately took them inside & placed them under a heat lap. I...
  10. Jax12Ts

    Lethargic Chicken, Lost Weight, Won’t Eat

    My 3 year old Americana chicken (the one in profile pic) isn’t doing too well. First noticed last week when she had green poop stuck to feathers outside of her vent. As of right now she won’t eat food, except for mealworms, has lost almost all of her weight but her feathers still look good and...
  11. C

    Quail Attacked by Magpie!

    Hi, One of my 20 week old quails has just been attacked by a magpie and has a small chunk missing from her head. It is on her left side between her eye and ear feathers. The bleeding has stoped and she’s drinking from a syringe. Apart from that shes not moving and has bothered her eyes closed...
  12. R

    Something is wrong with my 2-3 day old chick.

    A few hours ago I had found it with its head leaning back and I though it was dying. It has it's eyes close rn and I gave it some sugar water to see if it helps. its mouth foams a few times when i give it water and I clean up after it. Does anyone know what's going on with it.
  13. DatCrazyChickenLady

    Egg cracked or hatching? Help!

    Hello! We have been letting our hen hatch a few eggs and this morning one was super cracked and crushed- but the chick is alive. We haven’t been tracking it super closely- but the eggs should be hatching this week I think. Is the egg hatching or cracked, and what should I do? It’s been like this...
  14. K

    PLEASE HELP! Hen egg bound (I think) for a week

    Hi! I just joined this wonderful site after coming on here every time I have questions about my hens ... I am a new chicken mom. I got my girls from Someone who didn’t want their chickens anymore.... I’ve had them for about three months and never had any issues - tomorrow will be seven days I’ve...
  15. Quailobsessed

    Drought, Bushfires and Birds

    So I thought that there needs to be a thread for people in bushfire area so they can get support and advice. I am particularly referring to the bushfires around Australia but if you are going through this anywhere in the world, feel free to share. By the way, not sure if this is the right place...
  16. Y

    Advice urgent rescued chicken

    Please can you help? We have 3 hybrid ladies so someone decided that when they found a chicken running round a field i was the person to take it. This chicken is a fair bit smaller than our girls but looks full grown, bedraggled, and ?pure breed? She is currently in our double shower with food...
  17. G

    Gander weak, not eating, cannot stand

    Having a gander of approximately 4-5 months old. It had a toenail broken earlier this week and had blood lost. The blood stopped eventually, but as it sometimes raises its foot with the broken nail, I think it hurts to him. Today, the gander could walk earlier, but since a few hours ago, its...
  18. JuliaWesterbeek

    Collapsed Vent? HELP

    I am worried about my (Olive Egger) hen, of around 25 weeks old. She has not yet started laying but I think she may have a collapsed vent. Today, I noticed that she was trying to poop, but nothing came out. Then I saw something pinky (almost like an intestine) come out and then pop back in a...
  19. buffy-the-eggpile-layer

    Please Help! Injured, Bleeding Beak

    Hi all, we just noticed that our RIR ("Willow") has a cracked and chipped beak (two different spots). It's hard to capture but she had a crack down the side and a little chunk taken out at the top. It looks like it had been bleeding pretty good, since her beak was caked in old blood (and at that...
  20. emu6200

    EMU EGG Whistling and making noise in the egg

    Hi I have an amu egg and it is at day 50 which is when it's supposed to hatch. The emu just peeped at me and right now it is making a weird noise inside the egg. It kind of sounds like when someone blows bubbles under water. What should I do? Should I make a safety hole? It was peeping every...
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