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  1. L

    Corn/Soy base feed or Non Corn/Soy or both!

    Hi ! I found an organic non processed non chicken/soy feed that can be fermented to feed my chickens. I put it out fresh daily first thing. I serve it in three bowls to disperse it. At the same time I have hanging free feeders with corn/ soy processed organic. My chickens seem to like both. Is...
  2. PioneerChicks

    What Nutrients Do Chickens Need?

    I am working on getting to the point where I am completely off commercial chicken feed. Sop I am wondering, what nutrients are a must for chickens? I know they need protein and calcium, but is there any other important nutrients I don't know? I am sure they are, but I can't seem to find much...
  3. akmarad

    Can I feed my chickens their own eggs while on antibiotics?

    Greetings everyone! When our chickens undergo an antibiotics treatment (say Amoxicillin), we cannot eat their eggs for the duration of their treatment, followed by a 7-day egg withdrawal period. We just end up throwing their eggs away for about 2-3 weeks, which feels so wasteful. 1. Can we...
  4. UrbanHenKW123

    Feeding kitchen scraps

    I’m wondering how everyone feeds their chickens kitchen scraps or treats? Mine tend to pick it up and throw it around the run which is sand. Wondering if anyone has any gadgets they’ve created to try to keep the food in one spot ?
  5. J

    Feeding your chickens egg yolks

    Hey everyone! I am a pastry chef and baker and have a business out of my house, and one of the main desserts I make is the French Macaron. This cookie only uses the egg white of the egg and I don’t have many other recipes that use only egg yolks, so I’m always generating a lot of yolks...
  6. Sacri

    snacks for chickens

    CABBAGE: I had read a post about hanging a head of cabbage up with rope but a few commenters said their chickens got tangled up so here is what I did: First, I just ran a rope through a few leaves. Once they realized the cabbage wouldn't hurt them (silly chickens) they ate it really fast so I...
  7. Sacri

    building a large coop with minimal maintenance

    We finally have our coop mostly done and worked out a few kinks. We have 14 chickens so our coop is fairly large and we did make the coop and run high enough that we can walk in for ease of clean-up. Our coop is 7x8 and our run is 16x7. We used pressure treated wood for everything in the...
  8. veetown707

    Picky chickens need greens!

    I've got a flock of 10. 9 of them came with me when I moved to city limits from an apple farm. On the farm they free ranged most days and grazed on grass all day long. Now that they are a backyard flock, grazing is very limited. I'm trying to get more greens into their diet but they're so...
  9. Tlco

    Sunflower seeds or Kernels clarification

    Please solve the big debate between my mother and I. I say we can give the whole Sunflower seed to our chickens. She says no only the inside kernel the chickens can't crack the shell. So which is it, please and thank you. Can i give my chickens Sunflower seeds whole or should i just give them...
  10. Scotty from BI

    question regarding feeding chickens to avoid mice

    I would like to withhold food from the flock for up to about three hours in the morning. Let me explain. until recently, I have been waking up every morning when the chickens wake at the crack of dawn and putting food in their closed run. I put the food away at night to keep rats and mice...
  11. DeanneG

    Altering feed

    I am very new to having Chickens.. had my 4 girls for a couple of weeks now but I just read something that sort of freaked me out!! This particular site said that NOTHING else was needed except quality layers pellets and it was very dangerous to add other things? they quoted a chicken vet ...
  12. Equiem

    Plumping up an underweight hen

    Took my poorly to the vets yesterday and she confirmed what I thought - she is too thin, despite going to sleep with a full crop every night The vet queried a metabolic problem but encouraged me to feed her to help her get to an acceptable weight I was wondering what the best foods are to...
  13. K

    New Member - Have senior a chicken, 8-years-old and younger

    Hi. My name is Kristy and I am new to the site. I have an 8-year-old hen and she recently developed Wry Neck and a 5-year old who stopped eating suddenly. Both saw a vet and are in recovery. The younger chickens are doing very well. I created a youtube video to share how I feed an ill chicken. I...
  14. Aunt Bea's Egg

    Great source of information from U of Kentucky link

    Wonderful source from their Agricultural Dept - click on poultry links for an array of fantastic science based information. https://afs.ca.uky.edu/poultry/poultry-publications
  15. EggMan207

    Getting better flavor from the eggs/darker yolks

    Does anyone have any tips on what to feed the hens to make the eggs more flavorful or health? I think they are good now, but looking to make them better (the yolks are sometimes yellow and sometimes a are dark, almost orange color). I sell my eggs locally and people like the darker yolks and the...
  16. Eric Katz - Kulisha

    How do you feed your girls treats?

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to get a better understanding of what people prioritize when deciding to feed their girls treats. I'm trying to get data from a wide range of backyard farmers and would love for anyone and everyone to answer a few questions. If you could just copy the list of questions...
  17. strangeanimal

    what do you do if no chicken-or chickfeed is available thread

    Hi , I had the idea this could help out many if we just shared some info about how we manage to still keep our flock fed well when we either ran out and the shop is too far or they also ran out or you get unexpected new life and it is a holiday when the shops are closed etc . so upon request...
  18. Ahunt59686

    Feeding chickens

    Ok haven't had my girls a week yet but really love having them. Can't believe I waited 40+ years to get some layers. Their run has water and organic feed in it all the time. In the morning before work I let them out to range a bit and throw some scratch. Then they get locked into the run/coop...
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