first egg

  1. GreyMenagerie

    First eggs - there are four?

    Hey all! I have four ducks - two Pekins (one drake) and two Golden 300 Hybrids. It’s been nasty rainy here in the PNW for two days, so I stupidly let myself be lazy and not clean the run for two days. OF COURSE, I come out this afternoon to clean, and find FOUR eggs in a little nest. My these...
  2. Momoftres

    My first egg ❤️❤️❤️

    I thought this big girl was a Rooster for the longest time 😂😂 Got this lil egg today! I am so happy.
  3. Momoftres

    My first egg!!!

    I thought this big girl was a Rooster for the longest time 😂😂 Got this lil egg today! I am so happy.
  4. EHaag

    First Time Chicken Owner - Very First Egg!

    Hello all! I have a forum that explains the story of our sweet rescue chicken and this will include her new flock of friends we recently adopted.The link is here: Mabel's Story The exciting news is that we got our very first egg today! We adopted 3 one-year-old chickens from a local suburban...
  5. M

    Need advice: Wheezing and sneezing — laid first egg today

    THE SITUATION Pullet is wheezing and sneezing. Laid first egg today, so might heNone of the others in the flock (7 hens, 1 rooster) are showing these symptoms. Isn’t lethargic and is eating normally. Nothing obviously wrong or dirty in the coop. Video of the wheezing and sneezing: THE ASK...
  6. KerriChick

    The Freeloader Chicken Finally Laid at 8 1/2 Months!

    My super sweet and quiet Buff Brahma Flossie Nugget finally laid her first egg yesterday! I can tell she is going to be laying big ones, as her first pullet egg was the size of a regular egg. It felt like forever, but I knew last week when she squatted that the time was finally near. Hopefully...
  7. G

    Finally @ 30 weeks

    Have no clue which girl laid out first egg, but by golly we’ve got 1!!! They are 30weeks and 2 days, I was beginning to think it would never happen.
  8. alknoll

    What the heck is this? Weird egg.

    I found this in the coop this morning, on top of the nesting boxes. Current situation: of my 6 hens, 4 are laying. Two EE's are freeloading, but they have both squatted, although not regularly. One squats more/longer than the other. All 4 hens laid eggs yesterday, so I have no reason to believe...
  9. Finally the first egg!!!

    Finally the first egg!!!

    After being very impatient about the first egg our chickens will lay! And after researching that it was normal for them to be a little late, one of our chickens finally lay one egg just on time for my birthday!!!
  10. C

    First egg!!!!!!!!

    Finally! This was my first time raising day old chicks and I’m so glad we did it- our 7 ladies are sweet as can be and that just makes caring for them so easy. The chicks arrived May 28, all “Sapphire Splash” from Hoover’s via TSC. Rickets laid it near the nest box, so I guess she gets points...
  11. First Egg!

    First Egg!

    A sunny October day - late week 20. Nice firm shell, small tan and smooth. 6 of our 7 will lay brown. I think this is from RiR Rusty...who has an awesome egg song - and some said was a Roo from week 8 on!! Rusty laid eggs 3 days in a row now, about 24 hrs apart! Happy mom!
  12. Niks

    Egg bound?

    Hi. My Barred Rock is trying to lay her first egg. She’s been constantly digging in the nesting box and has been panting with her beak open for 2days now. I’ve been with her all afternoon. Is this normal behavior for the first egg to be laid? I’ve given her oatmeal with some calcium and she ate...
  13. M

    Started laying, now NO EGGS!

    Two of our chickens began to lay eggs for the first time this spring. They were free ranging and laying consistently. Over the last few days 0 eggs! Today we kept them in their coop all day, still no eggs!! Is this normal to go three to four days without eggs?
  14. HaappyHenhouse

    Cream legbar, our first egg!

    I was observing the squatting behavior for a few days and then yesterday noticed Lucy's vent looked a little different... Fast forward to today. She kept going back in the coop alone and putting nest straw around a favorite place even occasionally settling in for several minutes in the indent...
  15. Sycamore Hill Chicks

    How close do you think she is?

    My buff Orpington is 23 weeks and started squatting almost two weeks ago. Her sister laid a week after starting squatting. What's your guess on when she will lay? so excited! 😊
  16. JustLook

    White Leghorns Laying their First Few Eggs

    Please, tell me they get quieter after they have laid their first half dozen eggs? I have nine hens 21.5 weeks old. White Leghorns. The first egg came with a lot of noise about two weeks ago. The daily quantity slowly increased with the noise. Yesterday I had seven eggs. And the racket has...
  17. mrswright091716

    First time Egg!!!

    Hello Friends, So my chicken Pigeon Toady (silkie hen) laid her first egg this morning!!! I am so proud of her. This is her bery first egg. Posted a pic below of her egg. Also she’s only about 6months old, so I was surprised. How does it look? Should I rinse it off ? Is it ok to eat? We had...
  18. Fallenone05

    One of the girls FINALLY did it!!

    She laid her first egg! I've hatched birds before but it's always SO EXCITING when you get your first egg. I honestly thought she was a rooster for a while due to her colors, and I thought another one of my hatched birds would be the first to lay. My rooster was breeding this one this morning...
  19. Sarapher80

    So Egg-citing!

    Long story short, came home to my first egg today!! So exciting! Due to the wildfires here in Oregon, the air quality has been abysmal and we brought the girls into the laundry room in a make shift container on Tuesday. Yesterday one of my girls was acting super weird and she just looked...
  20. EmilyEnns

    First Egg

    After a long waited 22 weeks! I got my first egg!
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