eye shut

  1. Squeak61

    Swollen bubbly eye/face

    My chicken has an extremely swollen face and a bubbly eye, but only on one side of her face. She’s not sneezing, acting oddly, or breathing weirdly, but she is frequently shaking her head. Please help, I don’t know what I can do for her. I called my vet, but she has not gotten back to me yet...
  2. HarleighHesse

    My chickens are sick with something I havent had before

    Hey everyone. My name is Harleigh. I live in Canada and have been keeping chickens since 2007. I've got a small flock of 13 birds, mainly silkie. About 2 weeks ago my white rooster started getting bubbles in his eye. Then it started getting stuck shut and If have to wet it to open in. The mucus...
  3. emmagat

    One eye closed, one eye open?

    Hi all! I have a hen that has been keeping one of her eyes closed and one of them open. The closed eye feels a little bit puffy and I noticed this issue 2 days ago and I thought that she must have scratched it on something or got pecked. She also just started laying, but I doubt that has...
  4. puffypoo

    Dirt in eye

    Apparently one of our silkies was dust bathing and another chicken kicked dirt into her eye. Now it is closed and kind of sunken. Should I wipe the eye with saline or what? I can provide pics if necessary.. Thanks for any help!
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