first time chicken owner

  1. KenzieDenas

    Large shed refab to Goat/Coop

    What's cluckin chicken lovers? I got my sweet mixed flock on August 8th this year and had been working on refabbing the back of our shed for the chickens. I got it done and them out last week. Then I'll be doing the front of it for the Nigerian Dwarf goats we get next Spring. It was completely...
  2. sammi_lynn12

    New Member Introduction

    Hi there, my name is Samantha and I just bought 6 pullets last Friday. They are my first chicks! I do believe one is a rooster though 😅, we took a gamble in the unsexed tub. He is much larger than the other one that came from the same bin with him, I will probably post a photo when he/she is a...
  3. KenzieDenas

    First Time Chickens and Heat of Oklahoma

    Hey guys! (Sorry I can be long winded.) Im getting a beautiful mixed flock of 10 chicks the week of the 8th here in central Oklahoma. I know its late in the season, but by the time they are 8 weeks it will be October and starting to get cooler from this 100+ degrees we've gotten lately. So I'm...
  4. C

    Cockerel or pullet?

    Our California tans were all supposed to be pullets and the same age. Now nearly 6 weeks old and we’re thinking we have a roo, what do you think , have pictures of the rest of the flock if more pics are needed
  5. D

    When can chicks regulate their temperature and is that when they can move outside?

    When can chicks regulate their body temperature?
  6. Gwhite3678

    Chicken coop build at the White House

    Just wanted a place to document our progress in building our coop. It’s going to be 8x12 with a run approx 200ft. It’s located at the beginning of the wooded space on our property to keep them away from my hungry dogs and so they have plenty of space to tear up that isn’t my garden. There should...
  7. Gwhite3678

    Brooder expansion

    Wow these little guys or gals grow quick! This is my first time raising chicks and can’t believe how fast they grow and how much they eat! I had a little brooder enclosure I bought of Amazon but at 2 weeks I already felt it wasn’t big enough and they were trashing it quickly. I attached that to...
  8. C

    Brand New Chicken Owner!

    This is my first time ever raising chickens and I have done so from the very beginning using an incubator. I have two buffingtons and one Rhode Island (I think that’s what they are, I’m still VERY new at this) They are about 4 weeks old, I am very excited to be raising them in my backyard. I am...
  9. Gwhite3678

    New momma of 11

    Just brought 11 babies! They are so cute I hope I do good by them. My first time with chickens. I keep checking on them and they have been sleeping under the light or running around eating and drinking so I think so far so good. Waiting for my dogs to figure out they are here.. and the cats...
  10. the_kitchen__drawer

    Normal Chick Behavior?

    Hi, my mother got 6 Chicks. They’re green eggers from rural king, so I’ve been keeping my eye on them. this one, She screams, non stop. With her bill open she will sit there and scream and scream and scream. We noticed that if one of her sisters comes over and she can feel them, she settles...
  11. A

    Help! Getting babies in a week. Confused on feed

    There are so many options for food it’s a little overwhelming.. where do I start?? I get day old chicks next week. What do I need to know/buy? What’s the best option? I’ve decided on everything but the food/any supplements. Also does it matter which brand of electrolytes I buy?
  12. MikailaF

    New from Eastern Washington

    Hi there! I just welcomed home my first flock of chicks! I'm so excited to start this journey of suburban chicken raising! I've wanted chickens for several years and the time has finally come! After TONS of research, we built our own coop and run and are looking forward to raising a happy...
  13. CloneFly

    New Chicks!

    Hello Everyone! Just wanted to share pictures of my new chicks. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have 2 chicks that I rescued a few weeks back and since we obviously can't/aren't getting rid of them, we decided to start an 'official' flock and take in 7 more. So here they are! We have: 2...
  14. YPiedra

    First Egg from Our First Flock!

    This lady has had me so worried for the past few days, she has been very vocal, irritable, running around, going in and out of the coop, and today she started laying! She is one of six chicks we received in September 2021 from McMurray Hatchery! The first to lay, super proud of her!!!
  15. MaybeMay

    One of my 7 week old Australorp chicks not feathering.

    I have 5 Australorp chicks 2 pullets and 3 cockerels all feathered out except 1 which is stopping me from having them out overnight. The temp is generally dropping to 5c overnight but they are outside during the day. I bring them inside at night because of the 1 that’s not feathered. Husband is...
  16. C

    Older ladies - mirrors good or bad?!

    Hello! New here so please do point me towards any similar threads! :) I’m a first time chicken keeper with 2 Plymouth Rock hens, Princess Layer and Yolko Ono, both somewhere between 5 and 6 years old. They’re both still laying semi-regularly, have recently had a low worm count (50 epg) and a...
  17. agold23

    My flock as a first time chicken owner!

    Like many others on this forum, I love my flock and especially as a first time chicken owner I love showing them off, so why not introduce them? We got my flock from a family friend who now has over 200 chickens and turkeys, many goats, a couple dogs and soon to be some horses! She was kind...
  18. agold23

    First time chicken owner dealing with upper respiratory infection please help!

    I have a flock of 7 chickens right now, my youngest is 2 weeks old under the care of my 1 year old silkie hen. Yesterday I noticed definite URI symptoms in my silkie rooster. He has a foamy eye, swollen comb and sinuses, head shakes and his breathing is definitely different. He is in the outdoor...
  19. agold23

    Possible URI? First time chicken owner

    I have 20/21 week old easter egger hen who recently developed a swollen eye. I texted the woman I got them from and she said to isolate her (she’s in the 10x10 outdoor cat pen with a wooden crate to sleep in) give her antibiotic eye drops (we will shortly be picking up Visine eye drops) applying...
  20. Jlmiller5289

    I’m still not convinced 😆

    I’ve posted here a few times asking about my EE chicks. I’m still not convinced they are both girls 😆 They are 11 weeks old. I’ve noticed some rust color coming through on this ones neck and her pea comb looks more red and like it has more than one row. It’s definitely bigger than her sisters...
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