fowl pox

  1. CatsandCrops

    Fowl Pox? Tumor? Growth appearing on side of head/beak

    We have been out of town on vacation since 7/9/21 (today is the 18th) - that morning I did my final checks of the chicken coops (two coops - one holding 7 hens, the one in question lives here, who are about 1 year and 5 months old. The other coop has 5 hens who were born in March) and everything...
  2. S

    Lesions in hen’s mouth - canker, pox?

    Hi - I noticed two lesions in the mouth of my one year old buff Orpington hen 12 days ago. I took her to the vet as soon as I could, two days after noticing the lesions. The vet is not a chicken specialist but he does see chicken patients fairly often. I told him my concerns of canker and pox...
  3. Fluffy_Feathers

    Hen is wheezing and rattling, small black scab in throat. Fowl pox or something else?

    When I got home from work today to let my chickens out I noticed Lucky wheezing as she was running with the flock. She was clearly having a hard time breathing, slightly stretching her neck out with her mouth opened. Tonight I was able to grab her to look into her mouth and throat. When holding...
  4. C

    Help! Sick chicken!

    Please help! My barred rock is very listless and lethargic. She’s just standing around. Isn’t eating or drinking. A few people on here confirmed that she does have fowl pox, but she seems to be doing pretty bad. I did see a little yellow dot in her mouth so thinking it may be wet pox. I have her...
  5. Duckmom239

    Sick bantam hen….

    Hey everyone! So a week ago my bantam hen started sneezing…so I quarantined her..then a few days later I noticed her eye started looking very strange….now today it’s not looking good at all. And it’s seeping out white pus…I put ointment in it yesterday and been giving her vitamins and...
  6. T


  7. T

    Young turkeys with dry fowl pox and mycoplasma at the same time

    I have turkeys that are probably around 2 months old. We have some older ones (same breed) that got the fowl pox around that age but they were/are fine, they are just now getting the mycoplasma somehow. But the 2 month old ones are a completely different story than the older ones. These guys got...
  8. Charlee Ann

    Need help with Showgirl Silkie- bumps on neck

    Has anyone seen these bumps before on your showgirls? They just appeared over the last week. One, then three, then more, I don’t think they are mites, as my other showgirl doesn’t have these bumps and I do not see other signs of mites like dried blood. I’m hoping it’s not lymphoid leukosis, but...
  9. S

    4-week chicks with severe fowl pox (PLEASE HELP)

    3 weeks ago, I noticed a small bump on one of their eyes. Since then, all of them have developed massive lesions of some kind, which have scabbed over, and are continuing to pop up (it seems to have spread from just their faces to their feet, now). It looks awful and I'm really concerned...
  10. dookdook

    Is this Fowl Pox?

    Your expert opinions would be much appreciated! Our little French Wheaten pullet has black things on her face. At first I thought she might have hurt herself or maybe got pecked by the others, but it seems to be getting worse now. Can you guys please take a look at the pics? Do you think it...
  11. M

    How to soften fowlpox scabs

    Hello again, My little chicken is still hanging in there. After surviving fowlpox, most scabs have fallen off but she still carries these 2 pesky ones on her beak. I think they have weakened her beak because recently the front part of the upper beak fell off. Yikes!!! I'm worried that the rest...
  12. D

    Right eye closed and comb turning black! Help!

    We have a teen rooster whos been attempting to mount our older hen who isn’t having it! She fought him the other day and attacked him pretty badly before we broke it up. She’s completely fine but he is now closing his right eye constantly/most of the day and parts of his crown are turning black...
  13. D

    Favus in silkie bantam rooster? Or another disease?

    I have a 10/11 month old silkie bantam rooster and noticed over the past week or two white chalky and flaky developing on his comb. In some areas there is little black specs but no raised lesions. He seems normal with the same amount of energy and the only thing wrong we noticed was this...
  14. T

    Fowl pox twice?

    Hi, I’m wondering if it’s possible for a chicken to get fowl pox twice. I posted about my hen last year and today she appears to have another white bump on her beak area. I started giving her black pepper again but I’m wondering if it could be something else. Thank you!
  15. lavenderforluck

    Hen lost feathers around neck & crusty comb

    Hi there! We have a 11-12 month old Olive Egger (Fern) who began losing feathers around her neck and head a few weeks ago and then her comb and face began looking dry and a bit crusty. The skin on the base of her neck where feathers are growing back looks yellowed, but this might be normal. It's...
  16. H

    Fowl pox, Favus, or something else?

    On Wednesday, November 11, we discovered yellowish blisters on Bonnie's comb. She's a 7-month-old Brown Leghorn who just started laying about two weeks ago. I shared her pic with local chicken keepers who said that she has Fowl Pox. I isolated her immediately and began giving her electrolytes...
  17. A Few Fowl Issues

    A Few Fowl Issues

    So truly I want to pick up where I left off with my last article. When I wrote my last article I was riding a heady wave of combined luck and positive progress. Our birds were doing great, with no major incidents. We learned the daily needs, requirements and supplies for chicken and turkey...
  18. N

    HELP! Silkie with fowl pox - could it actually be favus?

    My Silkie roo Nugget (9 months old) Started acting out of sorts and lethargic with diarrhoea 7 weeks ago. 6 weeks ago (Sept 16) taken to vet who thought it might be fowl pox and prescribed pain killers and an antibiotic (for secondary infection). around 4 weeks ago - his eyes had completely...
  19. C

    Mystery illness - please help

    New chicken tender here. My chickens were all born around the beginning of June 2020. Up until the last 30 days my 20 chickens have had an impeccable bill of health. Recently 6 of the flock has been stricken with fowl pox. I immediately separated them. About 2-3 weeks after separation I found...
  20. C

    Fowl Pox or Stick Fleas? Please help

    I’ve read that fowl pox is uncommon on Long Island but I’m concerned about these black lesions. My blsck Australorp has some white puss in addition to black lesions on her face and comb which is consistent with fowl pox. My barred rock has quite a few black lesions on her comb As well, and my...
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