1. paigeber

    Feeding duckings something other then pellets/crumbles

    Hello! how old do my ducklings have to be before I give them some greens or food that’s not their pellets? They are 3 weeks now & I have heard you must wait 4 weeks until peas but is there anything I can give them now? Like tomatoes or anything?? thank you!!
  2. C

    Bigger chickens pecking smaller chickens. Help please I'm slowly losing my mind.

    I'm very new to chicken raising so forgive me but first i bought 6 chickens, they're about 3-4 months old and I bout em way back in april. Decided id buy a few more chickens, bought 3, they're about 2 months old I think, definitely smaller than the original 6 chickens. Boy was it a mistake. At...
  3. C

    This little dove stops by everyday, don't know what to give it for food.

    This particular dove stops by everyday for about 4 times a day. Sometimes it brings a friend and they just sit on the railing there and coo. It did try to come down once but my rooster just ran straight for it confused and scared the dove off. Nonetheless it returned a few minutes later. I would...
  4. C

    Chickens are pooping in the feeder.

    I put feeders in their coop with food 24x7 but they jump on top of the feeder and poop in it. And when the poop goes in their food they don't eat it anymore. A lot of their food is going to waste and I have to wash their food and water feeders every single day. They only eat some of their food...
  5. K

    Food stuck in chicks nose?

    Hi, I recently got chicks from a local pet store a couple days ago. I give them food and water and all that stuff. But, last night, one of my chicks started to make some weird noises and I’m concerned. I’m not sure if its a sign of something or just stuff in their nose. She doesn’t make the...
  6. Goosebaby

    Do you grow vegetables for your geese?

    This year my garden has been “meh” I think the earwigs are eating everything again and I’ve been too busy with taking care of my Roxby Gander while he hasn’t been feeling well so I haven’t done a lot of weeding or anything down in the garden, but so far I have: Some pumpkins finally sprouting...
  7. SniperGoose

    Good pigeon diet?

    I was wondering what you guys feed your pigeons? Currently, I feed mine this feed: I've heard really good things about...
  8. MetroMutt

    Good food brands on Chewy??

    Ok was wondering if anyone had good food suggestions that we can buy on Chewy, we currently use the dumor brand but we dont like supporting tractor supply and its a bit far from us since we are in a suburban area/the only one with any type of "farm" animal in atleast 10-20 miles. We are...
  9. Blue Raptor

    What is ______? Question thread!

    If you have a question about anything, home life/fowl/coops/food, as here! I will try to respond to as many posts as possible, but I'll need everyone else to help me respond to questions too!
  10. DoubleYolk123

    Balanced diet for hens to stop feather picking

    Hi Everyone 👋 So I’d like to ask everyone, how many treats they feed their chickens, what treats and how often. Basically, my chickens are losing feathers and according to the vets it’s a parasite in their skin, which they are on medication for. However they also pluck at each other a lot and...
  11. Ssutor

    Duck food

    Hi Everyone, I feed my ducks Dodson and Horrell pellets each day, mixed with a blend of corn, seeds and sweetcorn (I think) from the farmer over the road who has had poultry a long time. They get fresh kale/spring greens most mornings, dried mealworms and roam for buggs all day. Is there...
  12. I

    Chicken food

    What do you feed your chickens? I find that no matter what layer pellets we use they shovel it out all over the coop. They love salad but I don’t think it’s good all the time. Hard to please chickens.
  13. Emrosenagel

    Underweight hen

    Hello! I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I’ll try anyway. My ladies are about 28 weeks now. I’ve noticed over the past couple weeks one of hens is a lot lighter than the other four. I’ve also been short one egg everyday too. Not sure if that’s connected. Anyway, I have one...
  14. Maddog_photog

    Purina Duck Chow excess

    Soooo duckies decided to make a big ole pile of their Purina Duck chow beneath the plate of new stuff I take out everyday. What do y’all with Purina Duck chow do with the excess stuff on the ground? **Ground hog not included**
  15. Bird_Lover_17

    Poll: Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

    Hi everyone! I decided to post a second poll after seeing that my first dessert- related poll, Poll: What's your favorite pie? was such a success. <>~~RULES~~<> * No spamming * No hate comments: we all have our own opinions * You can only choose 1 (I'm sorry lol) * Poll will not close *you can...
  16. Bird_Lover_17

    Poll: Favorite Pie

    Hi everyone! I thought that I might post a poll! Personally, I love blueberry pie. Sadly, you can only choose one! Rules: 1) No spam 2) No cheesecake (I love cheesecake, but this is strictly about pies) 3) No hate comments (because we are all allowed to have our own opinions Have fun!:)
  17. tiawieclaw

    help! i don’t know if i should be feeding my chicks this!

    hello i have 5 and a half week old chicks and i know that at 6 weeks you are supposed to start mixing their chick food with the regular chicken food so i got this food but then i read that feeding them laying food before they lay is bad so is this stuff ok or should i get regular food? is this...
  18. P

    Wood chips in food and water

    Hi, our chicken run’s ground is covered in wood chips as in the winter it gets muddy and I have a couple of hens with feathered feet. A couple of hens in my flock love to forage which is really good to see. But on the other hand, they are kicking wood chips into the food and water. They like to...
  19. ChickChic00

    Unripe Spaghetti Squash?

    Can chickens eat Unripe Spaghetti Squash. I have some that are still Unripe, and are gonna be tossed because they are not as big as the others.
  20. Maddog_photog

    9-week Duck feed - too much Protein?

    At the behest of a BYC user, I got Purina Duck pellets. They are 19% crude protein. Is this too much for my 9 week old Pekins? Will they begin to develop Angel Wing, or has that time passed? If it is too much, I can cut it with uncooked oatmeal. I also add an additional 2 TBSP of Brewer’s Yeast...
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