1. I

    Too many drakes

    I know the answer, but I just need to hear it from experienced readers. I have two drake Welsh Harlequins and a drake runner that are having lots of chasing and dominance/mating activity. They continue in their night pen. They are exactly 9 months old. A 3 month old pair of Pekins, duck & drake...
  2. M

    chickens in the canal

    so i just found some breeds of chickens and roosters that i found around the canal in the neighborhood in Miami where my dad's house is and i don't know any of them, is it okay that i need to get help to ID these canal and neighborhood dwelling chickens
  3. KimN

    Beautiful Lavender Orpington rooster Daytona,Florida

    I have 2 big beautiful lavender Orpington roosters. At least one too many for my four girls. One is looking for a good soup pot free home. Hatched June 12th. They are both good natured, get along with each other and are very friendly with their humans.
  4. bateshomesteaddream

    Green Queen EE crowing pullet for sale

    She is a crowing hen so she needs to live where roosters are allowed. We live in SW FL. She is about 23 weeks old. We don't want to re home her but where we live we are not allowed to have roosters & to be kind to our neighbors & not attract a visit from the city we are. We have raised her from...
  5. FloridanaFarms

    Chicken Tractor Trailer For Sale

    Hello! We are selling a Florida Coop chicken tractor trailer my husband designed and built. He built this coop on top of a pop up camper trailer frame. We built one before that we currently use with our own flock. Since my husband has a lot of free time over the Winter, he decided to build one...
  6. Llcoolj

    Pavloski Rooster: 10 months Florida

    We have a beautiful Pavloski Rooser for sale or offered on loan as a mating partner. We bought him 4 days after he hatched (November 25th, 2018) from a lady who owns a farm in central Florida and bought the fertile eggs from greenbriar farm. We have three beautiful 2 week old chicks as a...
  7. H

    2 roosters free to good home (SW FLORIDA)

    This is my first time owning chickens and I ended up with 3 roosters and 1 hen!!! This obviously will not work for me as we would like laying hens. They get along great and I would prefer not to separate them, but that's not a requirement. Maybe if anyone knows of a farm or any advice, as I...
  8. TwoChicksChix

    Looking for D’uccle Breeders in Florida!

    Hey everyone, I have a friend who hatched out some chicks for another mutual friend. They were Mille Fleur D’uccles. At first, my friend was supposed to keep some of the chicks, well since our mutuals rooster died she wants to know if she can have all four back because it’s all she has left of...
  9. Wifeygirl

    Bantam Silkie and a Blue Maran available near Tampa/Sarasota FL

    We bought baby chicks from Tractor Supply in April. Unfortunately, my 2 favorite turned out to be Roosters. City ordinance won't allow me to have a rooster. So, if you know anyone nearby or just want to share in other social media that would be much appreciated...never know, a friend of a friend...
  10. J

    Bringing birds to the beach

    I'm wondering if there are any laws against bringing some of my Quail to the beach I'm going to bring a small chicken tractor made for quails to the beach and let them dust bathe in the sand. I live in Jupiter Florida and it would be greatly appreciated if someone had a source on any rules...
  11. FloridaSunnyDays

    Japanese Onagadori Roosters FLA for sale

    I have two juvenile Japanese Onagadori roosters for sale. Docile, organic feed fed, happy boys. Too many roosters in the flock so two must unfortunately go :( We are located in north central Florida, north of Ocala. Will not ship. $40 each.
  12. TwoChicksChix

    ISO Blue Wheaten Ameraucana Hatching Eggs or Chicks

    Hey everybody, I’m really distraught right now. A bad storm came rolling in to Florida last week that knocked the power out at my house for about two hours while I was at work. Well I tried to make sure everything was okay with my eggs in the incubator, but they were on the last three days of...
  13. R

    Adult rooster foot becoming deformed now walking on wrist! What is causing this?!

    My 5 year old rooster had bumblefoot years ago and pneumonia in 2015, and made it through those, though he was left with a sneeze. I moved him to the Florida panhandle and over the past several weeks I noticed his legs/ feet seem swollen and red, but it's always kind of looked like that. Then...
  14. Marme

    Best Florida hatchery?

    I am potentially looking at all of my 10 chicks being roosters besides the cream legbar.... Not sure that I want to go through with raising straight run again this year only to get all roosters again. Can anyone give me their reviews on florida breeders or hatcheries that ship confirmed...
  15. MrsANC

    Duck ownership in Bradenton Florida

    Hello, I am new here and saw this thread about backyard ducks. Does anyone know if it’s legal to have ducks as pets in Bradenton, Florida? Or if you have to get any permits? I am hoping to get 2 Indian runners and 2 Peking ducks. No drakes. I would like to eventually get the limited license...
  16. S

    ATTN South Florida Chicken Owners: Can I buy 1 hour of your time and advice for $40?

    Are there any chicken experts in Broward that I could pay $20 to drive over and give me their opinion/recommendation on my flock's health and coop set-up? I have 5 silkies and live in the north fort lauderdale/pompano beach area. I'm very new to chickens and their poos are getting weird...
  17. ammyg

    FL chick

    hello, I just recently got 4 chicks and cant wait for the eggs. I have 2 that are about 2 months now and the other 2 are about 2 weeks. They are different breads and they are like night and day. The 2 older ones are outside now and really seem to be loving it and I cant wait til they all can...
  18. Kacie100

    Hi All! Excited to start this journey!

    Hi! I haven't had any for about 6 years since I moved from Washington state to Florida. Previously had a mixed flock of abt 5 layers. Currently living in the suburbs so truly looking for backyard chickens. I mainly want them for eggs, but dont need a ton, and because even though we live in a...
  19. B&B duck lady

    Handsome Muscovy male 4 weeks Duckling

    Muscovy Duckling male - ADOPTION - 4 weeks old. PET Only - NOT Consumption. Could arrange the delivery (Florida Only). DESCRIPTION: This duckling is incredible, will follow you around, tame and friendly as a puppy. Has a super peaceful temperament. Likes his chest stroked and bill and neck...
  20. TashaFrancois

    Wish the ladies luck!

    We just shipped pullets for the first time. We sold 4 started Ayam Cemani pullets to @Tyrovive. Shipped overnight from Kansas City, MO to Yulee, FL. I gave them all a spa day yesterday and added electrolytes to their water. In the box are fresh apples and zucchini. Below are some photos. I’m...
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