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  1. C

    Coryzea/ Sinus infection in eye

    So my barred rock had what a vet thought was coryzea (this vet is family and lives out of state, he diagnosed and help treat via photos and videos). She was on doxycycline which took the abscess away but her eye was still closing a lot. She then went on veraflox (stronger antibiotic), with no...
  2. averypls

    Eye infection? Eye worm? Help!!

    Hi everyone! So i have a d’uccle thats eye seems to be a little messed up. I noticed a couple days ago, but i thought maybe she just accidentally got pecked. I rinsed with some saline & left it alone. The next day, it looked .. foggy? That freaked me out and when i looked some things up it said...
  3. S


    Someone recently gave us a rooster and a hen a couple days ago and we noticed the hen was just in the corner getting bullied & noticed neither of her eyes will open. Their previous owner said it was because he had 2 roosters and 1 hen and they injured her eyes. She was also a regular layer and...
  4. S

    My chicken has a feather in her eye....

    My Salmon Faverolles has gotten a feather wedged under her eyelid, towards the back of the eye. She keeps the eye shut, but it doesn’t seem like it’s causing her pain... we just weren’t sure if it was a good idea to try to restrain her, and get the feather out ourselves...or we should take her...
  5. sjeastling83

    2 sick Buff Orpingtons 1+ yr old

    I have 2 girls, bff’s Rory & Phoebe, that have clear nasal drainage, cloudy/bubbly eyes and one of them has nasty yellow eye drainage in one eye. I noticed the Rory’s eye about a week ago, but she only had 1 eye that looked a little swollen and she was keeping it closed. I assumed there was...
  6. Krazy_chicken_lady1205

    What’s wrong with my baby chick

    we had 9 eggs hatching, everything went ok but one chick seems a little smaller than the others and one of his eyes are closed is he/she ok ( sorry about the blurry photos he/she wouldn’t sit still)
  7. Ducks and geese7

    Goose with infected eye. HELP!

    I noticed yesterday that my gander was closing one of his eyes and has been doing so this morning. It doesn't look swelled but his eyes changed from blue to a darker green\brown color. There is a clear liquid coming from his eye. The other eyes is completely fine. Other than that he seems fine...
  8. Guisso14

    Chicken head got stuck!

    I was moving my coop to give the chicks some fresh grass to scratch at and while I do this it is hard to see where they are. When I put down one of the ends a chicken was packing under a support beam and was pinned under it for a 10 to 15 seconds. Once I realized I immediately got it free and it...
  9. emmagat

    One eye closed, one eye open?

    Hi all! I have a hen that has been keeping one of her eyes closed and one of them open. The closed eye feels a little bit puffy and I noticed this issue 2 days ago and I thought that she must have scratched it on something or got pecked. She also just started laying, but I doubt that has...
  10. Chippychick123

    Hens eyes shut

    my hen who is about a year old I noticed yesterday she would sit in the same spot with her eyes closed and no matter what treat she I put out she wouldn’t open her eyes more then a slit it got worse this morning and she won’t open them even a little will she be able to make it another day so I...
  11. juliomachado10

    Chick eyes completely shut by scabs!

    My flock(a roo,a hen and 7 two months old chicks) got fowl pox 2 weeks ago and they developed growths and scabs in their skin my hen started picking them and the scabs worsened because she pecked them a lot so I separated her, recently they all started to recover but one had his eye lids very...
  12. lil bird lady1

    Broody hen squinting one eye.

    I have a broody hen whose hatch date is Feb 11th and shes been eating and drinking just fine she hasn't been sneezing or breathing funny. She just has one eye squinting and looks like she cant unsquint it. Her other eye if just fine
  13. ihavefourchickens

    Rooster with one shut eye

    He was lethargic on Thursday, took him to the vet. They said he had a little bit of mucus in the back of his throat so they sent us home with an oral antibiotic. Quarantined him right away. It's now 4 days later and I notice he's not always opening his right eye but it doesn't appear swollen...
  14. louiseschwieker

    Chicken eye stuck shut?

    I have a hen who is about 3 years old, her eye is stuck shut and it would take a lot for me to get it open. Her other eye is fine. She's very weak but she is eating and drinking. She is also walking around and scratching. What could this be? I've been injecting 1/4 cc of tylan intramuscularly...
  15. O

    Chick eye closed shaking head

    hey there I need some help please! My two week old silkie has one eye closed and she is making some head shaking movements that don’t look good. She is in a box with a lamp in the corner and paper towels, we recently switched them over from shavings (last night). She eats and drinks fine! No...
  16. O

    Chick shaking head and closed eye

    hey there I need some help please! My two week old silkie has one eye closed and she is making some head shaking movements that don’t look good. She is in a box with a lamp in the corner and paper towels, we recently switched them over from shavings (last night). She eats and drinks fine! No...
  17. B

    Help I don’t know what’s wrong

    I just found these chickens and they seem really sick. I took pictures of what their eyes look like. Please help.
  18. Yurd Ahd

    Change in hen's eye - worried

    about a week or so ago one of my hens had a swollen and shut eye. so I put some neosporin on it. now it seems better although she does close it from time to time. but the eye looks different now. at first when she opened it back up it was all black and then some days later the iris looks orange...
  19. snip2377

    Rehabbing Hen -New issue. Need advice please

    3C707B81-EF6A-44CE-AC9E-EA1F40288A4C by snip2377 posted Jul 29, 2018 at 10:28 AMAbout a month ago my 5/6 month old hen was on deaths door. Treated her with Corid undiluted and in water for a week along with water for every other bird we have. Then she developed Wry neck which responded amazingly...
  20. PennysHennys

    Eye problem in 19 wk old pullet

    One of my chicks did not come out of her house this morning and as I observed her she had her left eye closed! The right eye was just fine. No crusts, bulging, or drainage but she seemed confused. I left to get the hospital cage and when I returned she was out in the pasture under a cart they...
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