extra cockerels

  1. HinterlandHomestead

    Advice on butchering extra Roos?

    How old do roosters need to be to butcher? Can I keep them all together until that age? I have a couple different med breeds. Also I am not sure i’m up for the butchering myself, at least not the first time. And I know my husband won’t do it. How do I go about finding someone to butcher my...
  2. RoostersAreAwesome

    Rooster Flock Thread

    This is the new and improved rooster flock thread! Come here to learn and talk about rooster flocks, give advice, or simply share your experience with rooster flocks! I will try to answer any questions about rooster flocks (and roosters in general), and I encourage others to do so as well! If...
  3. Rooster Flocks

    Rooster Flocks

    If you have too many roosters, a simple solution is to start a rooster flock. A rooster flock is a flock that consists of all roosters and no hens. Feeding and Watering Your Rooster Flock If you have more than two roosters in your rooster flock, it's a good idea to have multiple feeders and...
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