1. docteurmccoy

    Doc's Flock

    Decided to go ahead and post my flock :) I have 6 salmon faverolles, 3 rhode island reds, one mille fleur d'uccle and one gray d'uccle Here's my rooster, named Father Time, he's the mille fleur d'uccle bantam Here's my favorite salmon faverolle, named Ruby, she had some sort of respiratory...
  2. L

    Too many boys

    Hi Chicken lovers, I hatched several batches of heritage breed birds throughout the year in hopes of starting a few breeding lines. I also bought a large order from GFF of unsexed chicks. They are about 6 months old now and are mostly roosters. I have 80 some birds total and of that number...
  3. kelzey

    my little weird flock

    starting this thread so that i can have a place to post some pictures i take of my chickies, starting with some that i took today when i let them free roam for a bit outside of their run. (the first one is probably my favourite.. i love those funny, mid action shots haha) but as you can see...
  4. Norma_Lorp

    New girls - new drama

    picked up a silver Wyandotte and a buff orp yesterday to add to my three original girls who are almost 2 yrs old. Lost one of my brahmas last week due to unknown cause- it was always a little off so maybe there was always something wrong with her. Sad. The Wyandotte has quickly become the...
  5. L

    Anise for ducks?

    Hi all. I read on the duck treat/food list that ducks can have Calf Manna which is flavored with anise b/c ducks, etc find that very tasty. I have a mallard that was rehabbed and released back in the area where he was injured. He was released 5 1/2 wks ago and we take him a snack once or twice a...
  6. chickenchicklady

    We made it!

    Well, Folks! We did it! We raised all 30 birds with no losses except for one! I’d say that’s pretty good! And we got our first two eggs today! Are eggs usually pretty small when they first start laying? Or are these from my silkies? (The white egg is for comparison of a normal egg)
  7. C

    How do I stop the fighting

    Hey y’all I just introduced my two flicks to each other in a plan to mix them, as soon as I did though my Rhode Island red jumped on top of my americana and pulled some feathers, they have been doing this on and off for the last couple of hours. I purposely didn’t remove either of them from the...
  8. A

    New young rooster

    Hey everyone, new to the forum! Getting my first chickens tomorrow, we’re picking up 4 hens and a rooster. The 4 hens are about a year old and already know each other, the rooster is about 4 months and whilst all birds are from the same guy, the rooster doesn’t live with the hens. We’ve just...
  9. WildPrimal

    My hens won't eat Flock Party Crickets anymore

    Hello everyone. I purchased a bag of flock party dried crickets to supplement my Rhode Island Red pullets' diets with some protein when they were about a month old. Initially, they went crazy for them. They loved these treats. Now my chicks they are 3 and a half months old and refuse to eat...
  10. katiekate88

    My hens should be laying soon

    Hello all, my hens are almost to laying age (12 weeks old at the moment I have about 20 hens but of different breeds some are said to start laying as early as 14 weeks) my question is I've read once they start to lay they need switched to layer feed but only then same goes for oyster shells...
  11. Beanie99

    Selling a chicken with coccidiosis

    Help I was suppose to be giving a rooster away to his new home to a new flock on Wednesday but found today that he has coccidiosis! ): obviously I don’t want the other persons flock to be sick to either way I would tell them to quarantine but should I just tell them I want to treat him first...
  12. AlexD98

    Hi, I'm New :)

    Hi, I'm new to chicken keeping ( about 4 month) Any advice or tips would be much appreciated I have a chocolate Wyandotte (Ethel) Lavender araucana (Gladys) White polish (Lizzy) + her 3 chicks (polish X Wyandotte) (Pekin X Wyandotte) (Chocolate Wyandotte) Also RIP to Sylvia the Pekin...
  13. SmallTimeChicks

    What age do you introduce your chicks to flock?

    Hi there. I have 4 old pullets and a mean rooster. He’s not mean to the hens by any means; he does his job well. He simply hates humans. It's a small price to pay for the protection he provides my girls. I’ve been raising 8 female chicks in the same coop, with the chicks separated in a rabbit...
  14. Fromchickenswithlove

    Pullets or roos?

    Hi everyone 👋 so we have four flock members, 2 faverolles (salmon and bircher) and two warrens/goldlines. I’m wondering whether the goldlines are roos or pullets. I spotted what looks like the beginnings of a thin black tail feather on one yesterday and thought I should check. They hatched on...
  15. Q

    All male for small flock?

    I only plan to have quail as far as poultry goes, so would I be able to have a small all male guinea flock? Im going to have my quail caged but the guinea roam free/cooped at night. Would having a small flock of, let's say, 3 or 4 males work?
  16. AbbysSilkies

    Civil Unrest in the Coop

    Hello! i have 4 2-year-old ISA Brown hens who are as sweet (to people) as can be. One of them can be testy but nothing like a leghorn or RIR; if you move too quickly they crouch. They’ve always been absolute babies, and they let me cuddle them and get along well with the goats. In February of...
  17. K

    Noisy chickens!!

    We have a flock of 8 hens who happily live in our back garden. They have an Eglu fox proof coop meaning in the summer they don’t need to be shut in their coop at night. Over the last few weeks one chicken in particular, (the second in the pecking order) has been making an extremely loud...
  18. L

    New backyard flock

    I am Laylah and I’m in Washington state. I am new to raising chickens. I purchased 6 baby chicks, hatched on April 2nd. 2 silver spangled hamburgs 2 Salmon Faverolle 2 Blue laced red Wyandotte’s I’m really loving these birds... I’m excited fir them to start laying. Thanks for letting me join...
  19. lisette30

    I have a pigeon that has joined my hens !

    Just a quick question. About a week ago, a pigeon just flew in and joined my flock of Brahma hens. The bird eats their food, dust bathes with them, follows them around all day, joins them in the coop at night, etc. The bird has NO BANDS on its feet. I know *nothing* about pigeons. Can anyone...
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