1. hhouck514

    Have you used snow/safety fencing?

    Has anyone on BYC used safety fencing (aka snow fencing) for their chicken run? I want to use something that is cheap, light and portable. I would run an electric fence outside. The birds would be put in a coop when it's dark, but would it work for daytime?
  2. twinkletoes68

    Fence suggestions for ducks

    We have a preditor-proof duck house and pen that our babies go in at night but we want them to enjoy our yard during the day. We have 8.5 acres so we only want them to have access to a small area. We don't have a fenced in yard right now but want to build something for them so they don't go...
  3. F

    Sharing My Coop, Run & Movable Fence Set-Up

    We spent the morning putting up the fence for the ladies (Lavender, Peregrine, Coco, and Coco. No, I didn’t name the chickens). It’s a cool, movable fence that we got from a company called Omlet (if you’re interested, just Google “Omlet movable fence” for more info). We’ve had the fence for...
  4. DaSouthernYankee

    2 separate duck questions I need some help

    Okay forgive me in advance this is a long one. First I recently bought and Indian runner who’s was about 3 weeks old, 2 created pekins roughly made it to 2 weeks old and four chickens (not sure they’re reddish in color and I asked for meat producers) from TSC. I have a flock of ten already who...
  5. M

    How High

    I have 27 assorted chicks including Leghorns, Dominiques, and others that are 4 weeks old now. My coop is not ready and they are outgrowing the brooder. I want to let them out during the day, how high will my fence need to be? As I understand they are now at the max for the brooder, and am...
  6. Viksceeks

    Opinions needed for chicken enclosure

    I have a 40ft by 27ft area that I would like to chicken proof. I have 8 chickens total. Their coop is pretty much predator proof and I lock them up every night. I had them free range but they have recently been exploring my neighbors garden... the chain link is 3ft on 2 sides and other 2 sides...
  7. Ra_

    Heads up regarding the size of openings in Bekaert fencing sold at TSC

    In the Q&A portion of this 330' roll of wire on the TSC website, the manufacturer provides links to this image when asked about the size of their wire. The width of the openings is 6" I deduced that these dimensions were small enough to contain my hens. After hauling the 120 pound rolll of...
  8. theinwardcold

    Duck Run Fence

    I'm trying to figure out how tall I need my fence for ducks and my goose. There isn't many predators around, and less that can be harmful to the adult birds. Just trying to figure out how tall it needs to be to contain my girls.
  9. Duckiemom524

    Help what kind of fencing will keep predators out of duck run

    I have a duck run and house that ducks spend majority of day in then I lock them up every evening/ night. We built it last year with chicken wire not realizing that wasn’t predator proof till after it was done. I couldn’t afford to change it so I lock them up at night so they are safe. Since...
  10. kjat32

    Advice: using wire dog fence panels to build a chicken tractor

    Hey there, We have 24 (3 8-panel) panels of 4' wire fencing that we used for our puppy mobile run (pic). It's flimsy just by itself so I dont want to just use it as is. My idea is to incorporate it into a chicken tractor. The tractor has to be to able to withstand an 80 lb "interested" dog. It...
  11. RenoHuskerDu

    Electric fence grounding question

    There are so many good threads out here on electric fences that I decided to build one. NO MORE chickens on the back porch, in the garden, or in the crape myrtle beds. We like to reuse primary material. I have 100s of yards of heavy steel electric fence wire left over from the previous owners...
  12. hhouck514

    Roof for Chicken Run

    What would you recommend that I use for the roof of a chicken run? Would a UV treated netting work well? I have some chicks coming from Cackle Hatchery later this week, and I will be building a coop/run for them soon. I need to use something that can keep flying bantams in, but also keep birds...
  13. RenoHuskerDu

    How high a fence to keep hens out of veggie garden?

    Howdy, I hope this is the correct forum. I searched and only found dead old threads from 2014. We have 9 laying hens, 1 old maid, and 1 lazy rooster. It's time to plan our veggie garden. In Texas, if you wait too late, you get sun-dried dead veggies. I've never seen our chickens fly higher...
  14. SniperGoose

    Electric fencing?

    This is gonna be a long post, so please bare with me lol So we have around 1 acre fenced off for our chickens, geese, and ducks. The fence itself is 4 feet tall, and is chicken wire with metal fence posts. Since fencing that area off, I haven't lost any flock members to predators. However, I...
  15. thecreekhouse

    Omlet brand chicken fencing - a review

    Recently I invested in the 39 meter length of Omlet chicken fencing. ( You can find it by Googling “Omlet fence.”) This is an easy to install, movable fence for use with chickens. My husband and I found it trickier to put the poles together than we expected but once we did, we found them very...
  16. linsybird

    Extending the Height of a Chainlink Fence

    I live an a good amount of land with three acres fenced, and a smaller backyard right by the house. I’m hoping to extend the height of the backyard fence to use as a chicken run, but I’m trying to figure out the best way to do it. The main thing it needs to do is keep the chickens in, because...
  17. Hatching Escape Plan

    Hatching Escape Plan

    Every day I erect a barrier fence to allow my flock to have the luxury of grazing and these two, Zoe and Tesla, always manage to escape my well devised, at least, I thought, fence. So moral of the story, chickens are smart.
  18. Thechickentrainer1999

    Which is stronger?

    Which is stronger, 1/2 inch hardware cloth or 1/4 inch hardware cloth? Also is there any place to get it cheaper than amazon?
  19. Thechickentrainer1999

    Best wire to use?

    What is the best predator proof wire for a chicken coop/run. I've thought about using hardware cloth but I saw on "call of the wild man" years ago I believe that a coyotee chewed through some lady's hardware cloth on her rabbit cage. Is there anything stronger than that or would double layering...
  20. S

    Electric poultry netting

    I’m trying to figure out the best way to go for my run I will have foxes and critters being a problem where I live and I don’t know if it would be better for me to get the electric poultry netting or stick with the regular chicken wire. Any suggestions
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