1. S

    Breeds for Meat Birds?

    Hi guys! My family is on a journey to make our farm sustainable. (Check out Start Farming Now on YouTube to see more!) I have many laying hens of various breeds all of which are super lean despite some of them being "dual purpose" breeds. I'm looking to raise some breeds specifically for meat...
  2. GemmaGA

    GemmaGA: My Suburban Homestead/Self-Sufficiency Journey!

    So we started with backyard chickens a couple years ago (it really is the gateway drug to farm life....don't ya know...) About a year ago, we bought a new house on 4 acres. It's just on the edge of the suburbs out here in Northeast GA. I love this house. It needs work, and it's a little...
  3. RachelDawn

    Rescue Duck Getting Beat Up

    Hello! We have an Indian Runner duck we recently rescued with the help of animal control from a local park. She's a sweetheart. Unfortunately our Pekins (6) hate her. We have 5 females, 1 drake. The rescue is a female and is docile and submissive. So far they bully her away from food & water...
  4. 20211111_194242.jpg


    Made with eggs. Yummy brownies
  5. TundraFang

    The Crooked Roost: I can't stop talking about my chickens!

    I started a flock thread before but no one posted on it so I'm trying again! I love talking about my chickens, I have over 120! I also love hearing about everyone else's flocks so join in! I just bought 8 new chickens and 2 still need names. Here's a Self Blue Ameraucana cockerel, any name...
  6. Feathers1984

    We make farm signs!🐓🐔🐥🐣🐇🦆

    Hey guys, just wanted to post here about our wood signs/wall hangings that we make and cnc carve. Feel free to message me here if interested or visit us on our Facebook farm page Feathers and Fluff Farm. Most signs start at $45. We take Venmo and PayPal and can ship!
  7. piggyinthepink


    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I have been taking care of and loving chickens for about 6 years now. Was introduced by my fiance and I had NO idea I would love these little things so much. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? 23 + ducks (3) What...
  8. LizzzyJo

    Please share your tips and tricks! Any homesteaders out there? Anyone trying to live sustainably or off the land?

    What are your goals in hobby farming or homesteading? Off grid? On grid, but no grocery store food? Just the best parts of all lifestyles? I think that homesteading and sustainable living is about community - none of our ancestors did it alone! They had the wisdom passed down to them. We've...
  9. C

    Returning Baby Ducks to Farm

    Hi everyone, I was recently ( three weeks ago) gifted three baby pekin ducklings, and have been raising them in my house and backyard. I love them so much and spend a lot of time taking care of them, however, it's becoming really hard to take care of them constantly and will soon be travelling...
  10. Fn87

    Bumble Foot in Farm Flocks

    I've read quite a few articles from pet chicken owners giving advice on how to treat bumble foot. I know it can eventually spread to the bone or the blood or something and make the chicken go lame, so it is a concern that generally can't just be ignored until it goes away. Most articles talk...
  11. Joyfillednomads

    I Love having Chickens

    From first chicks to first eggs, and every grain and pellet in between. I absolutely LOVE having and raising Chickens. The waiting for the first eggs and one by one filling an egg carton. Trying to bake something special with each one. The Rewarding factor is amazing, and best expressed in the...
  12. MissTracy

    How I went from egg hobby to obsession

    I woke up in a great mood today. I got three new girls yesterday and decided to take some pictures and show you guys around my farm! I started my flock with six Buff Orpington chicks about three years ago. Added some guinea keets for good measure. And then chicken math... you just keep adding...
  13. Fn87

    Millennium Feathernet

    Hi I'm raising 188 chicks at a farm. They're seven weeks old and we're starting construction on their coops. The plan is to build a millennium feathernet. I don’t know much about the feathernet (I'm not in charge) but my understanding is that it's an open air plan. I've been told we'll be using...
  14. oneportuguesefarm

    Hatching for the first time and on stream....

    First of all, I'd like to make clear that Im not trying to advertise my stream or anything. I actually need advice/help. Background: I have a small farm with 1 goat, 3 pigs, a few ducks, geese, and 10-20 chickens. This year I decided to buy an automatic incubator to hatch some chickens instead...
  15. Fn87

    Pecking and Cannibalism???!!!

    Hi this is my first time raising chicks and everything has been going okay for the most part but I'm starting to experience issues with pecking since the chicks have begun feathering out. I work at a farm so we're raising around 300 chicks in a big brooder in our greenhouse. Around 70 of them...
  16. LizzzyJo

    Any sustainable homesteading friends out there? What skill should I learn next?!

    For the past 4 years, I have been on a journey of minimal-waste, sustainable homesteading (zero-waste is not an achievable goal for me). I have been reading constantly and immersing myself in youtube zero-waste and homesteading communities. I've learned to can, sew, use much less plastic, knit...
  17. L7 Farm

    Howdy from L7 Farm

    Heighdy ho We are a micro farm in upstate New York, surrounded by the suburbs but adjacent to about 1000 acres of open space. The town we are in, despite having been predominantly a farming community for most of its existence, banned chickens a couple of decades ago as the suburbs took over. We...
  18. W

    Integrating a 3 month old rooster into a new flock

    Hi! I have a wild rooster and 3 chicken siblings that live in my quiet neighborhood. I have known them since they were born and we are attached. They rooster strayed crowing today for the first time. The last time a rooster crowed in our neighborhood, one of the neighbors killed him 😭. If...
  19. prettylittlehens

    New to BYC! Help me name my farm!

    Hey y’all! I’m new to the site and still somewhat new to chickens as we’ve only had our flock for about 9 months. Anyways, I’m wondering if any of you can help me come up with a fun and catchy name for my farm? I hope to have everything up and running, so to speak, by spring and would love to...
  20. Bird_Lover_17

    What did you do on the farm today?

    Hey! This is a thread where you just say what you did on your farm today. Anyone can join with any type of animal!
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