1. Campbellsduckies

    Month old duckling crackling sound while breathing

    Hey I was wondering if anyone knows why my month old ducklings making like a crackling noise sometimes when she’s breathing. I can also hear her breathing all the time which I’ve never noticed with any of my other ducks. That’s the only thing that seems wrong with her. She’s eating drinking and...
  2. Clappmeg

    Looking for Silkie hens in CNY!

    Hi all, I'm struggling to find Silkie hens for sale in central NY. I would really like some nice show quality birds but would be willing to purchase pet quality as well! Please let me know if you have any resources. Thanks!!
  3. L


    Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? We’ve had chickens for over a year ❤️ New to hatching chickens (2) How many chickens do you have right now? 15 (3) What breeds do you have? Wyandotte, Silkies, Ayam Cermani, Orphingtons (4) What are your favorite aspects of raising...
  4. Denise KanDo

    Farm living is the life for me

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Bought my babies about a month age. First time chicken mom. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? I have 12 (3) What breeds do you have? 6 Leghorn and 6 Blue Australorp (4) What are your favorite aspects of raising backyard...
  5. nicoleee

    Possible Rehoming - South Florida

    Hello, I recently lost one of my 3 girls about a month ago (alpha) and Ive noticed a change in my two remaining hens. They seem a bit bored and almost confused. I live in an area where i cannot simply buy more hens to replace my lost one. Plus, Ive been working a lot so they dont have much time...
  6. Beacon Point Ratite Ranch

    Where can I buy ostriches?

    Does anyone know a reputable place in the USA, preferably on the east coast, that sells ostriches or ostrich hatching eggs? I'm getting ready to actually buy my first ostrich for my ranch, but most of the places I find in my google searches either seem sketchy, don't sell live birds or hatching...
  7. ChickChic00

    Organic Feeding

    Can you feed chickens organicly grown fruits and veggies from the garden and farm raised meal worms for protein?
  8. Lone Star Leghorn

    Texas On Farm Processing - Poultry and Rabbits

    I was searching around for Texas specific current information on small farm processing and selling of chickens, and was able to find this. Please keep in mind this is specific information for Texas thanks to HB 410, passed by the Texas Legislature in 2019. Thought this may be helpful to others...
  9. A

    Need help with Rooster

    Hi everyone. I have a concern that I need lots of help on. So I have a rooster that is crowing and I tried everything to keep him from doing so since we live in a neighborhood. We did like a collar that supposedly lowers the volume of his crow but I get afraid because last night, there was a...
  10. sonicsix

    Got our coop and pen done...

    We have 17 chickens, mostly Barred Rock and Buff Orpington. They came from people who no longer wanted them, Tractor Supply, and the local poultry auction. The small coop is from Tractor Supply and we got it and some of the chickens from a couple who no longer wanted to keep chickens. We built...
  11. Aris Farm

    Thanks for the add!

    I live on a small farm in West Central Indiana. I've had chickens going on 4 years. I am at about 30 chickens. A have a few of many breeds. Cochin, Easter eggers, bantam, polish, turken, salmon favorelle. I have ducks also. We also raise miniature goats and donkeys, alpacas and llamas. I have a...
  12. M

    Heritage Farm Chicken

    Hello all, I have recently moved to a family farm of 125 years. It has been furloughed for a few years since the last real "farmer" in the family died a few decades ago. I have taken it upon myself to restore an old hip-roofed barn of 1500 ft2, but larger animals are not for me so I will be...
  13. WarderosaFarm

    Warderosa (Fowl) Farm

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Been raising geese, ducks and chickens now for close to 10 years. Every year I learn much more than I knew the year before. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? Have well over 40 chickens, 11 geese, and 14 ducks. Try to...
  14. Claires Poultry

    Rolling Hills Farm!

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to Rolling Hills Farm! Here you will find out all about what I (and the rest of my family) do here on the farm. You will also see A LOT of pictures! :) We do a little bit of everything - gardening, growing exotic plants in the house, raising animals (cows, sheep, goats...
  15. Beccazon

    Poultrying...more than just chores.

    I have had my new flock of babies (10 chicks and 3ducklings) now for almost a month. Primarily we have them for eggs and perhaps eventually some meat. Of course they are cute and fun to watch so that is a bonus. I expected to hate doing the "chores". But I don't! Why don't I? I am not overly...
  16. C

    Hiya from Western MA!

    Hello folks! My husband and I just bought a small farm in western-ish Massachusetts. We've been raising hens for eggs (and fun!) for the last 8 years. One of our original girls is still with us and she still lays about 5 eggs a week! Cinnamon is a wonderful old girl :) We have had ducks in...
  17. TnJ_Farm

    Hello from East Texas!!

    Good afternoon! My family and I moved from Austin to ETX when we purchased land from my husbands family. We have been raising our three first generation farmers there ever since. We have chickens, of course! Black and blue copper Marans, Croad Langshan, Easter Eggers, Fibro Easter Eggers...
  18. T

    What are all the different Poultry and game birds that you guys farm for meat/eggs/etc.?

    I Don't have many birds at the moment, but I'm quite interested in what kinds of birds can be farmed. the birds I know of are: chickens ducks geese turkeys swan guinea fowl peafowl rhea emu ostrich partridge quail grouse pheasant JungleFowl pigeons/doves If there are any other birds you keep on...
  19. fuzzyMAn

    new set up

    I am working on my new poultry house for next season work. your contributions and advise will be sincerely appreciated. Hope this looks god for a 4 years experience farmer.
  20. NubbyRyuu

    Handsome Boi

    Just sharing some images of Slim, who appears to be a Swedish Flower Hen Rooster Mix.
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