1. BestDiscoMan13


    I have “4” 12 week old Easter egger chicks. They are sweet as ever. We have gotten 6 more chickens 3 roosters we are going to sell, and “3” 6 month old hens we are gonna keep. However the chicks are terrified of the hens and roosters. What should I do? The hens step on the chicks and the chicks...
  2. BestDiscoMan13

    Fighting Chicks!

    Fighting Chicks! My four Easter egger chicks that are 4-5 weeks old peck at each other and sometimes even fight over bugs such as crickets. Some times they flap their wings and leap at one another. Is this normal or are they fighting and how do I get them to stop fighting?
  3. Buff-Blondie

    Rooster Gone Sour

    Hello. I'm new here. I work on a historic farm that is open to the public and help take care of 30+ chickens (we got some new babies and more on the way). One of the roosters, who my friend named Clux, has recently lost his dominance. Over the summer, he used to have a ton of hens following him...
  4. D

    Combining to 2 groups of ducks - Advice Needed Wild Mallards & Khaki Campbells

    The 2 wild mallard ducklings I raised this summer appear to be hanging around for the long haul. Which is wonderful BUT. I have a duck enclosure that is 20 x 10 with a garden shed off the side for night time housing. Fully fenced, top and sides. I had that enclosure divided roughly in half...
  5. C

    Younger turkeys all attacking old female turkey

    The babies are around 5 months and at first we thought it was the young males trying to establish a pecking order but then noticed they were all going after an old female. Not sure if turkeys try to kill off older turkeys as an evolutionary thing? Thanks for any info!
  6. DuckAunt

    Help my ducks are going to kill each other!!

    Hello (sorry for the long post), I am the aunt (my brother technically is the owner) to three 6-year-old Welsh Harlequins, we got them when they were less than 24 hours old (the picture of them is inserted). Their names in order of left-to-right are Scout (female), Ming-Ming (female) and Daffy...
  7. D

    Inbred quail?

    I've seen a lot of recent posts about people having aggressive quail that attack each other for no apparent reason (ie not males attacking males for dominance). I've had quite a few aggressive jumbo quail myself and one of my males recently pecked out a female's eye. As soon as I found the...
  8. Jamiebertone

    Trouble in Paradise- Rooster Edition

    Question- I have had an English Orpington (so big) rooster with a silkie rooster (but a sassy one) and five large hens (eng orps and brahmas) free ranging for 4-5 months now. They’ve been fabulous and we’ve had zero issues. The silkie was about 7 months old when we introduced them and the eng...
  9. F

    Chickens Fighting

    Hi I have 4 hens and 2 roosters and they are 2.5 to 3 months old I keep them in a wooden cage inside my house so today all the two roosters were fighting and when I removed one rooster the other rooster started pecking hens so I wanted to know why they are doing this and what should I do I...
  10. m1chelle1

    Wry neck from INJURY/fighting

    Hello BYC fam, So ive got what I feel is a strange case of wry neck (at least, for me it is) I know its from injury, my chickens have been fighting quite a bit. They are all 5 weeks old and seem to have...and interesting flock dynamic. Needless to say my favorite pullet Harriett, has injury...
  11. CoundonChick

    Quail with sore eye, hiding away from others

    Hi, One of our quail (probably about 4months old now) has a swollen eye with the feathers missing from between the beak and her eye. She's always seemed very nervous and happier to hide at the back of the hutch/coop but now she has been just sitting in the darker feed area of the coop in a...
  12. SchiB

    Bantams and Regular Sized Chickens

    Is it okay to have bantams in the same coop as regular sized chickens? Will the bantams get picked on?
  13. L

    Sick hen now acting weird

    I’m confused about a hen and appreciate any ideas. She was apparently sick, lethargic and sitting around with her eyes closed. I took her out of the coop and put her in a large crate that I use to isolate chickens. She hasn’t been eating much, but otherwise didn’t have any other symptoms. Normal...
  14. juno553

    Sexing pet turkeys

    I have two pet Narragansett and Sweetgrass turkeys that are about 10 months old. I think they're both males but I'm not completely sure. They both get moody during the spring and start fighting sometimes. Otherwise they're best friends. Lemon (the Sweetgrass) is almost always puffed up and Ari...
  15. A

    Why are my female ducks fighting?

    Hi everyone, I have two female muscovies. They have been cohabitating harmoniously for more than a year now, until the last week or so. One of my girls is laying again (they’ve both been laying on and off) and has been particularly broody. They’ve been separated from each other as broody miss...
  16. BrittanyG

    Roosters who were living peacefully, randomly started fighting.

    I have two roosters in my flock that have been living together peacefully for almost two years now. Well just since yesterday I noticed they have started fighting. I've had roosters fight before but these two don't know when to quit. I tried to stand back and watch, hoping they would stop once...
  17. kianoosh

    Will chickens that grow up together still bully each other?

    I have a small urban coop with 4 chickens (4'x3' coop + 4'x10' run, no free ranging), so chickens fighting and bullying has been a real problem. I had two of a breed called Red Cross (cross of Rhode Island Red with Columbian Rock), and then I added two Columbian Rock Crosses - through proper...
  18. ZorotheDuck

    severely damaged feathers from gander fight

    Hi everyone, We have a American Buff gander who got beat up by our Toulouse-Sebastapol gander. We found our Buff two mornings ago on the other side of their night-time partition with the ducks and our Toulouse-African goose and the Toulouse-Sebastapol gander. He was in the corner, looking like...
  19. Kris5902

    Boys are starting to be boys! What to do with these cockerels?

    Ok, so I may have gotten a little burned on a “chicken deal” for Sapphires. I told the breeder we have a farm, and think that equated “they can take a bunch of cockerels”. My “blue laying” group of 10 chicken has 7 cockerels (not going to be seeing many eggs from them, eh?) They were “about 5...
  20. Helenambm10

    Can i introduce 15 week old chickens to 24 week old chickens?

    I need to introduce 3- 15 week old Asian Blacks that I need to introduce them to my flock of 7-24 week olds(2 barred Plymouth’s, 2 orpingtons, one Rhode Island Red, and 2 EEs) would their age gap cause fights?
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