1. kanami

    what seasonings/extras to add to feed to make it more nutritious?

    hello my feathered friends! currently i am trying to figure out if there is any way to make my current chicken feed more nutritious, i feel like i’m not doing enough for my girlypops… here is a pic of the current feed i am giving them! i usually buy from tractor supply from the next town over...
  2. tingupinguu

    Will ducks be okay without food/water for the night?

    I took my ducks inside due to the cold temperatures outside, Will they be okay without water/food for the night?
  3. B

    Wild duckling food stuck in throat

    So I am hoping I don't find a dead duckling tomorrow morning. I was a bit late in feeding my 3 week old wild ducklings in our creek and they chugged it down too quickly. I am feeding game bird crumble dry because it seemed like wetting it made it more trouble to eat. One looked like it had food...
  4. T

    Do you like seafood!?

    As the title says, do you like seafood??? For me, despite living in a seafood capital like New England, it’s a resounding NO. :hide At least for most things. I like certain fish depending how it’s cooked and I like canned tuna but that’s it. :lau so basically no. Clams, oysters, shrimp...
  5. Compostflower

    Vet wants me to use Mazuri but I think Kalmbach is better

    I have looked at the mazuri ingredients and I do like that it has brewers yeast and the fish flakes etc. However the first ingredients are corn and soy and since it’s not non gmo I’m sure they are gmo and sprayed to hell with chemicals. I think he doesn’t believe in gmos or something ( the vet)...
  6. T

    Chicken Food recommendation for Melbourne, Australia? (And what are the protein requirements anyway?)

    Hi! I'm in Melbourne, Australia and have been trying to figure out what to buy to feed the chooks with... We've been giving them: And they're pretty happy with it (even though they mostly ignore the pellets and just eat all...
  7. TheBirdBabe

    Ant problem in dove food!

    I have an outdoor enclosure for my dove. We've been having a TERRIBLE time with ants this year. I saw in order to keep them out of my chicken's food, you're supposed to sprinkle cinnamon in the feeder! It's been working wonders.. however I'm not sure that cinnamon is safe to use around doves...
  8. Greystone farm

    Fermented feed smells weird

    So I tried fermenting some grower feed for my chickens. It’s been a few days and I opened the lid to check on it to find that it smells very strongly, almost like cheese. It kind of smells like vomit. I’ve read that this means I should toss it, but the feed itself doesn’t look rancid or moldy to...
  9. Launchpad

    Basic nutrition for Pekin ducks?

    So my two Pekin ducks (pictured), Niles and Daphne, are about 11 weeks old. I have no reason to think they are unhealthy in any way but now that I've successfully kept them alive and happy and grown up I want to make sure I've got them eating properly. Currently they get two handfuls of duck...
  10. BarryTheBold

    Turkey Feeling Unwell, Choking/Unswallowed Food?

    I have a turkey hen, 2 yrs old, beloved pet. She ate some of her favorite treat, shredded broccoli and carrots slaw, and she eats it so fast! This morning she seemed to stop eating it quite suddenly, and hours later, after we returned from work, she is acting unwell. She had a small lump right...
  11. SummerTheAnimalGirl

    Feeding only in evening

    Hello everyone! I have 12 Free ranging Welsummer pullets. They are about 7 weeks old, and have been free ranging for about a week and a half. These are my first set of chickens. My plan is to let them forage during the day, and then in the evenin- around 6- I will feed them their store bought...
  12. B

    Feeding laying hens and a rooster

    Hello, I have a flock of 5 laying hens and one rooster. They are 10 weeks old and still on starter feed. But when they’re 18 weeks, I’m not sure what to switch them to. I’m under the impression laying hens require different nutrition than a rooster. Any recommendations?
  13. Scrumptious Scrambled Eggs

    Scrumptious Scrambled Eggs

    If you're looking for a tasty breakfast and you want a simple recipe, or if you don't know what to make with your wonderful eggs, then look no further than this recipe for perfect scrambled eggs every time! WARNING: Eggs cook fast, but they also burn fast! Do not leave eggs on heated pan...
  14. H

    Can Fermented Feed Sit Out?

    I’ve never used fermented feed before. If I feed it to my chickens, and there is some left over, how long can it sit out before going bad?
  15. D

    Need help with duckling diet

    I was wondering if feeding you can feed 4 week old call duckling cooked rice and sometimes millet, green peas, corn, eggs and kidney beans as their main diet? Because I can’t find any duckling feed or brewers yeast. If there’s not enough of vitamins B can I add some crushed human vitamins?
  16. creedatticus

    Chick Grit

    so i have chick grit, and i sprinkle it in their food container, how much should i be putting in? also i know that eventually the grit is separate, when do we move to bigger normal grit, and separate grit?
  17. Gearhead846

    When do you butcher your chickens?

    Hello everyone, I am trying to find out when is the best time to butcher my chickens for the best meat, and most flavorful bird all together. TIA
  18. Three Little Chickens

    Which Type Do You Use?

    This is a question for all chicken owners, I‘m interested to know what type of food you all use? I used to use crumble but it got very messy and I had to refill the food pipe (the feeder is a pvc pipe with a 45 degree attachment at the bottom) it was costing me a lot to feed only three...
  19. Wired1979

    Home Grown Winter Poultry Feed Alternatives

    Compatriots, With the price of poultry feed skyrocketing its time for me to look into some less expensive options. I have 5 acres and the poultry already free range, but the Iowa winters preclude free ranging approximately 4 months year. I am looking for some advice on what I could grow that...
  20. B

    Instapot Lovers Unite!

    Instapot has been a huge hit ever since it came out. Feel free to share your favorite recipes here or tell us why you love the Instapot! Don't forget to tag others who love this product! @Weeg @Sally PB
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