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  1. marissa98

    Chicken w/ Possibly Infected Eye- Eye Issue Since Hatching

    We have a 4 month old hen that has had eye issues from hatch. We purchased her from a feed store and realized that one of her eyes was very swollen. We did some research and the best we could determine, it was a birth defect causing her eye/eye socket to not be formed correctly. Her first week...
  2. CVMAKitten

    What to treat my chick with?

    Hey all! I have been creeping on the forums for a while now, and this is my first post ever. I got some chicks from a local poultry farm on August 10th. I have lost three of my girls so far, and I think I am about to lose another one. I don't know exactly what is happening, as all the girls...
  3. Nendei

    2-3 week old chick with bulging eye

    I was waiting to post this to see if it would improve, but it hasn’t. Around 2 to 3 weeks ago, we bought 14 Buff Orphington chicks, they came healthy and all alive. One of them came with an eye that looks like it’s bulging out- it does get a little watery sometimes. There is no drainage. The...
  4. chicken mo

    Baby Seabright not thriving

    I’ve had this baby about two weeks. He was probably a week old when I got him. A few days later one of his eyes stuck shut. I used warm water and a q-tip to gently help it open. It still doesn’t look right. Today I noticed a small sore by its beak which looked like a piece of its food. When I...
  5. L

    Baby chicks eye?

    This Baby has had nothing but issues purchased last Friday evening at the TSC we lost her 3 friends and now I see this.. I'm new to chickens so I have no idea what it is...why it is or how to make it better for her.
  6. jsullivan704

    Help Please

    I got my chick about two weeks ago it’s a silkie, it’s very small and i noticed right away that one of its eyes was very watery. Slowly it progressed into being puss filled, and swelling. I got eye drops for it and put those in every day, but now it’s completely swollen shut, I put a warm...
  7. daisyli89

    4 week chick eye problem

    Hi everyone, My Silkie hen hatched many babies. But one of them seems weird today. It was fine this moring and just afternoon it was not able to open left eye. I gave it some eye drop(to kill bacteria that I use) but not worked well. Anyone can help with it?
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