fertilized chicken eggs

  1. Colesrogers

    Strange egg

    One of our hens was sick and didn’t lay for about a week. This egg was in the nesting box (our eggs are fertilized). The shell was very thin and broken and this was inside. I don’t know if it was from the sick hen or a new layer that shares the same coop because it was so small and a lighter...
  2. Colesrogers


    Ok I’m new so I just want to double check.... top is fertilized, bottom is not? (Bottom has not been exposed to rooster so I know it isn’t fertilized)
  3. A

    Finding Local Eggs to Incubate

    Just asking around if anyone has fertilized eggs (particularly silkies) around in Ventura County in California?
  4. I

    Need 2 DZ Chicken Eggs In Los Angeles Area

    Hi, I'm a teacher and we need 2 dozen fertilized chicken eggs somewhere near the Los Angeles area. We had eggs reserved but they were eaten by rats and now we can't find any eggs. If you are selling eggs and are somewhat local, please let me know. We need the eggs ASAP! Thanks! Gena
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