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  1. Colesrogers

    Strange egg

    One of our hens was sick and didn’t lay for about a week. This egg was in the nesting box (our eggs are fertilized). The shell was very thin and broken and this was inside. I don’t know if it was from the sick hen or a new layer that shares the same coop because it was so small and a lighter...
  2. Lilchknmomma

    Are my silkies eggs fertilized??

    She's been a faithful layer since about 6mos or so. I get maybe 4 a week. Recently (I'd say about a week ago)my naked neck rooster "stepped on" her and she layed 2 eggs since nothing unusual. Today i noticed a little white speck that looks similar to those on google that show eggs are...
  3. SWilliams1010

    Looking for this breed.....

    Hey y’all! I’m looking for, I believe they’re called, Silkie Sizzles? I’m going to attach a picture of what my mother-in-law sent me. I find them online being called 3 different things. Thanks!
  4. F

    Can somebody help me determine which eggs are good

    I got 4 eggs, it’s been 14 days since I incubated them. I know two of them are yolkers :( but does the one with the blood ring have a chance of surviving, and also is the other one good?
  5. K

    Is this egg fertile?

    Hello! I’m new here. I have a silkie hen and bought her a silkie Boyfriend and put them together about three weeks ago. The have been “playing” lots and I’m wanting to know if this egg payed toddy is fertile or not. Thank so much!
  6. L

    WTB Silkie Eggs For Hatching, Portland, OR

    Hi all! I'm searching for silkie hatching eggs in the Portland, OR area. I would like at least 6 and am not picky about color. Because they're so cute, here's a picture of my broody with the last chicks she raised. 😍
  7. EnnieM

    3 questions!

    1. 46/89 of my shipped eggs have detached air cells.. I put them into the incubator in cardboard cartons with holes in the bottom (don’t have a turner) pointy end down. Any chance they’ll reattach..? Should I wait a few days to turn (well, till) rather than 1 day? 2. One of my incubators went...
  8. Chickenheaven93

    Is my egg fertilized?

    Silky chicken egg I got today looks fertilized but I'm not 100% sure. I have a roo. Can anyone help? (See photos attached)
  9. kirkyanne

    Bullseye? Does this look fertile?

    So I caught our 11 week old having his way with one hen in particular. I figured he would be shooting blanks. However just for fun I cracked open her egg and was surprised to see what appears to be a bullseye. Am I going crazy? Lol it looks different to the other cracked egg (at top)
  10. BestDiscoMan13

    Can mixed chicken breeds reproduce chicks?

    I have 4 Easter's egger and I'm wondering can Easter eggers reproduce? Well they are a hybrid or a mixed breed. It will be adorable to see baby chicks walking around.
  11. Takeylla

    Looking for Fertile eggs to hatch

    My boyfriend's parents have 3 hens and 1 has been broody for maybe a month or so now. They said I can get some eggs for her, and the types of eggs we're looking for is geese, guineas, chickens, pheasants, quail, or peafowl eggs that are hatching eggs for the broody mama. :)
  12. outlawfarmer

    Two RI Reds sitting on infertile eggs... can I add fertile ones

    For a few weeks my last two hens have been sitting on infertile eggs. They ate the other eggs around the coop and sit on 6-10. Can I take all eaten shells and all but one infetile egg out and add some fertile ones to their pile? If not how do I add fertile ones without them getting eaten.
  13. MasterOfAllChickens111

    Two hearts in ONE egg?

    If you look at the squares. You’ll see a really dark spot. Well, if you look at the square on the “8”. You’ll see a dark spot too. If I move the egg back and forth. They both move.
  14. DuckFrenzy247

    Fertile Duck Eggs

    Hey Y’all! I’m in the market for some fertile duck eggs! Willing to buy or trade!
  15. S

    Looking for Canada goose goslings or eggs to purchase

    Hello, We are looking to purchase a canada goose (or canada goose hybrid) fertile egg or gosling asap for our new homestead. Preferably 2. Where can i find them? Does anyone have any for sale atm? Looking for seller with permit to sell them. Please lmk if you know of anyone! THANK YOU!
  16. emmakate

    neutering roosters?

    i have a two week old rooster named beatrice (bee) because i thought he was a she. he is super attached to me because he was really sick when i first got him, and i babied him a lot. i have 4 hens and i really really do not want fertile eggs. i’m considering neutering because i don’t want...
  17. C


    I have a silkie hen that just started laying and I’m pretty sure her eggs are fertile. I do not have a rooster and she is currently separated from the main flock (I separated her a couple weeks ago) because she was getting picked on. Is this normal? Has anyone ever had this happen to them? Are...
  18. Phoenixmum

    Is anyone in Australia selling fertile black Sumatra eggs?

    Can anyone point me in the direction of where to buy fertile black Sumatra eggs to incubate form a quality breeder please
  19. Pela Phillips

    Mystery fertilizer

    Hi! I just cracked my first duck egg of the spring and found the little white dot with a halo. I only have 5 hens and have seen no wild ducks about. How is this egg fertilized? Have I been misinformed about the dot? Thanks! I’m mystified...
  20. pwhit

    Possible to hatch or am I harebrained?

    A couple weeks ago a predator killed our young rooster and 7 hens. Today I was cooking a couple eggs ... from our poor departed hens ... and noticed what looked like a "bullseye" on one of them. I've never hatched chicks before, but I suddenly wondered if it would be possible to hatch fertile...
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