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  1. P

    New to site, where to re home?

    Good morning all! I'm a small flock backyard owner; 1 Easter egger hen and 4 black australorp hens. Unfortunately I also have a black Australorp roo (bought sexed chicks but you know how it goes). My roo is getting to maturity and I certainly cant take on more chickens. I have slaughtered...
  2. C

    Blue Cochin rooster needs a new home

    We ended up with one rooster too many! He’s 20+ weeks old and in great condition. I’d happily deliver him to anyone within an hour of Hillsborough NC. A really beautiful bird and well behaved. He doesn’t love being handled but he’s socialized well with our human family. Mostly now he’s all...
  3. cluckbuttwen

    Free Bantam rooster and hen

    I have two sweet chickens for free. One is a bantam rooster with black feathers and a small orange hen. They go together please. I'm located near Saginaw TX in Fort Worth. Thank you. Wendy
  4. Sprinkleslover

    Polish Roo and Cochin Frizzle roo need home

    I have a Polish Golden Laced roo and a Red Cochin Frizzle bantams that need a home. The Polish is around 16 weeks and the Cochin is about 14 weeks. They are at separate locations. The polish is in a flock of 11 and the Cochin has been with only one RIR. The Cochin is skittish and gets a little...
  5. G

    Savannah the Roo - Nash County, NC

    Meet Savannah, she is a rooster so technically she is a he. He infiltrated my flock as a day old chick that we purchased from Tractor Supply on March 30th so he's about 10 weeks old and just started his morning wake up routine. He was labeled as Blue Production a dual purpose chicken. He's going...
  6. 'Murican chicken-er

    Free Egg Laying Chicks

    I Do Not Want To Do This... but it cannot be helped. I need to give away my four 8-month old Buff Orpingtons. They are VERY friendly, will sit in your lap for as long as you want to pet them, come running when they see you, lay one egg every day, PERFECT pets for children to learn about...
  7. B

    Roosters need a good home.

    We have a few buff Orpington roosters that need a new home. Last batch of babies that hatched had too many roosters. Let me know if you are interested. Free to good home. Charleston area.
  8. lathropcarrie

    Need to rehome female Easter egger less then 2 years old

    We found a rescue in Austin that will take her. Thank you everyone. We have a cannibal in our household. This is Bob the chicken. She's a great egg layer and has light green eggs about 4-5 a week. She's a bully and is eating her sister Missy alive. Bob will do great in a single chicken home or...
  9. Woodwivesjournal

    Chicken sitters in my area? HELP PLEASE!

    We are going to be gone for 3 weeks and have no one in our area to care for them the way we do? Any info for east Volusia county(Ormond by the sea) Florida? Any info will help. Thanks Luci
  10. Soleil_A

    What is the best breed for me?

    Hello, everyone! I am looking to get another chicken, but I am in the city area. That means I need a chicken that is Quiet. I also need a chicken breed that is a pretty decent Egg Layer, preferably brown eggs. That was my families compromise :rolleyes:. And last but not least, I need them to be...
  11. Beriel79

    NH FREE Silkie/Polish Rooster and Pure Silkie Roosters

    these dudes need a new home asap! Crowing up a storm and waking my entire neighborhood! I have 2 pure Silkies Roos and a Polish/Silkie cross roo. They are all sweet, friendly and don't mind being held. I live in Bedford NH and I would be happy to drop them off anywhere in NH. If I can't find a...
  12. N

    Free Broody Free Range Hen - Skagit Valley WA

    Hi all, I'm looking to re-home a broody gal. She's disrupting all the egg laying hens, and my SO has had it. We don't want to post her on CL just to have her end up on a plate by tomorrow. Ultimately, we'd both like to find someone in the area who is in need of a brooder. She's a year old...
  13. luv2bmomjen

    Beautiful Cuckoo Maran 5 months old. Sweet temperament!

    Meet Cookie. Cookie came to us from a friend who was not able to keep their two new chickens because they rent their home. We moved the two of them into our flock of 4 year old Hens with ease. Not a single issue. We live in city limits and are only allowed to have 4 by law. We had a neighbor...
  14. OakPlaceWales

    Two laying 'pet' hens , free to a loving home (Bronxville,NY,10708)

    We are shortly relocating abroad and very sadly we cannot take our sweet girls; Mabel and Milly. These girls are young dependable layers (2 delicious eggs every other day). They are of a small bantam d'uccle breed. Mabel and Milly have been raised by hand and love humans. Mabel, in...
  15. J

    Free Speckled Sussex Roosters

    I have 5 Speckled Sussex roosters approx. 20 weeks old in need of a home/flock. My family hatched them ourselves from our own chickens. I would like to find a home for them before offering them up to people to eat. Located in Bath, PA.
  16. J

    Free Speckled Sussex Roosters

    I have 5 Speckled Sussex roosters I'm trying to find homes for. My family hatched them from our chickens and we don't want all these roosters. I am trying to find a home/flock for them before I give them away to people that will eat them. Located in Bath, PA.
  17. CrispyTeacher

    14 Week old Chickens looking for a good home

    Hello! I have four chickens that I'm looking to rehome. I believe that they are all Roosters and I'm not allowed to have them. They are all just beautiful in color and the pictures do not do them justice. These chickens were incubated, hatched, and raised in a kindergarten classroom. They have...
  18. B

    Silkie and barred rock rooster free in ky

    I have a silkie and barred rock rooster that needs a new home they are both a year old and located in Cadiz ky
  19. cynder1337

    A sweet EE roo in need of new home

    I have an easter egger rooster that just doesn't get along with our white crested drake or our toms. His name is Maude (we thought he was a girl at first and he answers to the name already) and he is just full of energy and loves to adventure around the yard and get into shenanigans. He loves to...
  20. HansHens

    Free Mature Laying Hens available

    Free egg laying chickens available. Each mature hen currently laying up to 6 eggs a week. We are moving, so need to find them new homes. Breeds we have are: Leghorns, Isa Browns, Ameraucanas, Australorps, Salmon Favorelles, Lakenvelders. We have about 50 birds, but you can take as many as you...
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