feather lovers farm

  1. N

    Feather Lover got me

    I purchased 6 Frosted White Legbars from them 3+ months ago and have been trying to get a reply regardless the birds having black feathers in them. They told me at first them 10 years ago or so they bred with the chickens that have the very longgg tail feathers and that might be why but not...
  2. Lonnie B

    Trouble with Feather Lovers Farm

    Wanting to find out if anyone else has gotten took by Feather Lovers Farm at featherloversfarm.com I bought 24 Ayam Cemani's FLF and $654.00 worth of Silver Laced Orpington's back in March 2017 and I did receive my 24 Ayam Cemani chicks even tho only 11 survived at $100.00 each. These were...