1. felys

    Muscovy Duckling - Treating niacin deficiency. Mealworms ok?

    Hello I have a 3 week old Muscovy duckling that has a bit of a crooked leg. She's starting to step on her own feet. She has been eating non medicated chick feed plus brewer's yeast since day 1. I also started giving adding brewer's yeast to her water when I noticed her starting to step on her...
  2. AmberLittlejohn

    Broody hen isn't eating or drinking

    Hello! I have a diehard hen sitting on eggs and boy is she grumpy. In the past she has gotten off to eat or drink once a day but she's not budging. I gave her some blueberries yesterday but I'm concerned about her dehydrating. Do I put a hamster water bottle in her nesting box or what?
  3. the_kitchen__drawer

    How to Feed Mixed Flock

    Alright, I’m confused, for a flock with both chicken hens and female ducks, you’d feed all flock, yes? Would they need continual extra niacin? would it be bad for the chickens to add duck feed? What should I be doing? Also, can ducks have the supplemental layer feed? thank you in advance!
  4. H

    Are locust okay to feed to my bantam ducks and chickens?

    I really enjoy owning insects but my family only allow me to have ones that are useful - at the moment I have darkling beetles that act as my own mini mealworm farm to feed to my pets. I really want to get some locust, i think they're neat. I've read about ducks being used to battle locust...
  5. 1.5kg EcoTwist Chick Feeder

    1.5kg EcoTwist Chick Feeder

    Product Features 1.5kg Feed Capacity Ideal for Chicks Carrying Handle Heavy Duty Plastic Anti-Spillage Grill Decreases Food Wastage Minimises Contamination Removable Base (Easy to Clean) Long Lifespan Simple to Use
  6. Small Food Scoops

    Small Food Scoops

  7. 6

    What’s your opinion on Mealworms?

    Hello fellow chicken lovers! I was wondering what everyone’s opinions are concerning the feeding of mealworms to chickens? This thread might also possibly help others, find a lot of information/opinions in one place, concerning mealworms. Do you feed a handful daily? Twice a week? Once a...
  8. 6

    16% or 18% Nutrena Feed

    So I switched from Dumor 16% to Nutrena Soy-Free 18%, due to molting and the colder weather. However, I am considering changing to the Nutrena 16% feed, since its getting warmer. I like the soy-free feed though, and cannot find another nutrena feed that is soy free. Only the 18% is soy-free. I...
  9. E

    Feeding eggs to chickens on antibiotics.

    So, I'm treating two quarantined egg-laying hens with antibiotics in their water for three days for a respiratory infection. As per the antibiotics, we are not to eat their eggs until after 6 days of discontinuing the antibiotics. Can I feed these eggs back to the chickens or should I discard...
  10. NortheasternWiscoFlock

    This mornings shenanigans

    Love starting my mornings feeding the flock!
  11. Adil_Ali

    Feeding chickens

    I was wondering as to wether or not I should give my chickens unlimited supply of feed, or keep it limited and feed them once a day and let them eat as much as they can in an hour; then I remove the feeder? Cheers
  12. Utilizing the Parrot Chop Principle to Improve Chicken Diets

    Utilizing the Parrot Chop Principle to Improve Chicken Diets

    Let me begin by saying I am NOT in favor of forgoing a commercial chicken feed for my girls. It would be difficult, if not impossible, for an individual to formulate a nutritionally complete diet for chickens on their own. However, I am encouraging the use of healthy, nutritionally dense fresh...
  13. TundraFang

    How much food for crossbeak?

    I have a crossbeak/scissor beak EE and she's been eating mash for a while. She has stopped gaining weight and is less than 1/4 the size of her siblings. I've began tube feeding her 20ml twice a day. Is this enough? She isn't able to eat anything so the only food she gets is from tube feeding...
  14. Diveks

    Chick screaming when pooping

    So i have this chick that is about 3 days now, she is struggling to poop and the shrieking makes me feel so bad. She will squat for about 10 seconds shrieking. When i look at her from behind she is always pushing. She barely gets anything out, i helped get 3 little, what looks like undigested...
  15. Chickenwithnobrim

    Picky chicken? Won't eat till later

    So I have a disabled chicken, she has no top beak. I hand feed her twice a day with measured amounts. Shes eating less as the weather warms up but she's begun a new habit- she won't eat until around 8-9am. I want to feed them before work but she just won't eat. Comes out of the coop looking...
  16. C

    Chick not drinking water

    Guys i have a few months old chick she was fine but past few days she is just eating and not drinking water she is fine she eats play and do everything like normal chick but idk why she is not drinking water i even tried to push her head (half) into water but she just ignore :(
  17. yardn_gardn

    Feeding Dual Purpose Breeds for the Freezer

    Now that the hatch and the teenager stage is over, it is time to separate the roosters. Their breeds are New Hampshire Reds, Ameraucana, and Welsummer. While those breeds might not all be considered dual purpose breeds, they are for me. Fortunately only six out of the eighteen ended up being...
  18. S-t-o-n-e


    Some random wild peahens wandered into my yard and are trying to hang out with my chickens, currently I’m keeping them separate, what can I feed the peahens that they will like?
  19. M

    Feeding conundrum

    I have a situation that I could use some more brains to solve. I have some adult chickens (2 hens and a rooster) that were hatched last year and four chicks that are about nine weeks old. In an attempt to slowly integrate the chicks with the adults, I have them set up in a dog cage in the big...
  20. Goblin0601

    Feeding chickens via spreading food on ground to encourage foraging?

    Could I theoretically start spreading their food on the ground outside? Do they need an endless supply of food in the feeders left out, and I could put some food on the ground for them to go look for when I let them roam during the day? I figured this would be enriching for them.
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