1. I

    Rooster adoption

    Hi, I live in the Toms River area and have 2 roosters that I am looking to give away to a loving home. they are both 5 months old. One is a Polish Crested Rooster and the other is a Lackenvelder. They are both very friendly and very playful as they are used to playing with my kids daily...
  2. BestDiscoMan13

    Can mixed chicken breeds reproduce chicks?

    I have 4 Easter's egger and I'm wondering can Easter eggers reproduce? Well they are a hybrid or a mixed breed. It will be adorable to see baby chicks walking around.
  3. A

    How many eggs does your SFH lay..?

    I really like the idea of having a flock of friendly birds, and Swedish Flower Hens seem perfect for that; but, it's hard to find an official amount of eggs I should expect... Which is why I'm on this site. Because so many people here know so much more about chickens than I do. Thank you...
  4. Mom2g3

    Lap chicken? Pics

    I’m so excited! Three times now my Ameraucana, Sansa has surprised me and jumped right into my lap while I was sitting in the chicken run. I’ve been hand raising my new flock and they are all pretty tame so far. They are 11 weeks old this week and doing well. I have been sitting in a plastic...
  5. grace4every1

    Standard Cochin Jumps in My Lap!

    I'm so excited I have to share with other hen lovers. We just got six 7 week old hens on Sunday. Our first ever hens. I've been spending a lot of time with them, talking to them, watching them and just checking on them throughout the day since we brought them home. They aren't going in their...
  6. L

    Friendly Silky rooster needs a forever home

    JoJo was found roaming our church yard for weeks. Our congregation got attached, the short of it is I have him, hes vet checked (told he was a silky) and friendly. I pick him up daily to put him from his run to his cage at night. I've found that I'm not zoned for chickens so he needs a good...
  7. MaggieH031

    Introducing Chicks to flock

    Hey all! So I have been raising 6 new chicks in a brooder in my home. It has been exceptionally cold here and today was the first nice day we had. So I put my chicks in an enclosed dog kennel next to my hens run. My hens didn't act aggressive at all (they bitched for about 15 mins though). Then...
  8. HennyPenny2019

    Friendliest Chickens

    well, I am finally getting close to getting my chickens We move to our new home in May. Only 2.5 acres so I’ll only be getting a few but since they will mainly be pets (with benefits :) My question is this ... ok 2 questions ... since my space is small, should I get a Bantam breed, but more...
  9. Ra_

    Rooster Ritual

    Do you have a rooster ritual?
  10. sarastamand

    Bonding with Baby Chicks

    Hello! I have 1 week old baby chicks and I was just looking for some “bonding” advice. They are still quite skittish when I try to reach into their brooder and interact with them or even feed them. I have 9 baby chicks. I know I shouldn’t “reach into” the brooder per se, but it’s the only way I...
  11. C

    My science fair project (please do quiz)

    Hi, I am a seventh grade student. I am doing a science project to figure out what type of chicken is the best if I want lots of eggs and a friendly pet. Please click on the link and fill out the google forms. Thank You. (If the link doesn't work, copy and paste it onto the search bar.)...
  12. J

    Need an emotional support chicken for my chicken.

    Yes, that's right. That is a silly title but it's essentially what I'm looking for right now. I have three chickens right now. Two are independent sex-links (Java and Franny) and one is a cuddly Easter Egger (Easter). Sadly, Easter's temperament is the problem we're having at the moment. We...
  13. Julielynn810

    my ducks are afraid of me

    Hi all! I love my ducks, but they are super jumpy. They're Welsh Harlequin, don't know if that matters. I keep seeing cuddly duck photos on Instagram but my ducks HATE to be picked up and always run from me. They will eat out of my hand and sometimes sit nearby as long as I'm very still. I...
  14. Soleil_A

    Sold! Friendly Mini Rex/Lop Bunny (with cage) - $50 (White Lake, Mi)

    Rue has found a forever home!
  15. fafa

    Bielefelders in North Central Ohio

    Hello all, our small hobby farm, Not Your Average Chicken, has the joy of offering Bielefelders from the 2011 import lines! We are located in the agricultural town of Bucyrus Ohio, 44820. This amazing breed has really blown us away with their great attributes. This is a multipurpose breed that...
  16. sokeefe28

    Silkie Roos in need of rehoming NY

    I’m looking to rehome 3 or 4 silkie Roos. Too many Roos with last hatching. 2 red and 2 white. Clean, healthy and friendly. Just about 1 year old. All proven breeders already. Pets only please, we love our guys! free to good homes Located in Dutchess County NY about 90 min north of NYC
  17. CaityKitola

    Pair of young chickens need new home (South Bay Area, CA)

    Hello Backyard Peeps! I'm still fairly quiet here, but here's the situation I've gotten into: 1. I work at a preschool. 2. Someone at the preschool decided "Oh hey let's hatch eggs to show the kids!" 3. I was put in charge of the incubator because I've "had birds before." Apparently parrots...
  18. M

    Roosters need home

    Hi everyone unfortunately i have to get rid of my roosters. I need anyone who can take good care of them. Very friendly and are good around people and kids. Loving cute boys. I live in indiana so anyone from there or near would like to meet let me know. Other than that dont know what to do with...
  19. Elmochook

    My pallet coops and ideas needed for play cube coop

    **pic heavy lol sorry** I love pallets! They are awesome, you can do so much with them and they are like grown up Legos. The 1st pic is my most recent coop built entirely of pallets and scrap wood. The fence is tied together in a lot of places for ease of removing and reconfiguring. Im working...
  20. 1stxchickmama

    4 month old Rooster needs a new home - Fountain Valley, CA

    Meet Buttonwillow. He's approximately 4 months old and is very friendly and loving. Always the first one to meet you at the door. We are not allowed to have roosters in our area so unfortunately we can't keep him. We are crushed - especially my kiddos. We think he's a game fowl but not...
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