1. minsin56

    what would be the most cost efficient and strongest type of fencing for an ostrich pen?

    im planning on getting an ostrich or two but im not sure what kind of fencing would be the most cost efficient but also the strongest
  2. Ra_

    Heads up regarding the size of openings in Bekaert fencing sold at TSC

    In the Q&A portion of this 330' roll of wire on the TSC website, the manufacturer provides links to this image when asked about the size of their wire. The width of the openings is 6" I deduced that these dimensions were small enough to contain my hens. After hauling the 120 pound rolll of...
  3. thecreekhouse

    Omlet brand chicken fencing - a review

    Recently I invested in the 39 meter length of Omlet chicken fencing. ( You can find it by Googling “Omlet fence.”) This is an easy to install, movable fence for use with chickens. My husband and I found it trickier to put the poles together than we expected but once we did, we found them very...
  4. thecreekhouse

    I’m math illiterate. Pretty please help me with this.

    Okay, I’m math... ummm... challenged so I could use some help with this. My coop and attached run. (It’s a chicken tractor so the coop sits on top of the run) are 3 feet wide by 14 feet long. I am ordering Omlet brand chicken netting/fencing to allow my girls SUPERVISED free range time outside...
  5. thecreekhouse

    Omlet chicken fencing?

    I am considering in buying the Omlet chicken fencing. I would use it around my chicken coop and run for SUPERVISED free ranging only. I understand that it won’t keep any predators out but is only designed to keep chickens in a certain area of your yard or garden. Has anyone used it? Is it...
  6. henaynei

    Will electric fencing work?

    Hi y’all I am considering getting some electric net fencing for my chickens. I’m too old to have to keep moving cattle panel fencing. My problem is that my chickens don’t try to go under my 4 ft. cattle panel fence, they fly over. Even though I’ve cut everyone's flight feathers on both wings...
  7. Jmash

    Daytime run - What to consider?

    Hello all BYC'ers! Sorry for the length.. just wanted to give a bit of a set up.... Our flock currently free ranges in our backyard, but for a variety of reasons I'd like to provide them with another space so they aren't in the back yard as much messing it all up. We have a somewhat unique set...
  8. Chihirolee3

    working hard on run building

    Sothis past weekend was run work. I put posts in the ground to make a 32x10' run. My husband and I made the ceiling out of old cattle panels, so his 6'5" frame can walk in the run. We also put horse fencing around the perimeter. Today I am digging trenches and putting chicken wire around the...
  9. Henrybelle

    Deer fencing to keep out flying predators?

    I just lost a five week old light Brahma to a crow. I plan on free ranging when they get a little bigger but for now I have half the backyard fenced off by the coop for them I understand that casualties happen especially when free ranging but for the meantime I’m looking for something...
  10. Soon2BChixMom

    Bird netting vs deer fencing vs fishing line over run?

    Hi! My run is 16'x16' cattle panel on 3 sides with a shed on the 4th side. I currently have welded wire around the cp to keep the chickens inside while out with them. They are housed in a prefab which has an attached run with an extension to use while I am not out there. We are building them a...
  11. ghostsnare101

    Do I have to use Hardware Cloth on the run?

    Hi all, So I've been doing a lot of reasearch about what kind of wire to use on my run and coop and I have come to the conclusion that almost everyone uses hardware cloth which is what I was going to originally use. Well after doing some price checking online as well as in store today, it...
  12. squidvicious

    Getting my first goat... maybe

    I've been wanting a dairy animal for awhile. I've gone back and forth between goats and cows. Cows have fewer fencing requirements, but produce way more milk than my family will consume. Goats need hardy fencing, but produce less milk and will probably have a lower maintenance cost over all than...
  13. Lauryn229

    $75 DIY 175 sqft Safe Chicken Run / Play Pen!

    Bumble Bee is my 3 year old Barred Rock who has been the sole member of the flock for the last 2 years. She gets along with the dogs and cats by letting them know she’s the boss. She rules the backyard! She is extremely loving with a huge personality and always wants our attention. So, our...
  14. Chickens&Dogs_12

    I need help with fencing

    I had my chickens in their coop all winter. during the winter i got a new dog. i decided to let them out a couple weeks ago and my dog was fine with them didn't really chase them or bark. later that night she killed two chickens. i want to fence them in more but one of my chickens can fly over a...
  15. ChooksNQuilts

    Non-Flying Breed Suggestions?

    I need advice on breeds that don't fly well. I don't have very tall fences (currently 4' chain link), as yet, and my chickens can jump up and over. The funny part is they can't seem to figure out how to get back. I have to open the gate and chase them back through. The back fence is 6' wood...
  16. Sunshine Flock

    Examples of how predators get inside a chicken run and coop

    We had a coyote come within ten feet of grabbing a chicken. They were free ranging, and we're rural in the woods. It was quite amazing to see a crouching coyote like that, ready to spring, and a miracle I saw what was happening in time to yell and scare off the coyote. But with the chicken run...
  17. farmerbrowne

    Tensioning 2x4 welded fencing

    Anyone have any tips on how to get 2x4 welded fencing really tight? Last time I used two boards and sandwiched theend of it and hooked to my truck to pull it tight. I can't now as my fields are too soaked from three weeks of rain
  18. BYC-user-452147

    Electric Fences and Rabbits

    I recently set up an electric fence to keep my chickens off the porch, the fence had multiple strands of the 1/2 inch polly tape and with in a day, the chickens figured out the fence isn't something you want to touch. The electric fence works great for the chickens they don't ever go through it...
  19. santoshreddy

    Security Fencing for chickens farms to protect form predators..

    HI everyone, I want to the different types of fencing available in the market to protect my chickens from the Predators and pests, I am afraid of the Predators entering into the farm. suggest me the best fencing to install.
  20. FunkyFaith

    Would this fencing work?

    We are looking to get 2 dairy goat does. The wire fencing can be pricy. But I was looking at the electric net goat fencing. The one I saw was 40 inches tall and 164 feet long. Would a goat jump out of that? Or might they learn its electric and they would be detered from jumping. Also we have...
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