free range chickens

  1. N

    Looking for hens near Greensboro north Carolina

    I want to expand my current flock . I currently have 4 laying hen and 2 broody. If anyone is looking to re-home some of their girls, i would be happy to take them! Mine free range in an acre of land and are put away at night to protect them from predators. Thanks :)
  2. PhillyDelcoChix

    Raising Organic Chickens for Eggs

    Hello, This is my first question to you experts. My family and I have recently purchased 8 chicks, 4 Easter eggers and 4 rare Marens, and have decided to raise them on all organic feed, food, etc. We don’t use pesticides or fertilizers aside from our own compost. I really want some info on...
  3. Arbutus Peregrine

    Bird netting

    Do you use bird netting to protect your chickens from hawks? I’d like to cover my entire yard and have been watching some videos. I’ll attach one here: If you can offer advice or share photos of your netting, I’d be really grateful!!
  4. MarantaOrp

    New chicken keeper / Zoology life

    Greetings! I'm a brand new chicken carer after buying a house that optionally came with the chickens already residing there. Of course we said heck yes! We currently have 7 girls: 3 Australorps 2 orpingtons 1 Plymouth Rock 1 white Rhode Island (I think. She is a new addition from family and...
  5. CalBickieMomma

    Free ranging a flock of Cockerels

    Hello chicken people! This July, I let one of my hens hatch out a batch of chicks. She hatched 11, 7 of which turned out to be cockerels (of course). I am able to keep one, and a neighbor is going to take another and two of the pullets (I'll be keeping the other two pullets), but there is no...
  6. BestDiscoMan13

    What is this breed and what are their genders?

    What is this breed exactly what are they a mix of? What are their genders? Their names in order are Shadow, Becky, Autumn, and Goldy.
  7. lulu_lulu

    help redesign my coop into a "free range coop"

    I have a coop of size 9x4 meters, with about 20 chicken that I keep inside all the time. the reason I keep them all inside is because the predator in my village (Human/Thief). my farm and my home is separated quite far, about 300 meters away. so I cant always watch them all day, especially at...
  8. TiaMaria413

    One chicken from Western Massachusetts!

    Hi my name’s Maria and I’m from Western Massachusetts. (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I am new to chickens and currently have my first and only chicken which I got about 2 months ago when I joined this page. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? I just...
  9. Brady bunch

    Free range chickens.

  10. themidnightmama

    Can dogs and chickens coexist?

    We have a small flock of 4 chickens (one rooster and three hens, two are small breeds - sumatran and sultana). Yesterday we found an abandoned puppy that we are considering keeping. It seems to be a mix but best guess is that it has some degree of treeing tennessee brindle (which is a hunting...
  11. HopeSprings

    Too soon to free-range?

    My flock of 17 chicklets are 7 weeks old this week, and have been in the coop and run for 2 1/2 weeks now. They are very good about putting themselves into the coop in the evenings. I'm wondering if it's time to let them out to free-range when I'm out working in the garden nearby. I haven't...
  12. Understanding Your Rooster.

    Understanding Your Rooster.

    The reader needs to be aware that these observations and conclusions are taken from a particular chicken keeping arrangement which was conceived to be as close as practicable to the living arrangements of the chickens ancestors, the jungle fowl, in order to study the chickens natural behaviour...
  13. Campbellsduckies


    hey guys I was wondering if a rooster would round up my hens. I like to keep my chickens free range but they’re wondering to far and going deep in the woods and by my neighbors house (even though it’s a whole field away!) and I can’t keep running outside every couple minutes to chase them back...
  14. S

    Free Range Red Jungle fowl

    We recently moved to the country(NC Sandhills area) and have free range chickens (3-20) visiting us throughout the day. We started feeding, had an available rabbit hutch and now have 1-3 egg layers so I collect eggs daily. A mama and her 6 chicks are now visiting and exploring our yard. The...
  15. Dfarago

    Picking some chickens

    I have read through more forums then I can count and realized the best advice is direct advice. So my husband really wants some free range chickens to have run around In the yard. We have a three acre property and acknowledge that we might loose some to predators and the like. There’s some...
  16. Chickgirllex

    Hello all I'm new to this!

    Hey guys my name is chickgirllex and I am new to this chicken thing. We currently have a flock of 15 teenager chickens 4 of which are roosters the rest are hens and they are of different breeds... 2 Rhode island, 9 black Jersey giant, two I'm not sure about and two leghorn mixed with jersey...
  17. Reilyjarm

    A MYSTERY 5 Hens- 4 Eggs?

    Hi everyone! I’m hoping someone out there can help me solve this mystery that plagues me daily. The facts: 1) We have 5 Hens, all 9 months old. Two Plymouth Barred Rocks, Three Buff Orpingtons. 2) First egg was laid Sept. 27th (four months ago) 3) The hens are fed 16% protein, Scratch and...
  18. selenag

    Chicken run ideas?

    Hey guys, I have a small backyard and I’ve been letting my chickens free range for a while but now they go to my neighbors house which is a no no because my neighbors have a very well groomed house and I don’t want them destroying their front yard but I can’t keep my chickens stuck in their coop...
  19. Clevelcj

    My Coops and Run

    I just wanted to share with everyone my current setup. I have 13 hens and 1 beautiful roo. I am in Central VA. I just completed a new coop (minus painting) that attaches to my old one for additional space for the girls. Most days they free range in the yard and are locked up at night...
  20. Reilyjarm


    Hey y’all! I Posted a thread about my newly, “Free Range” set up in this section (asking general questions about what they needed in their newly fenced in chicken sanctuary) and the conversation quickly turned into Chickens VS Grass!!! And then to the Attacks from above!! It is imperative that...
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