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  1. I Like Ducks

    I need advice about my ducklings!

    This is the smallest one out of the three and the other ones seem to have a darker brown fur. I found three mallard ducklings a few days ago and there mom was killed by my neighbors dog and I need help. First off, how do I tell their gender. Secondly, how do I know their age. Finally, how do I...
  2. McChickenMc

    6 weekers: ready for coop? Fly? Scraps?

    I have 4 6 week old chickens. They are getting big fast. Due to small kids, we don't hold them frequently, so I'm trying hoping food scraps can help win their trust. We are prepping our coop and I think they would like it better outside (50-60degreed day, 40 night). In the interim, I'd like to...
  3. Henrybelle

    What’s wrong with my pullets?! They will hardly try any fresh fruit or veggie scraps

    It’s not like I’m offering them rotten or moldy not even wilty scraps , literally fresh scraps and they want nothing to with them?! Lettuce nope! Watermelon nah! Cucumber fat chance! A couple will appear interested but they taste once or twice and look at me like I’m crazy. Am I crazy? They are...
  4. Keeping Chickens On A Budget: Tips From 'The Queen of Freecycle'

    Keeping Chickens On A Budget: Tips From 'The Queen of Freecycle'

    A few years ago I decided to make annual records of everything I got for free (ok, so I’m a bit OCD, but its been fun and informative to look back on them). I place online ads or answer them; finds things at the side of the road or in the free pile at a garage sale; get fruits and veggies from...
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