1. X

    Ducks Keep Escaping & Go into the Street

    I use to have 4 khaki campbell ducks, but the fox got two. So know I have two a female and a male. This is my first winter with ducks. My ducks keep escaping their in coop, that has a roof, and a chicken run, that I build that has a roof. The female has a nest. The female gets out frequently...
  2. ChemicalchiCkns

    CYCEN in the ROAD

    Late out of Work, observed and Caught in the DownTown. Return'd.
  3. Hatching Escape Plan

    Hatching Escape Plan

    Every day I erect a barrier fence to allow my flock to have the luxury of grazing and these two, Zoe and Tesla, always manage to escape my well devised, at least, I thought, fence. So moral of the story, chickens are smart.
  4. M

    New to all this, scared birds

    Hi I just recently converted my shed into a chicken coop with run and this morning got two hens. I currently own four chickens that live with my dad's flock two hours away and they are being moved up this evening to live with my other two (we've only had them two weeks so still young) The two...