1. WildPrimal

    My hens won't eat Flock Party Crickets anymore

    Hello everyone. I purchased a bag of flock party dried crickets to supplement my Rhode Island Red pullets' diets with some protein when they were about a month old. Initially, they went crazy for them. They loved these treats. Now my chicks they are 3 and a half months old and refuse to eat...
  2. T

    Metabolism And Feeding

    There are many local or indigenous chicken breeds on the planet that have never been fed commercial fully formulated feed. Scratch and scraps are used instead of fully formulated feed. a) What happens to the metabolism of these breeds? b) How will their metabolism change if they are fed...
  3. BigNan

    Feeding only roosters

    This may seem silly and a stupid question but what should I feed my pet roosters? They’ve got about a month until they’re full grown. But all I’ve seen and heard is what you feed hens, when they lay and stuff. It a stupid question I know. I’ve been feeding them grower feed and corn.
  4. J

    Blue Seal

    Does anyone know the level of niacin in Blue Seal Home Fresh Multi-Flock Chick n’ Gamebird Starter/Grower? This is the feed the store that had the ducklings had and said I wouldn’t need to supplement more niacin but I wanted to make sure as I know niacin is important. But they are also being...
  5. Maddog_photog

    Feed type info!

    Hey y’all! So my feeding plan for my two Pekin Ducks has been as follows: 1st two weeks of life - Chick Starter with Diatomaceous Earth w/ 2TBSP Brewer’s Yeast per cup of feed after the two weeks, I began cutting the chick starter with uncooked oatmeal at about 20-25% oatmeal, same...
  6. WatkinsCluckers

    Question about Fermented Feed

    I love reading the idea of fermented feed and the health benefits. I read up on it, but I always have an issue on how to even start. All of DIY tutorials always say to start with “chicken feed”. What exactly is this chicken feed? Can I use the layer pellets from the feed store? Or do I have to...
  7. luckyduck956

    Free Feeding Ducklings

    I have 2 three-week-old ducklings that are currently inside my house. Unfortunately I don’t have a separate barn or shed to keep them in. My house is starting to smell since they poop so much. Right now they are free feeding. When can I start feeding them at specific times? What times do you...
  8. cluckmecoop7

    Can pumpkin be fed as a treat?

    Hi everyone :frow I was wondering if pumpkin can be fed as a treat to chickens? I don't want to hurt them, and it's just for a treat, not for de-worming, etc. Also, are the seeds ok? Thanks! :) - Clucky
  9. Chickamama8

    Scrap food feeding method?

    Hi all!! I have 8, 10 month old chickens. I give them fresh produce and scraps daily (all chicken safe). I have a metal dish I put on top of a tree stump. They always seem to jump up on it or knock it down. When they knock it down the food winds up coming in contact with their poop. Is this...
  10. T


    Hi! I am new to raising chickens and have 9 Rhode Island Reds. They are currently 8 weeks old and I have feeding questions. Are they old enough for the "adult" grit? Should I feed it separately or just sprinkle some on their feed? Thanks!
  11. I

    Need help caring for my new Quail

    Hey all! My girlfriend and I bought a quail recently to care for, and we're quite concerned that we might not be giving him the best care. I have a few questions regarding how to properly care for him but before that a bit of information and background. -We bought him from a pet store and he...
  12. geniusquail

    Chick Not Eating or Drinking

    This is my first time hatching baby quail and I have a variety of different types. My tuxedo quail, though, hasn't been eating or drinking. He is 5 days old and while I can give him water through a dropper, he won't take any food. I didn't have this problem with any of the others, and I know he...
  13. J

    Feeding your chickens egg yolks

    Hey everyone! I am a pastry chef and baker and have a business out of my house, and one of the main desserts I make is the French Macaron. This cookie only uses the egg white of the egg and I don’t have many other recipes that use only egg yolks, so I’m always generating a lot of yolks...
  14. GrandmaKatnip

    Should I feed outside?

    I have 31 chickens who are 7 weeks old. They have just been exposed to the fenced in yard for about 2 weeks. The door to the yard is open every day, but they are very reluctant to go outside of the coop. What should/could I do to help them enjoy the outdoors, or is it too soon? Should I put...
  15. CityslickerHomestead

    “No Feed” Feeding?

    I read this blog about how how these urban chicken keepers essentially dumpster-dive to feed their chickens for “free”. They don’t give them commercial feed or supplements. What are your thoughts on this? The link...
  16. Rachmaginger

    Anyone feed kombucha to chickens?

    I have read a little bit about fermented feed and the benefits of raw apple cider vinegar, so would kombucha give the chickens the same benefits? I make my own kombucha and drink it daily and have wondered about giving some to the girls. Should it just be added to the feed or give them their own...
  17. m1chelle1

    Babies only wanting to "scratch" for food....

    GM BYC Fam,:jumpy:jumpy So I'm seeing something new with my 4 day old babies and wanted to ask the community. This is the third flock of mixed baby chickens that ive raised, and ive never had an issue getting the babies to eat out of the feeder, in fact they always preferred the easy feed...
  18. cluckmecoop7

    feeding your chickens...chicken??

    Hi all, I was wondering if anybody feeds their own live chickens, chicken meat. Does anyone think its wrong or something like that? I'm not feeding any to my chickens until I see what people think. Thank you.
  19. Lil' Jerry

    Picky Turkey

    Howdy y'all, My turkey is very picky. We give her game bird feed, but she eats very little of it. Some days she goes nuts for lettuce and grapes, and then other days she doesn't want to touch them! We've tried different seeds, grains, fruits and vegetables, but we can never tell what she wants...
  20. LizzzyJo

    What are your helpful 'Hacks' you've discovered for chicken keeping?

    I am interested in the small, goofy, surprising, cost-saving, and ingenious things that people have done that helps them with chicken keeping. We can read about the 'best ways' to do things, but when it comes down to it, it's often the simple hacks that help out! What're yours? My favorite is a...
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