first egg

  1. M

    Who laid this tiny egg?

    There was a teeny tiny egg in the coop this morning! All our birds are young and we only have one bird, an Ameraucana, who’s been laying for about a week. Her first egg was 33 grams and her third/most recent is 41g. The tiny egg is 9 grams!!! It’s smaller than a quail egg! This egg is brown...
  2. M

    Our first egg!

    Our little lady hatched around December 18 laid her first egg today! She’s a blue Ameraucana, we’re still waiting on our salmon Faverolles, followed by a bunch of younger girls starting with a Houdan next month. We have a fully mixed flock so the lay dates are all over the place. The big girls...
  3. X

    my button quail laid her first egg and got very sick

    Yesterday my button quail laid her first egg. She is 8 weeks old. However, the day before that – she got sick (and she’s still sick). Her feathers became fluffy.. She stands all the time and hardly walks, never lie down.. She has also stopped eating and barely drinks.. She has had some watery...
  4. FoodFreedomNow

    Finally...Olive Egger Pullets Are Laying!

    What's better than a first egg?? :wee Found this little surprise today in the run (not the nest box - naughty girl - but will let it slide because she's new to it 🙄). Hoping it means the rest of the 6.5 month old girls will start laying soon, too. The pullet egg (L) is from a blue-laying EE...
  5. K

    Hen lays first egg in wrong place

    Hi! One of my hens (my first flock) laid her first egg yesterday- yay! But she did it in the back of the feed storage room in our barn instead of the nesting box. I saw her going there again this morning and picked her up and locked her in the coop. Now it’s hours later and she still hasn’t...
  6. Crazy Duck Lover

    Got my first egg today!! I have questions though.

    Ok I am SOOO excited!!! I got my first egg today! WooHoo! I have questions about egg laying and all that stuff. 1 - All my girls hatched on the same day. When should I expect the other girls to start laying? 2 - The egg is a dark color with white splotches on it. How to I get white eggs? 3 -...
  7. TundraFang

    My Egg Pipped!

    I'm just super excited so I made a thread! My girls just stared laying and I popped one egg in the bator and it pipped this morning! It's from my Sapphire Olive Egger (she doesn't lay green eggs but oh well) and most likely my White Japanese Bantam. It's pipped at the wrong end but I've had eggs...
  8. MochaLatte


    Today, at 18 weeks and 4 days... our lovely girl, Zoingo, laid her first egg!!! (She is either a Production Blue or Blue Rock, we don't really know). This is the first egg of our flock, but several others look to be getting close! Zoingo has been squatting for about 2 weeks and pelvic...
  9. F

    Our first egg!!!

    After a long and stressful week thinking 1 of our girls wouldn't make it (she's beating the odds!!) And another girl getting sick, our girl Hazel decided she'd bring us a little extra joy today and lay the first egg of our 6 girls!!! When I heard her singing the egg laying song I almost couldn't...
  10. jjunge08

    Our First Egg!

    :woot We have 8 Buff Orpingtons and this is our first time raising chickens. One of them laid there first egg today at 20 weeks and 6 days!! Hey Hey (named after the chicken from Moana) had been squatting in a submissive pose and following me around for about the last week. Yesterday she did it...
  11. Hannahnic14

    We're finally getting eggs!!!!😆😆

    My girls are 19 weeks old and we got our first egg on sunday!! I'm pretty sure it's from one of our McMurray big red broilers, shes doing the squat and was hanging around in the coop looking at nesting boxes and fussing. Lol Then I got another one yesterday! The bigger one was yesterday and...
  12. R

    First egg by our Australorp

    The other day our grandson found the very first egg of our very first chickens, in our brand new coop. He was so happy... It was a long wait of about 18 weeks since we got the chicks about few days old. In the next two days we got two more eggs. They are quite small. Hope they get bigger. We...
  13. D

    First eggs, one with very thin shell

    I’m so excited that my girls laid their first eggs! I found 3 eggs today! Two were in their pool and one on the ground. One in the pool was very thin shelled, kinda soft. I’m guessing it’s the one girl who seems to be more timid. Do I just add chick grit to their food? What food do y’all use...
  14. MageofMist

    Dolly’s first eggs!

    Dolly my blob of a Serama laid her first egg two days ago and her second today! Super proud of her! Now these two need to get their butts in motion:
  15. ChickaChickaChooCho000

    Is this just the first egg and will it get MUCH bigger overtime?

    Hi, so one of my newer pullets I’ve had for a few weeks now along with another hen, seems to have just laid her first egg I’m assuming. It’s very VERY small haha! It’s smaller than a pigeon egg. At first, I almost thought it was a young cockerel soon to be rooster because her hackle feathers...
  16. R

    First eggs

    My girl laid her first ever egg and unfortunately that one and the one after it was infertile (I incubated and candled to be sure) and yesterday she laid her third is it possible for this one to be fertile or are they all gona be infertile
  17. Little Chicken Lady

    What breed laid this egg?

    Hey guys! We got our first egg today! I have five hens that are of laying age and I can't figure out which one laid this giant egg! We have a barred rock, a blue copper maran, a production red, a silver laced wyandotte, and a light brown leghorn. I think I have narrowed it down to either the...
  18. LittleGreyFarm

    First eggs - there are four?

    Hey all! I have four ducks - two Pekins (one drake) and two Golden 300 Hybrids. It’s been nasty rainy here in the PNW for two days, so I stupidly let myself be lazy and not clean the run for two days. OF COURSE, I come out this afternoon to clean, and find FOUR eggs in a little nest. My these...
  19. Momoftres

    My first egg ❤️❤️❤️

    I thought this big girl was a Rooster for the longest time 😂😂 Got this lil egg today! I am so happy.
  20. Momoftres

    My first egg!!!

    I thought this big girl was a Rooster for the longest time 😂😂 Got this lil egg today! I am so happy.
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