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  1. DaisyFaye7

    Great book you might like!

    Hello all! I bought this book years ago, when chickens were still a daydream for me. My chicks are about 6 weeks old now, and I just noticed this book on my shelf and sat down with it for a bit. It’s a beautiful book with lots of photos, and lots of recommendations regarding chickens ranging in...
  2. Missy020219


    I have chickens and now it’s starting to get warm again after a long winter, so now they are finally aloud to go outside. But this last week I’ve seen a hawk flying around our place. It’s been a bit colder the last few days so I’ve kept my chickens inside and I haven’t seen the hawk now either...
  3. D996455F-B266-4E69-9785-1F0D9A851D82.jpeg


    This is the first time these girls have seen grass. Poor things are still recovering from abuse at their previous home.
  4. E

    Bantams in the yard

    How do bantams do in the yard? I have two that have only ever been in the coop/run (they are only 8 months old about). But now that the snow has melted my two buffs want to get out and hunt for bugs and things. The buffs know not to go into the neighbors yard (they have dogs and unfortunately my...
  5. Hippiechicklover

    Egg laying song without an egg

    My Columbian Wyandotte, Dolly Parton, is making what I think is the egg laying song... but she hasn’t laid any eggs that I know of. Background info on her, she came from a stressful environment at 3 months old. She’s quite established now, 4 months later, but still no sign of any eggs. Anyone...
  6. C

    Water trough and chickens

    Anyone have any ideas on how to keep chickens out of a water trough. They free range and have their own waterer, but prefer to drink out of the goat trough. I was fine with it until they started pooping in the water trough🤦🏻‍♀️. I do now want to stop free ranging then so any ideas are welcomed...
  7. G

    8 chickens disappeared, 1 found dead

    Our 11 chickens free range during the day on our 4 acres of wooded land. They always come back around 7pm, hang out in the backyard for about an hour and then put themselves to bed around 8pm Around 7, there was only 3 chickens in the yard, our 2 roosters and our only Easter Egger My husband...
  8. Nendei

    Free ranging

    About 2 days ago I got 23 adult laying hens.. we normally free range our chickens, but since we got these new ones, were unable to. How much longer should I keep the chickens in the coop? I hate doing it because of how hot it’s been, but I don’t want these new ones to run away. After staying 2...
  9. ErvinFlock

    FR New Roo wants next-door hens

    Please be kind, new chicken mom. Any input would be helpful. Heres the deal, we got a cockerel for our 10 pullets, they are about 4+ mos old and not laying yet. My ladies free range during the day, locked up at night. They are mixed breeds, hopefully the leghorn will mature soon. I marked my...
  10. O

    Help: Hen with Green Poop and Cold.

    My Hen looks tiresome after laying egg yesterday. This morning I observed her poop/feces is color green with white. Could somebody give some recommendations on how to treat her? Please. I'm just a beginner in raising free-range chickens, your recommendation will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  11. K

    Chicken Tractor Help!

    Hi! So, I am new to the backyard chicken life, but so far so good. I have 4 hens, raised from chicks. They haven’t started laying yet. I have built an 11’ x 7’ run*, and they have been in living there since gaining their feathers. So far, they’ve been in there for almost two months. Of course, I...
  12. T

    Trimmed beaks

    We just bought six hens from a local hatchery. We are first timers with chickens. We discovered the hens beaks have all been trimmed. It was our plan to have these hens be free rangers in our garden (they do have a wonderful new coop to spend the night in.) Will these hens ever be able to...
  13. ErvinFlock

    Age to free range? And more questions! TIA

    In west NC. I have six, 8 week old pullets plus (rescued) four, 5 week old chicks and roo. Working on integration with the two groups.) I want to eventually free range and lock up at night. What age or behavioral cues will I use to know they are ready to be let loose to free range? Cringing...
  14. WatkinsCluckers


    Has anyone had issues with their free range chickens when it comes to grass stickers/burrs/goat heads? I live in Texas and every yard has some sort of sticker down here. I haven’t allowed my chickens out their run yet because I’m concerned that they’ll get hurt walking in the grass. Has anyone...
  15. B

    To free range or not to free range?

    Hi! I’m new here, my name is Bobbi. I am a new chicken mama to Orpingtons, Cochins, and sapphire gems. I’m working on converting an old milking barn into my coop. I’m currently in the dilemma of trying to decide if I should let my chickens free range during the day or not. My boyfriend and I...
  16. Tblas

    Free ranging for the first time

    Hello all, Nervous Newbie here! We got our girls just about a week ago. They are 18ish weeks old Red stars. I’ve been going in daily with treats having them become comfortable with me. They are picky about their treats and won’t always eat from me. I’ve picked each of them up a few times. We...
  17. B

    Hello from Miami

    Hello! I'm Melissa, a lawyer by day and dedicated horse girl by night. I live on five acres in the middle of Miami, Florida. Last year I started building a flock of Easter Eggers to take over fly control duties on the farm. Right now I have three adult Eggers and 17 pullets. My hens roost in...
  18. Free Ranging

    Free Ranging

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