feather disease

  1. L

    Bare skin and poor feather growth

    Hello all! I recently inherited two Rhode Island Red hens (about 2 or 3 years old) as my Pop passed away a month ago. Any chickens that my Pop kept always ended up losing most of their feathers - poor things!! No one is sure why and being a silly old man he didn't seem to think much of it. I...
  2. 5

    PLEASE HELP…..Feather Loss = Disease!?!

    Hi! In Fall 2020, one of my hens molted early, in November/December 2020 two of other my hens began to molt, one of the two had a hard molt. When winter ended, my hen that hard molted fully grew her feathers back, but my other hen didn’t. Two more of my hens have this odd feather loss that...
  3. 5

    Missing Feathers Mystery

    Hello! So, November 2020 through January 2021, my chickens were molting. Only one of my hens had a hard molt, another lost feathers around her neck, while the others barely molted. The hen who had a hard molt grew her feathers back 2-3 months ago, while my featherless necked hen didn't. I...
  4. Elraishem

    Chicken’s feathers growing too close together? Really weird

    I’ve just started raising my first flock of chickens, and I have a 3-mo australorp named Merle whose feathers are growing too close together. She’s had a “fan” between her shoulder blades since her adult feathers started coming in. Upon closer inspection I found that she has some sort of skin...
  5. TheCrazyBirdGuy

    Striations / striping of goose feathers

    I feel like sometime a while back I read somewhere on this forum about striations on bird feathers possibly being health indicators. A goose i care for, Flip-Flop, (mix Embden and Chinese) started getting these on a few of his feathers. It could just be damage from interacting with the other...
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