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  1. docteurmccoy

    Doc's Flock

    Decided to go ahead and post my flock :) I have 6 salmon faverolles, 3 rhode island reds, one mille fleur d'uccle and one gray d'uccle Here's my rooster, named Father Time, he's the mille fleur d'uccle bantam Here's my favorite salmon faverolle, named Ruby, she had some sort of respiratory...
  2. salmonfaverolle5.JPG


  3. salmonfaverolle4.JPG


  4. salmonfaverolle3.JPG


  5. salmonfaverolle2JPG


  6. salmonfaverolle1.JPG


  7. docteurmccoy


    Thanks for having me!! (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Not new, I've been raising chickens for over a decade. Our first chickens were a pair of golden sebrights named Kernel corn (or colonel?) and popcorn. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? As of...
  8. Homie are you sleepy?

    Homie are you sleepy?

    Little Homie caught in a biiiig yawn.
  9. How to lose a finger at my house in 30 seconds or less.

    How to lose a finger at my house in 30 seconds or less.

    Peeps gang are growing up and learning how to mug you for food. Imagine, iv'e got ten of these little goblins. Wouldn't trade it :)
  10. Peeps gang 2

    Peeps gang 2

    Homie my "spinner" member of the peeps gang.
  11. Peeps gang

    Peeps gang

    Short gif of the newest kids.
  12. Chicken Whisperers

    Having trouble determining gender

    So in March we bought two chicks from a local hatchery, claiming to be both pullets. Now, since they’re older, I’ve started noticing some pointed feathers and a more erect tail on one. I’ve just assumed it’s a roo, also considering he is much taller than our pullet. Any thoughts or comments...
  13. Fromchickenswithlove

    Pullets or roos?

    Hi everyone 👋 so we have four flock members, 2 faverolles (salmon and bircher) and two warrens/goldlines. I’m wondering whether the goldlines are roos or pullets. I spotted what looks like the beginnings of a thin black tail feather on one yesterday and thought I should check. They hatched on...
  14. L

    New backyard flock

    I am Laylah and I’m in Washington state. I am new to raising chickens. I purchased 6 baby chicks, hatched on April 2nd. 2 silver spangled hamburgs 2 Salmon Faverolle 2 Blue laced red Wyandotte’s I’m really loving these birds... I’m excited fir them to start laying. Thanks for letting me join...
  15. KristaHB

    Help me figure out my mystery 5-toed chicken?

    I bought 2 mystery chicks yesterday. They're a week old. They have the sweetest chipmunk markings, hairy legs, and one has 5 toes! Likely some sort of cross? What might they grow up to be? I just love them so much!
  16. L

    Salmon Faverolle roosters in Montgomery,TX

    Hello, I need help finding new homes for these 12 week old salmon Faverolle roosters. Asking $15 each Or will also trade for pullets or young laying hens Located in Montgomery, Tx Please text 281-630-3787 if you are interested or reply on here. I do not answer calls, sorry. I get way too many...
  17. Pixie The Chicken

    Cheek feathers growing too long - what to do?

    Hello everyone! This question has been on my mind a lot lately: what do I do about the growing cheek feathers of my faverolles? As you can see in the picture below, my dear Lizzie‘s cheek feathers have grown so long sometimes she can barely see. Sometimes she seems to suffer from it and she...
  18. AnonPaperclip

    Do hens go broody after they've stopped laying?

    Another question about our odd little faverolle. All of our hens are past laying age (all the same age too) but when I went to go check on them, I saw the faverolle sitting in one of the nesting boxes (which they haven't touched in a while) Could she be starting to go broody again? Last time...
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