1. TK421

    When will new mama start eating again?

    We slipped 11 chicks under my broody Barred Rock 5 days ago. We notice she‘s a very good mama. I had no idea that she would feed them treats (that I give her) or that she would show them where food was and break up their crumbles into even smaller pieces. Fascinating! but that’s my question...
  2. chickenchicklady

    Fermenting chick feed

    Good evening! I am wanting to ferment my chick feed. I have searched through multiple threads and looked online, but I just can’t find the answer. What ratio of water:feed do I use? And how much do I make at a time? What container do I use? And how much do I give them? Is it just like basic...
  3. K

    2.5 week old duck, abnormal poop, lethargic

    My duck is 2.5 weeks old. Having trouble walking. One leg isn’t working. Cannot support its own weight for more than a few steps. It has been eating and drinking, but it has taken convincing to get it to. It also has a very tight neck. It’s poop is pretty inconsistent to say exactly what type of...
  4. C

    Chicken and duck questions

    Hello all, i had a couple questions if someone wouldn't mind helping me out. 1) can i use grass clipping from my yard inside my coop and run? 2) my ducks are about 8-9 weeks old and my chickens are about the same age. My question is here is when can i move them out to my run/coop. The coop...
  5. D

    Food question for my Pekin duckling?

    I’ve had my indoor pekin duckling for about 3 weeks now. He’s 6 weeks old, and I currently leave the food and water out all night for him. I was wondering if it would be safe to put the food and water away over night, and put it back out when he wakes up in the morning?
  6. Gerby26

    Muscovy duckling questions

    Hello I am trying to prepare for my ducklings(6) coming soon and I am having difficulty deciding what food to get them, I wanted to get mazuri waterfowl starter, and maintenance feed. I know its a tad expensive but I was concerned if 25 lbs would be enough for 6 ducklings and how long I should...
  7. B

    Hen sounding weird

    Hi, my bantam Silkie chicken started sounding weird today (video included) and I have no clue why. She have eaten apple, pear, her usual food and some tomatoe this week. Could it be the food that's wrong. Or has she swallowed something. Either way I gave her some antibiotics. It would be nice...
  8. A

    Where to store extra feed?

    I have been wanting chickens for years, and am just now getting ready to finally take the plunge. I want a large coop with a separate area for storing extra feed and stuff, but that isn’t in our budget right now. The smaller coops that do not have an area separate from where the chickens...
  9. Shrubadubblub

    Providing vegetation and bugs for a blind rooster

    Hello everyone! I've been lurking around BYC for a bit now but just decided to join to ask my own question! We rescued a fighting rooster (Joe!) who was blind in one eye. He was the very beginning of our chicken adventure! We never planned on having chickens, but took him in because it was the...
  10. Tre3hugger

    Shiitake Mushroom Farming on Logs at Earthen Acres

    Hey everyone. Today I am starting my shiitake mushroom grow process. Figured i'd share...PART 1 Last week I cut down a white oak tree, and ordered a set of 1000 shiitake mushroom plug spawns from field & forest website. Today I spent the morning processing the oak, preparing it for inoculation...
  11. Chris_HV_NY

    Cleanliness of coop, water, feed - me vs neighbor

    I have a debate going on with a neighbor who also has chickens. I am stringent about cleanliness and she makes fun of me for being too fussy. Maybe I am or maybe she is being foolish. In her coop the chickens roost in the rafters above her nesting boxes, her water supply, and feed supply. She...
  12. IMG_0020.jpg


    Red velvet Buff Orpington cupcakes for my nine-year-old's birthday.
  13. PhillyDelcoChix

    Cheap and healthy natural snack for hens

    Hello all, Just checking in on what you guys have found your chicks love, especially fruits, veg, grains, herbs...anything that can be relatively inexpensive and/or even better: grown in my backyard!!! 🍅 🌽 🌶🥒🍎🥬🍓🍍🍏🍌🥕🍒🥭🍈
  14. PhillyDelcoChix

    Raising Organic Chickens for Eggs

    Hello, This is my first question to you experts. My family and I have recently purchased 8 chicks, 4 Easter eggers and 4 rare Marens, and have decided to raise them on all organic feed, food, etc. We don’t use pesticides or fertilizers aside from our own compost. I really want some info on...
  15. TheChiggens

    What is Your Favorite Christmas Dish? (PARTY!)

    For me, we have coffee cake and YUM IS IT GOOD! :drool:drool:drool What do other people look forward to eating at Christmas? Let's make this chat long! (foods my favorite topic aside from chickens!)
  16. P

    How do you get your chickens to start eating a new kind of food?

    We have been feeding our chickens a special feed that has anti-biotics in it, and is meant for baby chicks to young adult chickens. The new food is in the form of pellets. Thing is, as far as we know our chickens refuse to touch the stuff. While they are free ranged, we fear they may not be able...
  17. momofjandj

    Balanced feed?

    I recently had a rooster become paralyzed. I read and read and treated him for a vitamin deficiency. In a couple days I saw improvement. It's been about 2 weeks and he appears to have recovered. I've seen quite a few posts of paralyzed birds and vitamins suggested. It make's me wonder why...
  18. M

    Food mix for mixed flock

    Hey all! So I have a mixed flock of 8 chickens and 4 ducks and everyone just started laying/about to lay within a week. Black Friday has food on sale. I'm looking at getting a layer pellet with extra omega-3 and mixing it. Would it be better to mix with duck food or flock raiser? I have oyster...
  19. ChocolateMouse

    Your favorite fancy Vegetarian/Vegan main dish?

    Ok, so, every year I have me a nice holiday party for Yule. While I'm not, I have several friends who are vegetarian/vegan/pescatarian etc. and a few people who have lactose intolerance. These friends attend my party of course. Every year I make one or two meat main courses and a vegan or...
  20. A

    Why won't my chickens be quiet?!?

    I have three chickens - two Isa browns and one leghorn. I sleep right next to my chickens so when I'm still sleeping peacefully the chickens have woken up and are squawking constantly, and I live in a close suburban street. They will not stop squawking unless they are given veggies that they...
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