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  1. C

    Is it okay to feed four week old button quail complete crumble?

    Hi, I currently have 14 button quail that are on a starter crumble with 24% protein with added egg yolk powder and dried black soldier larvae for additional protein But I will run out on my starter food in a week maybe a week and a half. I understand there should be transition time when it...
  2. C

    Button Quail Food

    Hi everyone! Im trying to look for some food advice. so far my button quail are 13days old. they are on the Manna Pro Gamebird and Showbird Starter Grower, 24% Protein, and i understand they could stay on this diet for up to 6-8 weeks. I also add some quail yolk in the food for extra protein...
  3. Wordstoyourface

    What do i feed my mixed age flock?

    Hi! I have around 30 chickiens,chickens, from 12 weeks to 25 weeks. I've noticed my younger ones are very thin. Everyone is active and eating. They all get along,I have cameras and check in periodically throughout the day while I'm at work. My layers are laying fine. I have 1 roo,and potentially...
  4. Morgan Singh

    Should I change the food my chickens eat?

    Ever since I got my chickens I have been feeding them the same food ( pic below shows it ). They are around 2-3 months old now, should I change there food? ( If I should anyone got any recommendations? )
  5. M

    Recommendations for Chukar Partridge Feed?

    Due to a possible infection caused by the dried game bird feed, I'm looking for any suggestions or recommendations on what to feed my adult Chukar Partridges. Are there any brands of game bird feed that is the gold standard? What percent of protein is typically ideal for adult partridges...
  6. H

    Last transition off medicated feed, is this bad?

    Hi BYC! We have three poullettes/hens we got from chicks and started them on medicated feed. The feed store where we got them as chicks told us to only switch to grower when we reached a quarter of the medicated feed bag left. Now almost 12-13 weeks later, I'm seeing that that may be a tad...
  7. MetroMutt

    Good food brands on Chewy??

    Ok was wondering if anyone had good food suggestions that we can buy on Chewy, we currently use the dumor brand but we dont like supporting tractor supply and its a bit far from us since we are in a suburban area/the only one with any type of "farm" animal in atleast 10-20 miles. We are...
  8. AmberNate

    Coop Setup? Food, shavings..etc.

    Hi everyone! I'm a brandy new chicken mama and have 4 eight week old Easter eggers. They're still in their brooder and we will be moving them to their coop in the next couple weeks. They have a small attached outdoor run, and then a ramp into their indoor coop. They run is on dirt/weeds. Here...
  9. R


    My teenager is managing our backyard chickens and doing a great job. But he's being overprotective (imo) in what he's willing to feed them. It comes from a good place in that he's concerned that they not eat anything that will harm them. So my question is: I've read that cooked beans are OK...
  10. J

    What to feed

    Hi, I just got 4 ducklings. Currently they are on Blue Seal Home Fresh Multi Flock chick n’ game bird starter/grower (the green bag) and I did ask the person selling if niacin levels were good and she said yes. But me being me I want to make sure. I also do plan on letting them be outside as...
  11. Ducklover875


    Hello! I recently bought a duckling I’ve had it for about a week now it’s drinking more water then eating is that normal? Should I be worried? Pls help :((
  12. Jazzychilli

    G’day from Australia 🇦🇺

    G’day I am new to this group. And I’m really looking forward to learning more about chickens I grew up on a chicken farm in Canada but don’t remember a great deal about them - and then moved to Australia 🇦🇺 18 years ago. A few months ago I bought two Australops Meet Jazzy and Chiilli They...
  13. S

    I need supplement duckling food

    So today I went out of town, and our family recently adopted 3 day old khaki Campbell’s. They are now a week and a half old, and we had to take them out of town with us as no one could take care of them. Unfortunately, we underestimated their food consumption, and we are running low on their...
  14. Gerby26

    Muscovy duckling questions

    Hello I am trying to prepare for my ducklings(6) coming soon and I am having difficulty deciding what food to get them, I wanted to get mazuri waterfowl starter, and maintenance feed. I know its a tad expensive but I was concerned if 25 lbs would be enough for 6 ducklings and how long I should...
  15. A

    Where to store extra feed?

    I have been wanting chickens for years, and am just now getting ready to finally take the plunge. I want a large coop with a separate area for storing extra feed and stuff, but that isn’t in our budget right now. The smaller coops that do not have an area separate from where the chickens...
  16. S

    Feeding my duck???!!

    I live a couple hours drive from the nearest places to find duck feed for my duckling. Will feeding the little guy non-medicated chicken starter & grow be okay?
  17. Phantom_k9

    How do you get your chickens to start eating a new kind of food?

    We have been feeding our chickens a special feed that has anti-biotics in it, and is meant for baby chicks to young adult chickens. The new food is in the form of pellets. Thing is, as far as we know our chickens refuse to touch the stuff. While they are free ranged, we fear they may not be able...
  18. Dfarago

    Fodder systems

    I’ve looked into doing fodder for my Muscovies for a while. We plan on doing duck weed in the future but that’s on hold until we can get supplies. what are some good seeds to use for a fodder system? And where is a good, inexpensive source?
  19. ChickenPerson999999

    What's the best egg laying chicken breed?

    What's the best chicken breed for egg production? I want a fantastic egg laying chicken that has a long lifespan that lays alot of eggs, I would also like it not to eat much food so it's easy to feed. Any idea what kind of chicken breed would be good for me?
  20. Meggymojo

    Chickens eating caterpillars

    While watering my plants today I took the leisurely sit while soaking them when I met myself eye to eye with a bright yellow caterpillar. I was unfamiliar with the species so I gloved up to remove it, before noticing another. Then another. And another. Suddenly I realized that my Sweet broom...
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