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  1. F

    I think my chicken is dying and I do not know why - please help!

    We have (4) six month old hens and we live in Southwest Florida. Yesterday, towards the end of the day, Goldie (our sweet Easter Egger) started closing her eyes while she was out with the other girls running around the yard. She would be fine one minute and then look like she was dozing off...
  2. H

    Please help me save my chicken!

    Hi!! My chicken’s comb turns black now and then and I noticed he is sneezing a lot as well. He also shakes his head a lot and I have no clue what is wrong with him. He also squints his eyes and blinks really slowly now and then. However, he’s been eating and drinking well. Please help me since...
  3. Grey Gables

    Not sure what’s wrong — dehydration? Parasites?

    Hi, My 5 month old RIR has not been herself the last few hours. I went to let my chickens out of their run and everyone excitedly ran out. She did not, which is very unusual. She eventually slowly walked out toward the others. She kept stopping and standing still for lengths of time. High was...
  4. J

    Chicken standing inside with eyes closed.

    Hi All, One of my flock members is an ex batt hen, we’ve had her about a year and 2 weeks ago she suddenly wasn’t coming outside anymore, not eating etc. I took her to the vet who gave us some antibiotics, she was on those for 5days and was much better for a few days after she finished the...
  5. SlatyGapSis

    Chicks just arrived, one lethargic and only drinks from syringe

    Just got my first batch of chicks from the post office this morning. Everyone seems to be doing great except for one sweetheart. She tucked herself in the warmest part of the MHP and didn’t come out for egg yolk or more water like the rest. I pulled her out and gave some nutri drench in water...
  6. alcstreetman

    4 week old baby chick squinting and closing eyes

    Hello! I'm new to having chickens and could use a little help. I have a 4 week old lavender orphington who, over the last two weeks, has been keeping her eyes mainly closed. She will occasionally squint them when eating and moving about but in general, she's keeping them closed. She seems a...
  7. S

    Not sure about new hen

    Hi, we have three hens and bought a further three hens on Monday. I’ve got the two groups separated. The market was a very stressful place for an animal. One of the hens, a Sussex, doesn’t seem to be as active as the others. She’s 4 to 6 months old. She closes her eyes a lot and keeps shaking...
  8. Susie Seagrave

    Swollen Eyelids

    I have a small flock of 5 hens and my five year-old girl, Pea, has developed slightly swollen eyelids. She has her eyes closed much of the time, although when she opens them, her eyes are clear and she can peck up tiny insects, so there seems to be nothing wrong with her vision. I bathed her...
  9. Mariakoltsa

    Sick Chicken. Watery bright yellow poo, closed eyes, not moving, jerking head

    she was fine one day and the next morning opened up the coop and she didnt come out to eat, came back from work she was still there while other chickens were out. She has been getting worse every hour. She sits still or lays down with eyes closed not moving at all, puts her head on the aide...
  10. Judexxwhite

    Plymouth Rocks all dying- eyes closed, droopy head, very sick

    Can any one help. All of our plymouth rocks are either sick or dead. One day they were fine, and the next they didnt come out of the coop, were hunched over with their eyes closed and dying rapidly. All the other chooks seem completely fine and show no symptoms, but all the plymouths have...
  11. orangesplash

    2 week old chick eyes closed

    What should I do with this chick. He was fine in the morning now since afternoon, he has closed his eyes. Not opening at all. What should I do?
  12. cnol

    Chick Shaking Head, Eyes Closed, Lethargic

    Just as the title says I have a baby chick about 2-4 days old. He or she is shaking head some not often, eyes closed almost always - opening sometimes when I pick it up, lethargic and sleeping all day. It is eating and I am giving it an electrolyte mix (water, brown sugar, salt, baking soda)...
  13. S

    Sick hen!

    I got 15 new hens. They were 3weeks old when I got them. They are now 8 weeks old. I had an outbreak of coccidiosis. I put them on Corid and they all began to get better. I have them on a low dose as some droppings still have blood. However I noticed one hen closing one eye and keeping it closed...
  14. C

    Chick with hurt leg

    Chick hatched (naturally) yesterday. When we were checking on the hen and all her chicks today, we found one with a hurt leg. It has a couple cut places, swollen near the joint, and can't hold weight. We took the chick out of that pen and have brought it inside for the night. We are using a...
  15. Berryslippers

    Help! My hen is sick!

    HELP,!!! My beautiful ex-battery hen, Brittany isn't doing well. She is sitting around puffed up with eyes closed and seemed to be sitting in egg white but I couldn't find the shell. (I've been dealing with soft shelled eggs for weeks and giving her extra calcium, but she lays eggs at a rapid...
  16. T

    Help- baby chick keeps falling on side

    Hi everyone i really need your help! We hatched a chick in an incubator 3 days ago and it still cant stand. This is our 4th batch and we've never had something like this before. It already had some difficulties getting out of its egg at first: it stuck out its beak and could open the rest. At...
  17. chickenreyna

    baby chick eyes swollen shut..hatched the 12th

    It is 4 days old. Ive applied warm rag to it gently.. should i use saline as i have seen suggested? The warm rag doesnt seem to be helping.. everything else is fine besides its eyes are shut! It has eyes i checked, btw.. Advice Needed! Instructions too lol
  18. Resi

    snoozy chook

    hi guys wonder if you could help me. my australorp cross hen (about 18 months old) is keeping her eyes closed and is hunched up. I brought her in (veranda daytime, indoors at night - its getting colder here - NE Vic- at night) 2 days ago and she seems to be deteriorating but then perks up, has...
  19. BantamAshley

    NB Chicks eyes get stuck shut. Normal?

    I hatched 4 chicks 3 days ago, some of which were born with some minimal goop and egg shells on their fur, though were still able to fluff up on their own. The next day, I noticed that 2 of them would periodically have one or both eyelids get stuck shut after snoozing. They usually opened on...
  20. H

    New chickens sick don't want to spread to my flock

    Hi all, I've had chickens for about 3 years not many just 3 and about 6 ducks, I've never had mites or lice ever in that time so I've been luck, BUT I just brought 3 chickens from an organic chicken farm and they are full of lice /bugs and one is sick she just sits all hunched up and eyes closed...
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